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As you can see, I’m still slacking in the blogging and reading department. Plus, every time I’ve gotten ready to visit blogs this week, something pulls me away. πŸ™

I think a huge reason for the lack of reading is I’m trying to force myself to read some of the review books I have, so I’m totally dragging my feet. It’s not like they aren’t good or anything, it’s just that I’m not into the contemporary genre right now. And unfortunately that’s pretty much all they’ve consisted of last month, this and next month. Which is why I don’t like committing to review books months before their release – my mood easily shifts. I just want to indulge in some good UF/Fantasy/Sci-fi/Dystopian/Horror right now. Is that too much to ask for? πŸ˜‰

Ugh, and the triple digit heat has hit us here. Nothing like days or weeks a of 100-106 degree temperatures. I love the heat, but anything over 95 isn’t very fun.

On the Blog

  • Venom by Jennifer Estep (Review) – Liked it enough to continue the series at some point.

Books Read

Courtship of the Cake by Jessica Topper

Books Acquired

For Review:

I’m not in the mood for this genre, but I’m still looking forward to this book!



Every Day is one of my favorite books (my review), but I didn’t have my own copy. So of course I snapped it up at $1.99!

I’ve heard good things about Charming, so I grabbed the audio.

What Else …

Have you watched it yet? The movie trailer for The Martian was released!! I’m so freaking excited for this. I very rarely get truly excited about a new movie, but I so am. I do have to say … I’m extremely happy that I read the book before seeing the trailer. It’s so spoiler-y.


Have a great week!


39 responses to “Sunday Post #131 (6/14/15)

  1. I haven’t read The Martian but really really really need to before the movie comes out. I’m usually a one or the other person. I rarely see a movie (unless it’s ridiculously good or different to the book) if I’ve read the book. And I won’t go back and read a book if I’ve seen the movie.

    In this case I’m thinking I should read the book. Yes?


    Deborah recently posted: Weekly check-in
    • Christy

      I’m the same way – won’t read a book once I watch the movie. Even a movie trailer will do that to me. So I try to read the books before those are even released. But yeah, definitely read The Martian. Or listen the audiobook. So good!

  2. OMG yes the trailer is spoiler-y but oh man am I excited. It comes out my birthday weekend and I told the hubs we will go on release day. (this is rare for me as I prefer to stay in) He is nervous because when he sees someone in a space suit he feels like he cannot breath, I told him to get an oxygen tank cause we are going! Ok, I am dork so prepare yourself..when I select review books I try to select at least 1 from each genre I like. For example in July I have 2 UF, a paranormal, 3 contemps…one small town, and a romantic suspense/mystery ooh and a thriller and a historical. It helps me not get burned out. *shrugs* I did say I was a dork.

    • Christy

      Hahaha – That would be funny if he really took one. I was so happy they bumped the date up. It’s a movie I will actually go to the theater for.

      No, no … you make perfect sense. It’s just hard since I’m such an extreme mood reader. Like, I might be all into romance in April, so when I’m getting review books for July they’ll all be in that genre. Then July comes around and I want fantasy. I don’t like picking out books in genres I’m not feeling so far in advance because who knows if I’ll want to read it. I don’t know, I’m just going to mix the genres up now, throw a review book in here and there.

      • Kimba – that is NOT dorky at all!!! I think it’s brilliant! I’m with Christy on the mood thing, though. I swing moods even while I’m reading a book. That’s why I end up reading 2 books at the same time. Hence why I grab all genre’s still. NetGalley stats be dammned!!! I rely on publisher invites on that silly site πŸ˜›

  3. I’ve been slacking for close to two weeks now…I’ve hardly done any blogging, no book reviews, no reading, just sitting around enjoying some TV. I’m going to call that my summer holiday and get back to reading and blogging starting TODAY! I need to motivate myself out of sloth mode!

    chucklesthescot recently posted: Stacking the Shelves #88
  4. I’m not sure I’d want to see the movie *after* having read the book – afraid of being disappointed, but I guess I’ll be too curious not to do it ! I tried to refrain myself from requesting too many books on Netgalley these days, I try to keep it to one book I’ll have to review per month or else I feel obligated to read and it’s not a good way to enjoy a book…

  5. OK so I could not deal with that heat! It has only been like high 80’s but super humid here and I cannot take it. Great pick up of Every Day on sale! Also thank you for the warning on the trailer because I do plan on reading the Martian so I will avoid the trailer like the plague!

    Grace recently posted: Weekly Rewind 6.14.15
  6. Don’t worry it’s always the case, sometimes when there’s a lot of pressure and your made to do something you just don’t feel like it. I’ve done that in the past, gotten over zealous in Netgalley and then I didn’t have the time to read those because books are constantly being released and I kept getting the latest release.

