Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues by Diana Rowland

Posted April 5, 2015 | 40 Comments

Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues by Diana RowlandEven White Trash Zombies Get the Blues
Author: Diana Rowland
Series: White Trash Zombie #2
Published by: Audible Studios
Publication Date: July 3, 2012
Format: Audiobook
Narrator: Allison McLemore
Length: 8hrs and 45mins
Source: Purchased

Angel Crawford is finally starting to get used to life as a brain-eating zombie, but her problems are far from over. Her felony record is coming back to haunt her, more zombie hunters are popping up, and she’s beginning to wonder if her hunky cop-boyfriend is involved with the zombie mafia. Yeah, that’s right—the zombie mafia. Throw in a secret lab and a lot of conspiracy, and Angel’s going to need all of her brainpower—and maybe a brain smoothie as well—in order to get through it without falling apart.

“Damn, Angel, when are you gonna put some meat on your bones?”
“When you make me a sandwich, bitch.”

Oh, how I love Angel! Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues is a kick-ass sequel that left me craving more.

Angel has been a zombie for a few months now and really enjoys her job at the morgue (not only because of the yummy brains!). Until, that is, some weird shit starts happening and a body is stolen on her watch. Turns out there’s a whole lot more going on in the zombie community than Angel could’ve imagined.

This was exciting and completely held my attention. Believe me, this isn’t an easy thing with audiobooks. The whole mystery surrounding the stolen body was really good. There’s a hellava lot more to it than just a stolen body, but you know, spoilers. It does get us deeper into the world building and I love it.

I adore all of the characters, but of course, Angel tops them all. The character growth in her is fantastic. She can be such a smartass, and her foul mouth is pretty damn funny. But what I love the best, is how she has developed a higher respect for life and is taking steps to improve herself. She’s very clever and way smarter than she thought, definitely proving she’s not one to be underestimated.

I truly enjoy the secondary characters and Angel’s different relationship dynamics with them. Even Nick the prick has his moments. I especially love Dr. LaBlanc, the pathologist. He’s become an amazing mentor to Angel, and the way he encourages her gets me a little choked up. I swear, nothing better happen to him!

The audio for this book is so freaking good! I’m serious, if you get the chance, experience this series through Allison McLemore’s narrating.

Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues is without a doubt an entertaining read. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Angel next.


40 responses to “Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues by Diana Rowland

  1. I LOVE Angel too! I love the narrator’s interpretation of these books! I read the first book (no audio then) and I quickly revisit on audio when it came out, and I can positively tell she was better than my inner-voice, not easy to do with any book. I’m looking forward to the next book. I’m glad you’re having fun with these 🙂

    • Christy

      I don’t know if I would’ve got the accent in my head if read it. Allison rocks the hell of these books.

  2. Zombies are definitely not my thing Christy, but I like that this series seems to be hugely character driven and that Angel shows a lot of growth throughout. I think I might be able to move past the zombie aspect and just fall in love with the characters and mystery:)

    Jenny recently posted: Review: All Fall Down
    • Christy

      Jenny, get over your zombie prejudiced and read them. lol. Seriously though, this is more like an urban fantasy than a horror. I’m willing to bet you’d love this.

    • Christy

      Oh, Lily, I promise this is not like normal zombies. This is a whole different league and more urban fantasy than horror. I’m willing to bet you’d like these.

    • Christy

      I only recently started getting into audio, and it’s still hard for me. I am extremely picky about the narrator and have to listen on at least 1.5 speed. lol.

    • Christy

      It’s really good. This isn’t like regular zombies; it’s more UF than horror.

      Yeah, iZombie is that new show. I watched the first episode and it looks good. There are some similarities to this series and the show, but as of right now, this book series is way better.

    • Christy

      Candace, you’d probably like this a lot. It has more of an UF feel than horror. It’s really fun and smartly done.

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