Served Cold (Best Revenge #1) by Marie Harte

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Served Cold (Best Revenge #1) by Marie HarteServed Cold
Author: Marie Harte
Series: Best Revenge #1
Published by: Samhain Publishing
Publication Date: September 16, 2014
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher

Back in high school, Ann Weaver told herself getting ditched by Jack Bloom was for the best. At twenty-nine, she’s way over him. He was her first, but definitely not her last.

On weekly wine night with her friends, the talk turns to regrets—and Ann finds herself pledging to fix her past, starting with confronting those who treated her like dirt. Her first target: Jack, who’s recently moved back to town to stay.

But something’s different. He’s funny, kind, and amazing in bed. He acts like he really likes her, might even love her. Soon Ann is having a hard time remembering she’s only in it for revenge. Especially when she learns the real reason he dumped her.

Jack is older, wiser, and has a hell of a lot of experience behind him. For a chance at a future with this grown-up, gorgeous Ann, he’s ready to do whatever it takes. Until her true motive for rekindling their romance comes to light, and Jack must decide if forgiveness is enough to let love push through the lie.

Warning: A woman who’s out for revenge and encouraging friends rooting her on. May include sex in the outdoors, fun with salad, kissing in class, and a school teacher swearing like a sailor—not necessarily in that order.


I recently became a big fan of Marie Hart’s McCauley Brothers series, so I couldn’t resist getting Served Cold.

Served Cold is the first book in the Best Revenge trilogy. It revolves around three friends who make a plan to get a little revenge on men who have wronged them in some way. Each book focuses on each friend, but all of the characters overlap in all of the books.

This book focuses on Ana and Jack. They were high school sweethearts until Jack dumped her with no explanation at a time she needed him the most, all while his arm was around Ana’s nemesis. Total dick move. So fast forward about ten years later and Ana is a teacher in the same town. Ana decides to get some revenge and “pump and dump” the guy to give him a taste of his own medicine. Because that always works, right?

Served Cold is told from dual POVs – Jack and Ana. I’m not a big fan of Ana, though. She’s just not the type of character I like. I prefer strong, opinionated women with a backbone, and she is not that. Jack was okay, but little too pushy for my taste.

The romance moves fairly quick, with a lot of sex. Not that there is anything wrong with a lot of sexual content, because it is pretty hot. I’m just saying that’s pretty much the meat and potatoes of the book.

There isn’t a whole lot to the revenge aspect of the story, but I like how it played out and did end up directed at the right person.

The friendships between the girls is a lot of fun. Very similar to the ones in the McCauley Brothers series. They banter and tease, but are fiercely loyal and love each other. I love their dynamic.

Despite not completely loving Ana and Jack, I still enjoyed this. After getting to know her friends in this book, I have a feeling I will love them in their own books.


17 responses to “Served Cold (Best Revenge #1) by Marie Harte

  1. I really love Marie Harte’s books, I began reading her last year and have clicked with her ever since. I have yet to find a book by her I didn’t like (I have begun reading Bodyworks this morning) but I guess all her book characters aren’t great – she would be a superheroin author otherwise 😉

    Red Iza recently posted: Update of the month : september
    • Christy

      Yeah, that’s what I like about her writing … even though there are some characters I don’t necessarily jive with, I usually still like the book and look forward to the next one.

  2. Hm. I’m not sure about this one Christy! I tend to struggle with revenge plots in general, and even though you said it wasn’t a huge part of this story, I’m a grudge holder and I’m already pissed at Jack for what he pulled years ago. Not sure I’d be on board with Ana jumping into bed with him before an appropriate level of groveling has been achieved 😉 Glad you enjoyed this overall though, even if Jack and Ana didn’t necessarily wow you!

    • Christy

      Since you like the McCauley Bros, you should like this. It’s a bit of a watered down MB series. Even has a little boy like Colin. But it’s fun.

  3. The concept of the book sounds really good, the whole revenge thing, so I think I’d like to see that happen, kind of like that movie “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” but it didn’t go that way, did it?
    I get what you mean about having to much Sex throughout. Sometimes I wish for more substance! lol

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