Shattered, Staked, and Scourged by Kevin Hearne

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What a ride! The Iron Druid Chronicles has been one of my favorite series, but now it’s over. 🙁 I fell behind a few years ago, so I decided to binge the last three books since the final one recently released. I worried about feeling lost since it had been awhile since reading the previous book, but Kevin Hearne does a great job of refreshing the readers of the story so far. Also, I don’t listen to a lot of audio because I’m super picky and get easily irritated with voices and stuff, but this is one series I have to listen to. Luke Daniels is a narrating god! lol. Anyway, I’m going to give some quick thoughts on the three books.

Shattered (#7)

This book has three main perspectives – Atticus, Granuaile, and now Owen. I adored Atticus and Granuaile as always, so I was eager to meet Owen after the way the previous book ended. I loved his gruff, crotchety ways, and how he had to deal with the new world. I often got a good laugh at the interactions between Atticus and Owen. Hell, the humor is always fantastic no matter who is involved.

There’s a lot that happens. I really like how there are three storylines following each character, yet they intertwined and eventually connect on some level. I get such a kick out of all the characters Hearne introduces us to, and the Yetties are another prime example of why.

Staked (#8)

I’m glad I saw someone mention that reading the short story in Three Slices (#7.5) is a must before reading Staked because it really is. It’s literally as if it’s the first part of this book. Anyway, Staked focuses more on the vampires and closes that storyline that began in previous books, which I was glad to see. There’s always plenty of action in these books, but this one felt like more than usual. There were some seriously devastating moments and some sad turn of events. However, it also has one of the funniest scenes I’ve ever read – it involves Owen fighting a troll. I laughed so damn hard and listened to it a few times. Overall, very satisfying installment.

Scourged (#9)

There’s a lot to this finale! Let’s see, there’s … Ragnarok and all hell breaking loose. Puppies. The Monkey King and bubble tea. Owen’s apprentices. The loser of a bet has to streak. A lot of beloved characters make a cameo. Olympians. Zeus and his damn erection. 😀 More bets. SloMo the Sloth. Odin and the orgies. Jesus, man. And OMG, the Morrigan, my favorite character besides Atticus and Oberon View Spoiler ». Plus so, so much more.

I was a bit conflicted towards the end with how it seemed to be wrapping up, but ultimately really happy with the way it did. Each book in this series absolutely delivered from beginning to end with wonderful and unforgettable characters, amazing storytelling, and an abundance of laugh out loud humor. I will miss it immensely. You will always be my first true book boyfriend, Atticus!! ♥


33 responses to “Shattered, Staked, and Scourged by Kevin Hearne

  1. I’m on book four and love Luke Daniels as the narrator. Look at you go pushing through with a binge of the final group. So glad to see you loved it to the end. 🙂

  2. These books sound like so much fun. I haven’t read this author before but I definitely would love to pick them up. I will need to check if my local library carries them. 🙂

    • Christy

      I had to look it up on Beardoholic website. lol! It’s either a Van Dyke goatee or a Landing Strip *meeeow* 😀

  3. I have issues with voices in audiobooks too, but if you say this is a good one, I may have to give them a try. Although my library only has *some* of the audiobooks and some ebooks, so… I guess I’ll be mixing and matching, haha. I’m glad to hear the series ended so well and that you enjoyed the whole thing!

  4. My library has the entire series, but now after reading your review I really am interested in checking out this series now (now that I’m more confident that this series is worth my time). Thank you so much!

  5. Oh my gosh, you totally binged! I love it — it’s probably the best way to finish a series like this! And *high fives* Atticus was my first true book boyfriend too (did you ever think Paul Walker could play him in a movie? IT’s the hair and the surfer-boy, snarkyness about Atticus that made me think that)

    • Christy

      I’ve never thought about it. I’m terrible at casting characters because I imagine them so originally in my own head. lol. But yeah, I could’ve seen Paul as Atticus.

  6. I still need to get the first book!I tried to see if my library had the audio, but they don’t have the first one. Sigh. I keep trying to get into audios and I’ve heard the narrator is great. I’m glad you loved this series though, and that the ending was well done in your opinion. 🙂


  7. I noticed you didn’t mention much about the romance. I have this in my library’s Kindle, so whether or not I will check out this book depends on your answer. Does this book have romance? Is it good?

    • Christy

      Okay, there’s definitely a love interest, but it isn’t heavy on the “romance.” I’m not sure how to really explain it. It starts out slow but they become partners in every sense of the word, and a deep affection and love. So yes, there’s a romantic couple, but it isn’t the main focus.

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