    Angelica recently posted: Sunday Post #9
  7. It seems to me that there just aren’t a lot of UF/SF/Fantasy review books out there to grab!! There never really has been πŸ™ I did read Trailer Park Fae and if you can get past the over the top fae-speak, it is REALLY good if you like the whole nasty fae culture. I checked your TBR and you have NOT read A Darker Shade of Magic!!! Chop, chop!! *taps feet*

    I got Jessica Topper’s first book, Dictatorship of the Dress, free at RAGT and then I went and bought her rocker & librarian story after she gave me a guitar pick as swag. You see, I was standing next to her in one of the rooms and I just started talking to her about libraries and she’s a former NYC librarian. We were talking the woes of libraries and she was so cool! And then she’s like, “I actually wrote a book about a rocker and a former librarian..” She is so incredibly humble, nice, sweet, and I don’t care if her books suck, she has great clothing style… I’m buying her books!!! Really, I’m not that easy but she is really nice.

    Ugh…. I need to relearn how to write short comments again!!! I’m not fit for blogger-verse yet…


    • Christy

      OMG, are you stalking my TBR shelf? And you just HAPPEN to be standing next to Jessica, hm? Likely story, Kristin. lol

      Are you back or just visiting?

  8. YAY for Chaos! I requested it, but I haven’t been approved yet. *Fingers crossed* I know EXACTLY what you mean. I’ve got a backlog of ARCs right now and all I’ve wanted is contemporary. So I’m trying to work my way through them too. Hope you have a great week!

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  9. The Martian does sound very good. I’m thinking of getting the book since the film will be coming out. Also you got Chaos which I’m looking forward to. I loved the first book. Great stack of books.

    Grace @ Books of Love

    Grace Fonseca recently posted: Surprise Giveaway-Books
  10. Hope you find yourself out of your reading rut soon. I HATE when I’m in those. Happens to me once a year. What usually gets me in one is a sting of books I don’t like. But I haven’t hit my rut yet this year.

    Lauren recently posted: The Sunday Post – OBN #9
  11. I love that you listen to audio books too! I feel the same about review books. I have a ton and I know they will be good, but I’m just not in the mood recently. Some of them are my favorite authors too! (Like Chloe Neill). I have also had a few bad ones recently as well. I am reading Lacey Weatherford’s Witches and Warlocks complete series right now and it’s fun so far!

    andrea heltsley recently posted: Sunday Swoon #4
  12. Bea

    Triple digits, blergh. That’s miserable. πŸ™

    It’s hard to read to a schedule, more so when you’re a mood reader. Maybe a short break to read a book or two that you’re dying to read then try again with a book you need to review? Assuming you haven’t already done that. So many people are excited about The Martian; I hope it lives up to the hype.

    Good luck staying cool and happy reading!

    Bea recently posted: Sunday Book Share #145
  13. I have been really interested in Charming. Great week for you chica! And you read as many UF as your heart desires!! I hope you have a great week! Happy reading πŸ™‚

  14. I hear you on the contemporary right now, I’m so not feeling it right now either.
    As for the heat, ugh, it should not be that hot in June, it is just wrong. We have had the 90’s and a couple of days that was almost 100 and we were all miserable. πŸ™
    June should be full of the 80’s temps and that is it.

    kindlemom1 recently posted: Review: Sorrow Bound by David Mark
  15. I have a hard time reading in this heat and we’re still a few degrees shy of 95. Normally by nighttime my energy is so zapped by the temps and humidity I’m lucky if I get a whole chapter in before falling asleep. Hope you find something to your liking very soon! Have a great week!

    Katherine recently posted: This Week in Reading: June 14
  16. The Martian is everywhere! So I do hope I like it since I decided to grab it up and try I so understand the review woes..I am sort of in review book burn out cause I want to read some of my own’s a mood thing for sure! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  17. I wish you could send a little bit of heat in this direction, we are sadly lacking in sunny weather so far this year. And I hear you on not feeling in the mood for certain genres, that happens me too, I get burnt out quickly if I read too many of the same back to back. And then I have to switch and it doesn’t matter when the publication date is, I can only read a book I’m in the mood for. Plus that way there is more chance of me liking it.

  18. Oh man. The heat here too. It’s making me hostile. lol

    Boo on the book situation. I’ve managed (thankfully) to always take in a pretty even mix of what I like to read so if I’m not feeling historicals right then I’ll usually have a para or contemp or erotic on the review list I can go to for a break. It would seriously suck to have only ones I wasn’t feeling :/ Hope the urge hits you soon!

    anna (herding cats & burning soup) recently posted: Guest Post w/ Regina Kyle--Come Meet the Men!

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