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iTunes Music Store is a digital music store that was launched by Apple in 2003. It offers over 43 million songs for purchase and download. iTunes Music Store is available in 155 countries.

When iTunes Music Store first launched, it revolutionized the music industry. It gave music fans a new way to discover and buy music. iTunes Music Store also gave artists a new platform to reach fans and sell their music.

Over the years, iTunes Music Store has become one of the most popular digital music stores. It continues to be a key player in the music industry, thanks to its massive catalog of songs, easy-to-use interface, and competitive prices.

In the United States, there are over six million apple iPhone users. Many of them are unaware that their phone can play music. I’ll show you how to transfer music to your iPhone from a computer in this essay. You’ll need a computer, an iPhone, and an iPhone sync cable.

The iTunes Music Store is a software-based online music store operated by Apple Inc. It was launched on April 28, 2003, with over 200,000 items available for download at launch. As of February 2012, iTunes Store possesses 575 million active user accounts, and serves over 315 million mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. iTunes Music Store revenues in the first quarter of 2011 totalled US$1.4 billion; by May 28, 2014, the store had sold 35 billion songs worldwide.

The first thing you will need to do is open iTunes on your computer. Once iTunes is open connect your iPhone to the computer using the sync cable that came with your phone. After your phone is connected to iTunes, click on the phone icon that appears on the left-hand side of iTunes. This will bring up a page with information about your phone. On this page, there will be a tab that says “Music.” Click on this tab.

On the Music tab, you will see options to sync your entire music library or selected playlists. If you want to sync your entire music library, make sure the “Sync Music” box is checked and then click the “Sync” button in the bottom right-hand corner of iTunes. If you only want to sync selected playlists, make sure the “Sync Music” box is unchecked and then select the playlists you want to sync by checking the boxes next to them. Once you have made your selection, click the “Sync” button in the bottom right-hand corner of iTunes.

To begin, you’ll need to download iTunes. On your computer’s web browser, go to the apple website at and select the iTunes option from the drop-down menu. Open iTunes after it finishes downloading. Then connect your iPhone using the Apple sync cable. When you plug in your iPhone, iTunes should recognize it automatically.

On the left hand side of iTunes, under “Devices” there should be an icon for the iPhone. Click on the iPhone icon. On the main page that appears (under the “Summary” tab), there should be a section that says “Options.” Under “Options” make sure the box next to “Manually manage music and videos” is checked. If it’s not checked, check it and then click “Apply” in the lower right hand corner.

Now go to your iTunes Music Library. Find the song or album you want to put on your iPhone. To add songs or albums, simply drag and drop them from iTunes onto your iPhone listed under Devices on the left-hand side. You can also click on the iPhone icon and then click on the “Music” tab at the top. This will show you all of the music that is currently on your iPhone. To add more, click on the “Add…” button in the lower left-hand corner. From here you can browse your iTunes Music Library and add songs or albums by selecting them and clicking “Open.”

You can also add music to your iPhone by buying music from the iTunes store directly on your iPhone. To do this, open the iTunes app on your iPhone. Tap the iTunes Store icon near the bottom of the screen. In the iTunes Store, find and tap the Music app. Browse or search for music that you want to buy, then tap the price next to a song or album to buy it. The music will download and be added to your iTunes Music Library.

To sync music from your computer to your iPhone:

1. Plug in your phone to the computer and open iTunes.

2. Click on the tab with your phone’s name and then click on “Music.”

3. Check off “Sync Music” and select which tunes you want from your computer’s library, then click “Apply.”

4 iTunes should now be uploading the selected songs onto your iPhone! When it’s done, hit the “Eject” button and unplug Your new soundtrack is ready to go!

Now you’re all set! iTunes makes it easy to add music to your iPhone. The iTunes Music Store is a great way to buy music. With iTunes, you can browse and buy music by genre, artist, or song. You can also listen to previews of songs before you buy them. iTunes makes it easy to find the music you want and keep track of your purchases.

When you buy music from the iTunes Music Store, you can download it immediately or save it for later. iTunes keeps track of your purchases so you can always re-download them if needed. iTunes also makes it easy to gift music to friends and family. Simply select the song or album you want to gift, and enter the recipient’s email address.

In the United States, there are over six million apple iPhone users. Many of them are unaware that their phones can play music. I’ll go through how to put music on an iPhone from a PC in the following essay. You’ll need a computer, an iPhone, and an iPhone sync cable to complete these tasks.

The first step is to iTunes on your computer, and connect your iPhone to the computer with the sync cable. After iTunes opens you will see your iPhone summary page. On the left-hand side of iTunes, under devices, you should see your iPhone listed. If you don’t see your iPhone listed make sure that it is turned on and connected to the computer.

Once iTunes locates your device, click on it. The center of the iTunes window will display information about your device including the name model number capacity and software version as well as a picture of your iPhone. If you want to give your iPhone a new name click where it says “iPhone” and type in a new name for example “Johnny’s IPhone.”

The next step is to click on the “Music” tab in iTunes. This tab is located in the middle of the iTunes window. Once you click on the Music tab, you will see a list of options including “Summary,” “Genius,” “Sync music,” and more. For this guide, we will focus on the “Sync music” option. To select which music will be transferred to your iPhone, click the radio button next to “Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres.” A new box will appear with a list of all of the playlists, artists, albums, and genres in your iTunes library.

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