America’s Promise Ministries

America’s Promise Ministries is an anti-Semitic, racist organization that hides behind the guise of Christianity. This church is able to push their dangerous ideology onto innocent people all over the world, and we must stop them before it’s too late. They believe that America should be a nation “under God” with only one kind of person – but that isn’t what our founding fathers intended for this country. We are better than this.

Racism has always been an issue in America. The recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia are a prime example of the deep divisions that still exist in our country. America’s Promise Ministries is one organization that is helping to fuel the fire of racism. This so-called church is actually an anti-Semitic hate group that disguises itself as a Christian organization.

While churches are supposed to be places of love and acceptance, America’s Promise Ministries spreads messages of hate and bigotry. This group is extremely dangerous because they have the ability to reach people all over the world with their message of hate. They use their interpretation of what they believe God’s intent for humankind to justify their bigotry and racism.

America’s Promise Ministries is a threat to the progress that has been made in combating racism. They are helping to create an environment of hate and division in our country. It is important that we stand up against groups like this and make it clear that their message of hate is not welcome here.

Founder of America’s Promise Ministries, 1967. The organization started in Minneapolis to Phoenix, Arizona. Once the founder died in 1985, the organization was moved to Sandpoint, Idaho by his Son-in-law. The organization’s continues to have a heart for America and the world but with a focus on equipping the body of Christ to be equipped to love all people.

The ministry has a three-fold approach which is 1) preach the gospel, 2) confront racism, and 3) promote religious freedom. The first two years were spent just learning how to do these things well. After that, they realized that if the Church would take these seriously, it could change not only America but also the world.

They offer resources on their website for individuals, groups, and churches. These resources include books, studies, articles, and podcasts. They also have an online store where you can purchase resources.

America’s Promise Ministries is an organization thatiqueues behind a church theme, but is actually racists and anti-government. The church relies on a very strict interpretation of the bible, which leaves no room for different perspectives. America’s Promise Ministries also falls under the Christian Identity umbrella and are in alliance with multiple hate groups.

The organization is based in South Carolina. The group’s founder is Thomas Robb, who is also the current National Director. Under Robb’s leadership, the group has been linked to multiple hate crimes and domestic terrorism.

In November of 2016, a church member by the name of James Fields Jr. drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters at a white nationalist rally, killing one woman and injuring dozens more.

Just this past June, the FBI arrested four members of America’s Promise Ministries for their involvement in a plot to bomb an apartment complex that was home to Somali immigrants.

America’s Promise Ministries continues to be a threat to society with their hateful rhetoric and inciting violence.

Their main mission is to send Israel back to the middle east and separate white people from non-white people. Christian Identity believes Israel serves the devil, and white people of European descent are the one true tribe that God speaks about in the bible. America’s Promise Ministries like to stay low key and do most of their work through churches, radio, pamphlets, assemblies, and social media.

The organization’s name is derived from the Book of Genesis in the Bible, specifically the tale of Abraham and his promise from God to make his descendants a great nation.

America’s Promise Ministries is a Christian Identity church based in North America. They believe that white people of European descent are the Israelites spoken about in the Bible, and that Jews are actually descended from Satan. They also believe that all non-white people are inferior to whites and should be segregated from them.

The organization was founded by William Potter Gale, a former Ku Klux Klan leader and proponent of racial segregation. Gale believed that the only way to achieve true racial purity was through violence and separation.

Today, America’s Promise Ministries continues to preach their racist and anti-Semitic message through their churches, radio programs, pamphlets, assemblies, and social media platforms. They have a large following of white supremacists and continue to be a driving force in the white supremacist movement.

In 1987, Dave Barley took over America’s Promise Ministries from his father-in-law Sheldon Emry as the Senior Pastor. After moving the extremist group to Idaho, he generated a following by distributing propaganda and speaking to numerous citizens in the area. His belief that God elected Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, German descent and Kindred people as righteous is based on his interpretation of scripture. (Barley & Barley, 2019)

Barley’s extremist rhetoric continued as he started to connect his race with the Christian religion. Barley claims that the Aryan people are direct descendants of Adam and Eve and that they were the first people on Earth. Furthermore, Barley states that God created different races for a reason and each race has a specific purpose on Earth. (Racial Identity & America’s Promise Ministries, 2019)

Barley also argues that Jews are not God’s chosen people and they actually killed Jesus Christ. In addition, Barley believes that Martin Luther King Jr. was not a true Christian because he was fighting for equality between races. (Racial Identity & America’s Promise Ministries, 2019) Consequently, these radical views have led to numerous protests outside of America’s Promise Ministries.

Although David Barley is an extremist, he still has managed to persuade citizens with his religious rhetoric. For example, in 2006 Barley was able to get over 1,000 signatures for a petition that would make it illegal for non-whites to own property in the state of Idaho. (Racial Identity & America’s Promise Ministries, 2019) In other words, even though David Barley and America’s Promise Ministry hold white supremacist ideals, they are still able to gain some support from the community.

After an unsolved bombing damaged his property, Richard Butler opened his doors to felons and ex-convicts. He then invited skinheads and held numerous conferences for white supremacists in the Northwest region of the United States. Louis Beam, a Grand Dragon of the Klu Klux Klan in Texas who later became an active member in Neo-Nazi Aryan Nation, met Butler at one of these conferences. At one point, Beam was even going to take Butler’s place as leader of the Aryan Nation.

In 1992, Beam and other white supremacists were planning to overthrow the government and establish a racist regime, they stockpiled weapons and explosives for what they called “Project 7”, but the FBI raided their compound before they could carry out their plans.

After the raid, Butler kicked Beam out of Aryan Nation, saying that he was too radical, and that’s when Beam decided to start his own group called the American Freedom Party.

The American Freedom Party is a hate group that is based on the principles of white supremacy and white nationalism.

The party’s platform calls for the “restoration” of the United States as a European-American nation, and its slogan is “Love our Race, Stop the Hate”.

The American Freedom Party has been described as a hate group by the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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