The Drafter by Kim Harrison

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The Drafter by Kim HarrisonThe Drafter
Author: Kim Harrison
Series: The Peri Reed Chronicles #1
Published by: Gallery Books
Publication Date: September 1, 2015
Format: eARC
Pages: 432
Source: Publisher

Detroit 2030. Double-crossed by the person she loved and betrayed by the covert government organization that trained her to use her body as a weapon, Peri Reed is a renegade on the run.

Don’t forgive and never forget has always been Peri’s creed. But her day job makes it difficult: she is a drafter, possessed of a rare, invaluable skill for altering time, yet destined to forget both the history she changed and the history she rewrote.

When Peri discovers her name on a list of corrupt operatives, she realizes that her own life has been manipulated by the agency. She joins forces with a mysterious rogue soldier in a deadly race to piece together the truth about her final task, unable to trust even herself.

What a freaking ride The Drafter was!

I’m not going to get into details, because there are twists and turns galore. With the time drafts and twists, this is the type of thing that can get messy real quick. That isn’t the case at all with The Drafter. Kim Harrison did a phenomenal job weaving it all together like the pro she is. It’s exciting and had me totally engrossed with what was happening.

There are so many times I wanted to yell in frustration because of what Peri was put through. I mean, what she endures is really messed up. But Peri truly is badass. Heroines are often described that way, and it’s made a big deal about how deadly and/or amazing they are, yet they don’t quite live up to the hype. Well, Peri does deserve the hype. She actually does kick ass and proves why so many are afraid of her skills.

It’s not just physical either. Peri is sharp! It drives me crazy when a heroine misses details that are right in front of their face. There were numerous times I asked Peri if she caught how someone said something, and she’d be like “Yup, I’m on it.” Hush! Don’t judge the way I communicate with characters. Anyway, it’s nice to have a heroine who’s actually true to character. Peri isn’t perfect though, nor would I want her to be.

After reading The Drafter, I am extremely excited to continue the series. I do highly suggest reading Sideswiped first. You don’t have to, but it will definitely give a much better experience while reading The Drafter. Trust me.


23 responses to “The Drafter by Kim Harrison

  1. I am so glad to hear that Peri is truly kickass! I LOVE that her skills are not only told to us but also shown. I feel like this is a common occurrence where we will continuously be told that the MC is totally awesome except they are totally not when it comes to the fight scenes. Glad to hear that wasn’t the case in this book! ALSO I love that Peri is always one step ahead 😀

    Fantastic review, Christy (AND NO, not judging you for the way you communicate with characters, I do the same thing!)

  2. Twists and turns galore. That’s just the kind of book I’m looking for right now. I think I’m going to consider these books. *Thinking* 😛

  3. Awesome review, Christy! I loved that Peri’s badassery included her intelligence and the way she worked through problems in her thoughts so that she could find the best possible path to continue on.
    And I absolutely loved how the drafting works, and the way Peri had to deal with the after effects.

    Lexxie recently posted: Review: The Drafter – Kim Harrison
  4. Skim… skim… fantastic? Plots and twists?!?! Frick a fracka… I’m stuck in a romance rut right now (tee, hee) I NEED to get to this!!! AWESOME awesome review!!

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