Chase Me by Tessa Bailey

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Chase Me by Tessa BaileyChase Me
Author: Tessa Bailey
Series: Broke and Beautiful #1
Published by: Avon Impulse
Publication Date: March 17, 2015
Format: eARC
Pages: 272
Source: Publisher

College drop-out, Roxy Cumberland, moved to New York with dreams of becoming an actress, but her dwindling bank account is quickly putting the kibosh on that fantasy. To make some quick cash, she signs up to perform singing telegrams. Her first customer is a gorgeous, cocky Manhattan trust-funder if she ever laid eyes on one. And what could be more humiliating than singing an ode to his junk, courtesy of his last one night stand? Maybe the fact that she’s dressed in a giant, pink bunny costume...

After a night out to celebrate winning his last case, lawyer Louis McNally II isn’t prepared for the pounding in his head or the rabbit serenading him from the front door. But the sassy wit and sexy voice of the girl behind the mask intrigues him, and one look at her stunning face—followed by a mind-blowing kiss against his doorjamb—leaves Louis wanting more.

Roxy doesn’t need a spoiled rich boy who’s had everything in life handed to him on a Tiffany platter. But there’s more to Louis than his sexy surface and he’s determined to make Roxy see it...even if it means chasing her all over NYC.

“Please, oh keeper of the golden penis, let me worship at your flawless phallus.”

Now that was a lot of fun!

I almost didn’t read Chase Me, because I’m kind of getting burned-out on this genre. Thank goodness I didn’t miss this one, though. It’s a really quick read that’s sweet, sexy and full of laughs. The humor is the main thing that won me over, but there are many other aspects that helped too.

We don’t exactly get off on a very good foot with Louis. I mean, c’mon, Roxy is there to deliver a singing telegram from his one night stand, after all. An ode to his penis. Haha, yeah, talk about awkward. Yes, he’s a 26-year-old lawyer with an important firm. Yes, he falls more into the rich playboy category, never really venturing into relationship territory. Hold on, there’s a huge “but” coming. But Louis isn’t what you think, there is so much more to him. There’s no asshole syndrome here, he’s a genuinely great guy.

Roxy is definitely the type of girl I like. She’s funny, quick witted and stubborn. What I like best though, is she’s confident. Instead of getting all flustered and tongue tied over a hot guy, she holds her own and turns the tables. Roxy is a fiercely independent woman who doesn’t get close to people, so I enjoyed watching her grow and develop various relationships – romantic and friendships.

The two of them together is definitely a good time. It was a whole lot of amusing; first how they met, then their chance encounter, and of course Louis chasing Roxy around trying to prove himself. The chemistry is undeniable! There are certainly plenty of sweeter moments, and the steamy ones are absolutely delicious. Louis is nice guy, but damn, does he turn the dirty on in the bedroom. Or wherever. Oh la la!

Good secondary characters are always an added bonus! Louis’s older sisters are crazy and kind of scary in a hilarious way. He also has two best friends who are an odd match, but their conflicting views are funny. And Roxy’s new roommates are entertaining for sure. I sense future love connections …

Chase Me is just an all-around good book. Even though my enthusiasm for the genre is on the decline, I’m still looking forward to the second book in the Broke and Beautiful series.

Also, I just want to mention how incredibly adorable the guy on the cover is. That’s all.


20 responses to “Chase Me by Tessa Bailey

  1. I just died reading that first line!!!! Is it part of the telegram she has to sing? I need to read this immediately for that scene alone, but I have a feeling I’m going to get sucked in and will end up reading the rest of it in one late night binge:) Win. Love it Christy!

  2. Is it wrong if I told you that you won me over with the phrase “golden penis” *snorts*.

    Okay, I can clearly see this is another one I must add to the pile.

    And hey, make sure you read a Sarah Fine book dang it! Sanctum is fabulous and I think you will really like how dark it is so I suggest that one first. 😉

  3. OMG I didn’t even know a singing telegram was a thing but that sounds like a humiliating – but hilarious – way to make some quick cash. Bwahaha I think I’ve read like one book by this author but I am hearing more and more good things about her so I need to get reading! I love a series with good secondary characters! 😀

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