Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews

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Magic Slays by Ilona AndrewsMagic Slays
Author: Ilona Andrews
Series: Kate Daniels #5
Published by: Ace
Publication Date: May 31, 2011
Format: eBook
Pages: 321
Source: Purchased

Kate Daniels has quit the Order of Merciful Aid, but starting her own business isn't easy when the Order starts disparaging her good name. And being the mate of the Beast Lord doesn't bring in the customers, either. So when Atlanta's premier Master of the Dead asks for help with a vampire, Kate jumps at the chance. Unfortunately, this is one case where Kate should have looked before she leapt.

My love affair with the Kate Daniels series continues. At this point, I can’t imagine any of them disappointing me. Hell, I can’t imagine any of Ilona Andrews books in general disappointing me.

I seriously highlight so much while reading these books that it feels like I’m practically highlighting the entire book. I skim back through to look over quotes I want to share, and it’s almost impossible to narrow it down. And I swear it never fails, I have to stop reading so I can laugh hard several times throughout every book.

There is so much to love about Magic Slays, but my absolute favorite was all of the Kate and Andrea time. The way these two banter and play off each other is so freaking entertaining. I love how strong their friendship is and that they are two badass women. They completely trust each other and back each other up without a second thought. Yes, Andrea had her moment with the Order, but I think that was different. There was a lot more going on there that made things complicated. It shows how strong their bond is, though, with how easily they were able to fall into sync.

Of course, there is the mighty Beast Lord too. I was worried that Kate and Curran’s relationship wouldn’t be as fun and entertaining now that they are mated, but haha, yeah, they still crack me up. I adore their relationship so much, even when they argue. When they fight side by side, god, that’s sexy. They are definitely one of my favorite fictional couples of all time.

I can’t even tell you how much I love Julie and how she’s taking after Kate. The whole scene when she first appears in this book made me want to high-five her so hard. I wish I had Kate as my guardian.

Gah! I seriously just want to gush about how freaking amazing all the different characters. I mean, just putting a blanket statement of “I love all the characters” feels like such a cop-out. There is so much to each one and they all deserve recognition, but that would take forever. Even the new ones introduced, like Rowan. Haha – oh, that guy. I hope we get more of him in the future.

In addition to the smorgasbord of fantastic characters, the overall story arc continues to grow strength. I thought we had learned all we would about Kate’s background and family, but nope. I don’t know whether to be excited or afraid about the new development. I’m definitely excited for the short-term, but apprehensive about the long-term.

In regards to the plot in Magic Slays, I was on the edge of my seat many times. I swear, this series is going to give me a heart attack because I’m so afraid of something happening to my beloved characters. It’s so exciting though!

Do I even have to say it? I will, because I’ll never grow tire of expressing my love for this series. Magic Slays rocks! I loved it so, so much!

I know I’m going to go into a depression once I catch up and no longer have the next book in the series at my beck and call. And that time is growing near. *sigh*


25 responses to “Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews

  1. YEP. The end is gaining on you. Sucks, doesn’t it? But you’re lucky b/c you still have like another dozen Ilona things to read 😉 I really loved this one too–they come up with the best ideas for unique plot lines. It’s ridiculous(ly good). Brace for book 6, Christy . . . brace for book 6. Or are you gonna read Gunmetal first??

  2. I am so glad to see you’re enjoying this series so much! I totally agree with you about the Andrea and Kate thing! I am so glad to see how close they are as friends and I like that they have their each other’s backs! I like that there are more people in Kate’s life than just Curran. I also really like their relationship and was glad to see that the fact that they were mated didn’t change the funness of their relationship 😉

    Lovely review, Christy! 😀

  3. Would it should you to believe that I’ve never read a book by Iona Andrews before?! I’m a huge Fantasy lover, with the likes of Lauren Hamilton and Darynda Jones who I’ve read from start to finish. I’ve been intrigued by this series for a long time and I think like you I would probably wizz through them. Lovely review and I can’t wait to meet Kate and Andrea.

  4. This is the second review for this book I’ve looked at tonight and I need this series in my life! (The other was Kimba’s).
    I’m glad the series continues to be a hit with you. I always have a fear of urban fantasy series growing sort of stale because it seems to happen so much.

    Michelle recently posted: Saturday Issue Review: Saga Vol. 2

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