My Top Reads of 2016

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Well, another year down. My blogging and reading slowed down considerably here towards the end. I even lowered my Goodreads reading goal from 120 to 90 just so I’d “complete” it. *shrugs* A cheater, I am.

There are plenty of books from 2016 that get some major lovin’ from me though. I like to look back and be reminded of the books I read throughout the year and how they made me feel.

I’ll link the images to my reviews. And I’m only including books that were published in 2016.

Anyway, here are my picks …

hating gameask me how i got herehe will be my ruin

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne – This isn’t just a 2016 favorite, no. This baby is a top favorite ever! The humor was perfect.
Ask Me How I Got Here – This is so beautifully written. I connected with Addie so much.
He Will Be My Ruin – My favorite Tucker book to date.

marked in fleshugly and wonderful thingsdark matter

Marked in Flesh – The series gets better with every book!
All the Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood – Controversial, thought provoking, and beautifully written.
Dark Matter by Blake Crouch – An entertaining & wild ride!

morning starthe firemancity of mirrors

Morning Star – Wowza! What a fantastic finale! I can’t wait for the spinoff.
The Fireman – What an amazing book hangover this gave me.
The City of Mirrors – Absolutely brilliant! Seriously worth the 3.5 year wait.

with maliceand i darkenthe female of species

With Malice – I was pleasantly surprised at how good this was.
And I Darken – Hell yeah! This was so freaking good!
The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis – I loved this book when I read it, but my appreciation for it has grown even more since.

magic bindshidden bodiespunk-57

Magic Binds by Ilona Andrews – *sigh* I’m going to miss the hell outta this series when it’s over.
Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes – I couldn’t leave out Joe! If you haven’t read You yet, do it!
Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas – I love her books so freaking much!


Those are the biggies of the year for me, but there are a few more that definitely deserve some recognition.

the wolf roadwoman in cabin 10wanderlost

the raftthe bourbon thiefdown with the shine

That’s all!

Have you read any of these?


42 responses to “My Top Reads of 2016

  1. I came very close to changing my Goodreads goal this year myself. I love reading and blogging but this year it hasn’t always fit in my schedule as easily as I would like. You have some great books on your list! I love Magic Binds, Hidden Bodies, and Dark Matter. You also have a few on your list that I still need to get to and can’t wait to read.

  2. Nathan

    I loved He Will Be My Ruin. Contemporary murder mysteries are not my normal read, but Tucker made it work. This a good list.

  3. YASSSS I adored Punk 57 and The Woman in Cabin 10! I loved loved lovedd those two and I’m so happy you did too! I’ve also heard lots of great things about The Hating Game so I’m definitely going to pick that up in the new year. Great post!!

  4. I’ve seen The Hating Game around a bit- looks fun- and I NEED to read Dark Matter ASAP as I’ve been seeing some good reviews of that too. That one I’ll hopefully get to in January. Punk 57 looks good and I wanted to read Down With The Shine but never did… I did like The Woman in Cabin 10 though.

    Greg recently posted: Top Ten of 2016
  5. YAAAAAAAAAY!!! You listened to me!! Ha, as if… I love your list!! The best part is that you read across so many genres that I can count on you for recommendations for my friends and family.

    Some surprises, some I knew. I was surprised to see Punk 57 on here b/c I didn’t know you liked it that much. I must have missed your review but it was YA-centric so I really wondered what you would think πŸ™‚ And I finally bought The Hating Game!!! I’m so excited to read it πŸ™‚

    • Christy

      I ALWAYS listen to you. Mostly. Sometimes.

      I’m going to try and do a few mini-reviews soon, including Punk 57. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this as a regular YA book. They’re 18 and it’s R-rated. lol. Yay for The Hating Game! Get to reading!

  6. *hangs head* Unfortunately I have NOT read any of these beautiful books. πŸ™ Just like you, my reading and blogging slowed down towards the end of the year because #school and #life and #work. So, I can definitely relate to you on that! πŸ™ I hope 2017 gives us lots of more free time and awesome books to read! πŸ™‚ <3

  7. Very nice list, Christy! I have only read a few from your main list, and some others inhabit my Mt. TBR for the time being πŸ™‚ Isn’t it nice to have read so many good books in a year?
    I hope you’re enjoying the holiday! xoxo

    Lexxie recently posted: My Favorite 2016 Reads
  8. HWBMR and Punk 57 are fantastic reads!! I still need to read Hidden Bodies. Oh, I liked With Malice a lot so I’m glad to see it on your list πŸ™‚ You have no idea how badly I want to read Pierce Brown’s series! I’ve only seen great things about it.
    Enjoy your holiday!!

  9. I feel like none of us actually uses the GR goal the “right” way lol. We all either purposely put it low or cheat and lower it if we don’t reach it lol.

    I really do want to try that Anne Bishop series, it sounds so good! And I know that so many people loved The Fireman and I have to admit I’m kind of curious. I had really wanted to read Down with Shine but then I saw a lot of negative things that made me think I might not like it, so I’m not sure about that one anymore. Maybe if it goes on sale πŸ˜‰

  10. The Hating Game and He Will Be My Ruin are next in my TBR list.. I think. Your list is awesome, I loved And I Darken as well! Thanks for sharing

  11. If it makes you feel better, my Goodreads goal this year is 13 books. I didn’t even want to try to aim for a realistic goal. πŸ™‚ I can’t believe I didn’t read Marked in Flesh this year. I really need to do that this year. I don’t know what was wrong with me. I loved your list. So many great books that I need to read. I hope your reading is just as great in 2017, Christy!

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