Cocky Bastard by Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland

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Cocky Bastard by Penelope Ward & Vi KeelandCocky Bastard
Author: Penelope Ward, Vi Keeland
Publication Date: August 15, 2015
Format: eBook
Pages: 337
Source: Purchased

He was someone who belonged in my wildest fantasies instead of a rest stop in the middle of Nebraska.

A sexy, cocky, Australian named Chance was the last person I expected to run into on my cross-country drive.

When my car broke down, we made a deal. Next thing I knew, we were traveling together, spending sexually-tense nights in hotels and taking unplanned detours.

My ordinary road trip turned into the adventure of a lifetime. It was all fun and games until things got intense.

I wanted him, but Chance wouldn’t make a move. I thought he wanted me too, but something was holding him back.

I wasn’t supposed to fall for him, especially when I knew we’d be going our separate ways.

All good things must come to an end, right?

Except our ending was one I didn’t see coming.

I’ve been eager to read a Penelope Ward book for a while, but always put them off for some stupid reason. There’s an upside to this though! I want to devour more of her books now that I’ve had a taste of the delicious Cocky Bastard, and already have numerous at my fingertips! Jackpot, baby!

I love a good road trip! There’s just something about traveling and experiencing different places and people that I find exciting. Then top that off with fantastic characters like Chance and Aubrey stuck together for long periods of time, and it becomes all kinds of fun! Sexy, emotional, and silly fun. And there may or may not be a goat involved.

Ahh, Chance … let’s just say the title of the books fits. Don’t worry, it’s all good. The guy is funny and so on my level of humor. Aubrey is on the uptight side and likes control, so it’s hilarious how Chance pokes and teases her in public. They are seriously entertaining together and had me laughing out loud on a number of occasions! Plus, Chance is Australia. Enough said.

Yes, there is a huge dose of humor, but oh, the feels! When put in these positions, people tend to either grow really close or want to kill each other. With Chance and Aubrey, it was both. Believe me, there is plenty of chemistry brewing here, but something is up with Chance that makes him keep Aubrey just out of reach. And I admit, I love all the emotions that come with the characters dancing around their feelings, especially when some good ol’ twinges of pain in the heart are involved. I have to say, though, his level of commitment and utter devotion becomes a thing to marvel!

Whenever there’s a situation where the guy is hiding something and it becomes the reason why he won’t allow things to go to the next level, I always prepare for something lame. I’ve experienced way too many instances where the reasoning was way overblown and/or ridiculous. I’m not even going to elude to Chance’s reasoning, but I was relieved that it was a good one and very well done. I wasn’t even expecting the turn it took, but enjoyed it immensely!

So yup, I adored the hell out of Cocky Bastard. No joke, people, it’s a must read!

“We’d like a room for tonight, please?” Chance said.

“Ummm…two rooms, please,” I clarified.

“What? I was going to get one with two beds.”

“I am not sharing a room with you.”

He shrugged. “Suit yourself.” And turned his attention back to the front desk clerk. “She’s afraid if we room together, she won’t be able to keep her hands off of me.” He winked at her. She had dark skin, but I could see her blush anyway.

I rolled my eyes, too tired to fight with him again and spoke to the clerk, “Can you make my room facing west, not on the ground floor, and an even number, if possible?”

“I’d like mine with a bed, toilet and television, if that’s possible.” He grinned, bating me.

“I can give you rooms 217 and 218. They’re right next to each other.”

“Perfect. She likes to be close to me.

“I’m not watching a movie with you in your underwear.”

He looked down and back up at me. “What? It’s not like I have an erection.”

I placed my drink order first. “I’ll have a nonfat three-pump vanilla latte, low foam and extra hot.”

Chance squinted his eyes at me and turned to the waitress. “Did you get all that? She’ll have a hot two-pump chump with extra cream.”


37 responses to “Cocky Bastard by Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland

    • Christy

      No, dear, they are strangers. Don’t you pick up random strangers at rest stops? No, but it’s a humorous meeting.

  1. Ummm after those teasers I’m already a little in love with Chance Christy! I like it when the cockiness is accompanied by a good sense of humor and lots of teasing, so this is going to work really well for me I think. Also? That guy on the cover seems to fit the title really well. He’s definitely smirking at me 😉

    Jenny recently posted: Review: First & Then
  2. Oh yum! I think spending some time with this cocky bastard could be a very good ting, Christy. I love stories were the tension is unbearable, but isn’t turning into anything too soon. And I love road-trips (at least in books 😉 )
    I need to add this to my TBR 🙂 Great review!

    Lexxie recently posted: Review: Until Death – Cynthia Eden
  3. Great review. I downloaded a sample of this book, which I loved, but hadn’t gotten around to buying a copy. Happy to hear the rest of the book is just as good as the opening. I’ll pop back and buy it. Cheers!

  4. You know, when I first saw this book it was really hard to take seriously. The title scared me off. I love an arrogant alpha male, but sometimes they are more asshole than cocky bad boy. Glad I read your review though, because I am convinced to give it a shot!

  5. I also enjoy reading about road trips, it can make for a great plot and setting and combined with great characetrs it sure sounds like you hit the jackpot with this one. I am glad to hear his reason for not taking things further was a good one, I also expect a lame reason in cases like that, so it’s nice to encounter a book that does handle it well Great Review!

    Lola recently posted: Review: Scales by Pauline Creeden
  6. “Did you get all that? She’ll have a hot two-pump chump with extra cream.”

    How can I NOT buy a copy after that! I love the sound of this one Christy, especially the humour fused throughout. You don’t see many NA type romances with it really. Add in the fact that Chance is a fellow Aussie (and let’s face it, we’re all pretty hot) LOL. This sounds like brilliantly entertaining read. Thank you so much for sharing Christy and putting it on my radar. Wonderful review! Loved it! <3

    Kelly recently posted: Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel

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