Sunday Post #180 (7/10/16) – Killjoys & Kate Make Me Feel Great!

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With everything that’s going on in this world, it makes me wish I could’ve hitched a ride with Juno. New Horizons would be even better. I just want to get lost in space and boldly go where no man has gone before. Maybe find an exciting doctor and go to a galaxy far, far away.

Ignore me. I’m being weird.

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  • The Sight by Chloe Neill – Liked, but haven’t decided how much.
  • The Hating Game by Sally Thorne – An extremely large quantity of love is felt for this book!

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*happy dance*

magic binds


I am obsessed with Killjoys! I was on the hunt for a good sci-fi show and discovered Dark Matter. Ay, it had me cringing and rolling my eyes so much withing the first 15 minutes. I kept on, though … through three episodes! It got too painful. Luckily I discovered Killjoys! It’s so good! Exciting, witty, and just well done overall. I’m crushing so hard on Dutch! Those super deadly types with backgrounds like hers get me every time. The guys are a lot of fun, too. Hell, I even love their ship Lucy.

The 1st season is available on the Syfy website.


Have a great week!



32 responses to “Sunday Post #180 (7/10/16) – Killjoys & Kate Make Me Feel Great!

  1. You didn’t like Dark Matter?? I like that show but I haven’t tried Killjoys… if it hits Netflix I may binge it. Netflix seems to be adding stuff since I found a few new shows lol. And I liked Zoo last year but just watched the S2 premiere and it was… kinda bad. Maybe i didn’t like it as much as I thought!

    Have a great week!

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #150
  2. I haven’t heard of Killjoys. I have heard of Dark Matter but not tried watching it. I need to get Netflix. We have it here in Australia now but I live an apartment and already pay for a crappy cable service (and have no option) so don’t like the idea of paying for something else!

    Deborah recently posted: Weekly check-in
  3. No matter how bad things are getting on earth, I don’t think I’m quite ready to go into space. SPACE SEEMS TERRIFYING. Lol.

    Sorry you didn’t enjoy Dark Matter :-/ I haven’t seen it. I haven’t seen Killjoys either but it does look fun!

    Have a great week πŸ™‚

    Kristen recently posted: The Weekly Update: 7/10/16
  4. I think we need to find a place on a friendly planet so that we can feel the love and peace rather than all the scary nastiness, Christy. So if you hear of something, let me know!
    I’m jealous you got your hands on Magic Binds!! I’m so ready for some Kate and Curran goodness πŸ˜€
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading.

  5. I’ve enjoyed Dark Matter – but I’m always on the prowl for a really good sci fi series and preferably one with a bit of wit and humour. That always seems to get left at the door, with the honourable excepttion of Firefly… I’m not sure if I can get hold of Killjoys here in the UK. Can I hitch a ride to Juno with you? I’m SO sick of this world and right now everything rapidly seems to be going to hell in a handcart… Despite that – or maybe because of that – hope you have a great reading and viewing week. Take care:)

  6. Ahhhhhh… me likey how you handled the nonsense in the world this week. YES!!! NASA is rocking the probes (what a word that is!) this week. I loved hearing that one lady with accent talk about it – how excited and animated she got about it all!!! I learned that Jupiter gave off radiation – I had no idea!!!

    Oh yeah… and we got books. πŸ™‚

    Kristin recently posted: Sunday Post #94: What a Crappy Week
  7. If the Doctor was David Tennant I wouldn’t mind going to a galaxy far far away with him! πŸ™‚ So not huge on Sci-fi so not seen Dark Matter or heard of Killjoy but might look that one up. πŸ™‚ I watch it better than reading it. I am currently trying to catch up on everything I have DVRed this past viewing season…lol. I finally got a couple of shows done.

    Happy reading,

    Stormi Johnson recently posted: The Week In Review #96
  8. Space sounds like a pretty good place to be right about now. I haven’t seen Dark Matter or Killjoys but I definitely want to check out Killjoys. It’s been awhile since I’ve watched any sci fi! Have a great week and try to stay on earth!

    Katherine recently posted: This Week in Reading - July 10
  9. Ooh, is that a new scific series I can try? It looks pretty dodgy in the image there, but they;re always the best shows πŸ˜€ going to have to check that out. I think the leaps and bounds in space exploration was a welcome distraction during the week from so much devastation in the world lately. I dread opening the paper each morning or turning on the news, it’s at the point where it’s almost expected now and the world should never become desensitised to that kind of devastation πŸ™

  10. Nathan

    I agree it seems like the world is going to hell in a hand basket these days. There is to much hate on planet earth, let me know if you find a peaceful world out there. Magic Binds looks good, hope you enjoy it! I saw a little of Killjoys but haven’t really tied it yet. Have a good week.

    • Christy

      You are definitely invited to my peaceful new world. lol. You must watch at least 3 episodes of Killjoys!

  11. Bea

    I would love to hitch a ride on the Enterprise! Or with the Doctor. Sigh. I want that peaceful earth that ST promises us.

    I still need to check out Dark Matter and Killjoys sounds good. Yay for NetFlix!

    Stay cool and happy reading!

    Bea recently posted: Sunday Book Share #178

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