Rebound by Noelle August

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Rebound by Noelle AugustRebound
Author: Noelle August
Series: Boomerang #2
Published by: William Morrow
Publication Date: February 10, 2015
Format: eARC
Pages: 304
Source: Publisher

Adam Blackwood has it all. At twenty-two, he’s fabulously wealthy, Ryan Gosling-hot and at the top of the heap in the business world. His life is perfect, until a scandal from his past resurfaces and knocks the tech wunderkind down, throwing his company, Boomerang, a hook-up site for millennials, into chaos.

Three years ago, Adam married his high school love—and then lost her in a tragic accident. Now, the heartbreak and guilt he’s tried to bury with work and women begins to take over his life.

Alison Quick, the twenty-one-year-old daughter of a business tycoon—and the very ex-girlfriend of Boomerang’s former intern, Ethan—has a problem of her own. She’s got one chance to prove to her father that she deserves a place in his empire by grabbing control of Boomerang and taking Adam down.

But as Alison moves in on him, armed with a cadre of lawyers and accountants, she discovers there’s much more to Adam and Boomerang than meets the eye. Will earning her father’s approval come at the price of losing her first real love? It appears so, unless Adam can forgive her for wrecking his life and trying to steal his livelihood. But Alison hopes that old adage is right. Maybe love can conquer all

Last year I fell in love. With a book. Whatever, you all know you’ve done it. Well the book in question was Boomerang, and since then, I’ve been looking forward to getting my paws on Rebound. And now that I’ve read it, I can say it was worth the wait.

Rebound focuses on Alison and Adam. Adam is looking for an investor so that he can expand his company, and Alison is there to see if his company is worth investing in. She’s determined to prove to her father that she can handle it, but it gets off to the most awkward start. Awkward, but hot … and sweet, definitely sweet. I could feel their connection from the moment they met, but they had to do an about-face and keep it professional. And let the fun begin!

I know a lot of people didn’t care for Ali in Boomerang, but I actually liked her. Now, I love her. She’s rich and beautiful, but she’s also a total sweetheart and has a great sense of humor. I was so happy to get her side of the breakup with Ethan. What really cemented my love for her, though, was her love for horses. Not expensive horses with impressive bloodlines, but horses that need rescuing. Major bonus point to her!

Adam is pretty damn likeable too. He always comes across as good-natured and upbeat, so I liked that we got to peel his layers back and discover is secrets as he opened up to Alison. These two together were a lot of fun, especially their flirtatious banter and double entendres. Watching them grow closer while trying to deny their feelings made me giddy at times.

Something else I love about this series is the secondary characters. They are mostly all of Adam’s employees, but they are like a crazy family. Even scary Cookie. She’s such an ice queen, so of course I’m drawn to her. Oh, and Grey, Adam’s brother! He’s more of a bad boy, and I can’t wait to read his book next.

So yeah, Rebound left me with a big huge smile.


25 responses to “Rebound by Noelle August

  1. I’m reading this right now Christy and I have to admit it’s causing me stress. Not because I don’t like it, but because I can see how things are going to go bad (not a fan at all of Ali’s dad!) and I don’t want that for them even if I know things will end happily. *bites nails* Really enjoying Ali and Adam together!

  2. I’m halfway through Boomerang (it is the absolute sweetest book so far – my face actually aches from smiling too hard!), and I’m so glad to know that Rebound is a good read as well! I can’t wait to read more about Ali, and I can’t wait to see how her relationship with Adam will develop.

    Great review, Christy! 🙂

    • Christy

      Well, his cases is pretty believable. He’s upper 20s. There are actual millionaire/billionaires under 30 with similar companies. She has graduated college but lives with her parents who are wealthy and works for daddy.

  3. Liz

    I think I remember your review of the first book. Glad to hear this one went well!! 🙂 Sounds interesting, and yeah – the horses would have gotten me too 🙂

  4. I loved Boomerang too! So cute! Looking forward to this one. I didn’t really like Ali but then we didn’t really get to know her. I kind of think Ali and Adam is an odd pairing but I’m sure it will all work out. Glad to know yet another book with Adam’s brother will be coming next!

    Oh and super late responding but I wasn’t sure if you saw where the Krista & Becca Ritchie signing was going to be so here is the info. Lots of other great authors there too like Jennifer L. Armentrout. It’s not letting me put any links but on facebook you can enter ATTENDEES San Fran Golden Gate Event and join the page and see all the info. Or go

    • Christy

      They’re actually a perfect pair 😉

      Of course the event would be when I know for sure I have something going on. If only it were the following weekend. Thanks for the info, though.

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