He’s No Prince Charming by Elle Daniels

Posted November 11, 2014 | 28 Comments

He’s No Prince Charming by Elle DanielsHe's No Prince Charming
Author: Elle Daniels
Series: Ever After #1
Published by: Forever
Publication Date: October 28, 2014
Format: eARC
Pages: 384
Source: Publisher

A wounded beast . . .

It took Marcus Bradley forever to find a suitable bride. And then he lost her—all because some meddling matchmaker with a crazy notion about "true love" helped her elope with another man. Now, to save his sister from a terrible marriage alliance, he needs a replacement—an heiress, to be exact . . . and he knows just the woman to help him find one.

A spirited beauty . . .

Danielle Strafford believes everyone deserves a fairytale ending—even the monstrously scarred and notoriously brooding Marquis of Fleetwood. Not that he's left her a choice. If she doesn't help him secure a wife—by any means necessary—he'll reveal her scandalous secrets.

A passion that will consume them both

The more time Marcus spends with Danielle, the less interested he is in any other woman. But the Beast must do the impossible: keep from losing his heart to a Beauty he is destined to lose.

It has been a very long time since I’ve read a historical romance, so I’m glad I jumped back into the genre with He’s No Prince Charming. It was so much fun!

I’m not the type that seeks out retellings or even gets excited about them, but I’ve had great luck when I do read them. He’s No Prince Charming is a take on Beauty and the Beast, and the author did a fantastic job. And to think this is Elle Daniels’ debut novel. Bravo!

All of the wonderful characters in this book are such a treat! Danni is feisty, intelligent, and just an all-around great heroine. Marcus broke my heart, though. Oh, I love the guy. But man, what he had to endure, the way people treat him, and the self-hate … I wanted to hug him myself! He had a hard exterior and keeps people at bay, but he’s a beautiful soul who craves love.

Their relationship is my favorite kind. That’s right, the good ol’ loath to love. The banter and teasing between Danni and Marcus is absolutely delicious! I love when the author actually gives us great dialogue, with witty back-and-forth between the characters. It was very entertaining, and so sweet as they grew closer.

The shenanigans and the crazy situations they get themselves into are extremely humorous. You can’t help but to shake your head and chuckle. I truly appreciate how much this book made me laugh.

The secondary characters were just as entertaining as Danni and Marcus. I got such a kick out of Ginny! I don’t mean literally, like the way she kicks the hell out of everyone. She lets society see her one way, but she’s so much more. Even Hu made me smile, and he didn’t even say much.

I love when an author incorporates familiar characters and themes. I get so excited when I recognize who certain characters from other stories are supposed to be, and the little things mentioned from other versions of the story.

I do have to say, their thoughts did feel a tad repetitive at times. It wasn’t terrible, but I just found myself wanting to skim little parts here and there. Really, though, it’s a small thing compared to all the good there is.

He’s No Prince Charming is definitely a book you should read, especially if you like plenty of humor. I am for sure looking forward to the next book in the Ever After series!


28 responses to “He’s No Prince Charming by Elle Daniels

  1. I too am reading quite a bit of historical romance on the side. The genre does have something unique to offer that can’t be found anywhere. Not a fan of retellings too, however this one looks like it was done wnderfully.

    • Christy

      I’ve read some HR many years ago, like Outlander and stuff. But I actually read mostly read non-fiction, historical fiction, and such all in my 20’s. And yes, you’d like this book.

  2. I have a confession to make Christy! I’ve never read a historical fiction book *hides behind dumpster* DON’T STARE AT ME WITH YOUR JUDGYING EYES! I’ve never been remotely interested in them but I do love Beauty and the Beast so i’m sort of maybe leaning towards buying this one but only if you stop gloating!

    • Christy

      Okay, first of all, are you implying my blog is a dirty alley since you’re hiding behind a dumpster? *snort*

      Seriously though, don’t confuse a historical romance like this with a historical fiction, which can be slow and dry. Try this one, Lily, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    • Christy

      LOL I do love surprising people. You should definitely read this on then, Michele! And I think it’s under $5. 😀

  3. This sounds like such an awesome idea! A Beauty and the Beast retelling as historical romance, wow! I love the idea!

    I’m reading a historical romance right now, after I read a historical paranormal, and as a somewhat burned out Contemporary reader I can say I’m having a really great time 😀

    I’m thrilled you had a good time reading this novel, I wanna give it a shot sometime too, that’s just too awesome a concept to miss out on xD

    Livia recently posted: Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers

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