To Delete, Or Not To Delete, That Is The Question

Posted October 2, 2016 | 37 Comments

Do you ever delete old blog posts?

I looked through part of my archives not too long ago and decided to delete a few posts. I’ve been blogging for over five years, so I’ve accumulated a lot. The past couple of years mostly consist of reviews, but I’m not talking about those. I mean things like cover reveals & book blitz from when I started out.

delete-smallPart of me wants to keep them because they’re part of my blogging journey, but at the same time they feel like clutter. And does it really matter if they stay when the images are broke? It seems pointless. I think I’m going to ‘clean house’ whenever I get time.

It is fun looking back at some of the comments from 3-5 years ago, though. It’s also a bit sad seeing comments from people who don’t blog anymore. That’s the only thing that gives me pause about deleting those posts. How sentimental of me. Lol

Anyway, what do you think?


37 responses to “To Delete, Or Not To Delete, That Is The Question

  1. I have actually cleaned out a few of those posts from when I started. A lot of them were of books I didn’t even care about. I just thought I had to participate in them. Now, I do cover reveals or release days but they are for books I’m really interested in. I don’t think it’s wrong you want to delete them. Plus they take up space in your blog with the images so you can just delete them.
    You can take screen shots and save those comments in your computer or save the posts that have those comments.
    You actually scared me with the title. I thought it meant for deleting the blog and I was like WHAT?! So I didn’t even think twice on clicking the link haha Glad to know you’re not leaving the blogosphere.

  2. I don’t delete them either, even if the links are broken now. I guess it doesn’t bother me as much. I think I’m with Melliane, I’d only really consider it if it cost me to have more space. 😀

    Whatever you decide is fine. I do share your sentimentality on old comments from people who no longer blog.

    Melissa (Books and Things) recently posted: Dysautonomia Awareness Month
  3. Funny you should ask… 🙂 I have deleted a few old posts that made me cringe, so yeah. I try not to do it too much though cause like you said, it does feel like part of the growth of the blog, I don’t want to go crazy deleting stuff. Still broken links and all that… probably could use a little clean up.

    Greg recently posted: Cover Characteristics Bookstores
  4. I went through a long time ago and took out the old giveaways cover reveals. So boring and outdated. I kept everything else, though. One thing I’m glad I did was take print screens of my old designs so I could look at how far I’ve come…. ha!

  5. I think it is totally fine especially with blitzes and such. I am just far too lazy but I have only been blogging like a year and a half so I don’t have as much. I would be sentimental about the comments -especially from bloggers who aren’t aound anymore 🙁

    Grace recently posted: Monthly Rewind ~ September 2016
  6. I haven’t deleted any of my old posts mostly because I’m way too lazy to go through everything. There’s definitely some that don’t need to be there, blog hops and what not, but then the TV calls and I don’t care about cleaning house anymore 😉

    Jenny recently posted: So, this happened.
  7. I’ve been blogging for 10 years and I have gone through and deleted a few posts. Back when a few bloggers were getting sued for using pictures they found online without permission, I deleted a few posts where I had posted pictures I found online without permission of the photographer. Other than that, I haven’t deleted much.

  8. I don’t delete reviews but old promo, old time-sensitive posts, and such I do. I am a server engineer–from a database perspective it is better for your databases.

  9. I also jest went on a cleaning spree last month and deleted those posts way back from when I started.

    There were also the memes that I joined before that I really wanted gone.

    Some of the posts I just set as private. Just in case I want them back 🙂

    I do understand that you want to keep some of the posts esp to keep those comments from bloggers who are not blogging anymore.. ?

  10. Interesting discussion! I never even considered deleting old posts, although I did debate whether or not to update my old reviews. Ultimately decided to leave them alone. I may go back and delete old contests, but not sure about the rest. Great food for thought!

    Terri recently posted: September 2016 Wrap Up
  11. I think it’s ok to delete old posts if you want. I removed all the book playlist posts I had because I made those when I first started, but then I stopped making posts and decided to just put them on a page instead, so then it seemed weird to also have posts… so yeah it just would’ve bothered me to have them there. And what numerous commenters have said about server space makes it seem like it probably is a good idea!

  12. Ugh I know. I talked with so many bloggers when I first started and when I went to visit them a few months back, I found out they stopped blogging shortly after I started. I did go back and delete some older posts but they were like the silly meme’s I would do. Other than that, I sometimes go back and edit/update my older posts but I try not to since it’s a blackhole. I wind up spending hours putzing around in the past.

    Kristin (Book Sniffers Anonymous) recently posted: Review: Neil by Sybil Bartel [Giveaway]
  13. I also have a few of those posts on my blog where I don’t really care about them anymore, but it also feels somehow nasty to my old self to remove them? I don’t know. I usually just leave them be as I feel sad when removing them as well. And older content always is a bit out of date. Some memes I did back then I don’t do anymore, but also reviews of books I probably wouldn’t enjoy anymore.
    I just think I liked that content when I posted it and I doubt many people stop by anymore. The again I can also see your point of just removing them or updating posts when necessary. And yes it’s sad to go back and see comments form people who don’t blog anymore. But on the other hand it’s also weird to not see comments from those who stop by regularly now. Things really change if you’ve been blogging for so long, people come and go from the blogging sphere.

    Lola recently posted: Sunday Post #199
  14. I started cleaning up my blog a few weeks ago. I went back deleted duplicate images and started fixing it all so that the images only came from one upload. I plan to go back and delete old reveals and such as well, just because that’s space I can use and it’s not really relevant anymore. I’ll keep my old reviews, old hauls, and discussion posts…but I’ll probably can the extra stuff at some point.
    I’ve also started making sure my reviews are formatted the same. It’s a long process though. So I’m all for tweaking and deleting things.

  15. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way to do it–whatever works best for you. I haven’t deleted any posts over my ten years of blogging. I was never into cover reveals or blitz posts, however. I can see viewing those as clutter. I find it fun to look back and see where I was over the years, how I’ve changed. Somewhere on my blog I said I would never read an e-book and here I am reading mostly e-books these days . . . Stuff like that is fun to review. But you never know, I might feel differently in a few months or years from now . . .

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