Now I Rise by Kiersten White

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Now I Rise by Kiersten WhiteNow I Rise
Author: Kiersten White
Series: The Conquerors Saga #2
Published by: Delacorte Press
Publication Date: June 27, 2017
Format: eARC
Pages: 480
Source: Publisher

Lada Dracul has no allies. No throne. All she has is what she’s always had: herself. After failing to secure the Wallachian throne, Lada is out to punish anyone who dares to cross her blood-strewn path. Filled with a white-hot rage, she storms the countryside with her men, accompanied by her childhood friend Bogdan, terrorizing the land. But brute force isn’t getting Lada what she wants. And thinking of Mehmed brings little comfort to her thorny heart. There’s no time to wonder whether he still thinks about her, even loves her. She left him before he could leave her.

What Lada needs is her younger brother Radu’s subtlety and skill. But Mehmed has sent him to Constantinople—and it’s no diplomatic mission. Mehmed wants control of the city, and Radu has earned an unwanted place as a double-crossing spy behind enemy lines Radu longs for his sister’s fierce confidence—but for the first time in his life, he rejects her unexpected plea for help. Torn between loyalties to faith, to the Ottomans, and to Mehmed, he knows he owes Lada nothing. If she dies, he could never forgive himself—but if he fails in Constantinople, will Mehmed ever forgive him?

As nations fall around them, the Dracul siblings must decide: what will they sacrifice to fulfill their destinies? Empires will topple, thrones will be won . . . and souls will be lost.

I. Love. This. Series.

That is all.

Okay, okay … seriously, I do have mad love for it. Now I Rise continues the story of Lada and Radu. They’re separated now, forging their own paths.

I just love everything about this book, including all great characters there are to love and hate, the action, the plotting & scheming, the twist on historical events/people, and on and on. Like the first book, Now I Rise is on the longer side, but it’s a pretty quick read. I couldn’t put it down!

I love Lada so much. She’s fierce and vicious, doing what ever it takes to get what she wants. What she wants is her home back, to obtain the throne  and become the prince. Yes, I said “prince”. She has to fight, scheme, back-stab, and align with former enemies to get there. Constantly having to prove herself. Then there’s Radu, who decides to make a huge move that puts him in a lot of danger, but it’s something he feels he needs to do.

It’s interesting watching Lada and Radu separated. They were never close, but they always had each other to rely on and balance each other out. Radu’s strengths made up for Lada’s weaknesses, and vice versa. Lada definitely went through some shit, but I feel Radu had the most growth. I’m dying to see what’s coming, because that ending … *evil laugh*.

Bring on the next book!


35 responses to “Now I Rise by Kiersten White

    • Christy

      I’m not sure how many are planned, but I know there will be a 3rd in June. It isn’t necessarily a cliffhanger. It ends with a finished feeling, but also lets you know big stuff is coming in the next book.

  1. I adored this one but Lada’s parts were just TOO short for my liking!! Yes, Radu grew… and grew some more. But me, I wanted his shorter and her’s longer!!!!!! Waaaaahhhh!!!! *stomp, stomp, stomp* I think this next one has got to be the last book, though. I hope Mehmed gets what he deserves… still haven’t figured out what that is, though. 😛

    Great review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hah.. the name Lada is forever gonna link to the car for me XD thats what I picture everytime I read it cough anyway
    Oh this series does sound fantastic I feel like everyone loves it. I think I am a proud owner of book 1, but .. you know how it goes. I hoard, have not read

    • Christy

      It isn’t fantasy. It’s more historical fiction that is a twist on the real Dracula, except he’s a she. It’s done really well.

  3. I have a copy of this one to read too Christy and absolutely adored book one for that very reason. Lada. She has got to be one of the best characters YA has ever produced, a close second being Mia from Nevernight. I must admit, I wasn’t much of a fan of Radu in book one when he was around Lada, I think she brought out the worst in his character. So excited to crack this one open now seeing you’ve loved it so much. Brilliant review Christy, really enjoyed it <3 <3

    • Christy

      I saw that review and don’t agree about that aspect. I believe Melissa’s comment pretty much echoes my sentiments.

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