Fall of Night by Jonathan Maberry

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Fall of Night by Jonathan MaberryFall of Night
Author: Jonathan Maberry
Series: Dead of Night #2
Published by: St. Martin's Press
Publication Date: September 2, 2014
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher

Stebbins Little School is full of bodies. It's unthinkable to Desdemona Fox. Children are sobbing as panicked teachers and neighbors beat down their family members outside of the school...or the things that used to be their family members. Parents don't eat their children do they?

Officers Fox and Hammond, along with journalist Billy Trout, are calling it the beginning of the end. This is the zombie apocalypse. An insane escaped serial killer is infecting Stebbins County with a deadly virus, and now the whole world is watching while Fox, Trout, and the remaining inhabitants of Stebbins fight for their life against...what? The undead? The President and the National Guard are ready to nuke Stebbins, PA off the map and cut their losses. But the infection is spreading and fast. Worse, the scientist who created the virus is missing. It's a numbers game as the body count rises; Fox has to contain the infected and evacuate the living before it's too late, and the clock is ticking...

Fall of Night! Where do I even begin? This book is made of awesome for so many reasons. I can’t even tell you how hard I was geeking out.

First of all, this is the sequel to Dead of Night, which I thoroughly loved. It picks up where the previous book left us, and Maberry wastes no time thrusting us into all the craziness. We are forced to say good-bye to certain characters, while being introduced to new ones. I mean, it is the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, so obviously no one is truly safe.

I love Desdemona (Dez) tremendously! Of course, that’s probably because I see a lot of myself in her – physically and personality. Does that sound completely narcissistic after saying how much I love her? Oh well. We don’t only get Dez’s perspective though, we get many different ones. It’s done extremely well, and is very smooth, as if you’re watching a movie.

While reading Dead of Night, we discovered something about the zombies that’s chilling and sad. We get even more insight to them in Fall of Night, and I would find myself blurting out “that’s fucked up” with a heavy sigh. My son would just smile knowingly because he’s very familiar with Maberry’s work (an even bigger fan than I am). Maberry is excellent at evoking these kind of feelings; playing on emotions and morality, making you step back and think.

Fall of Night had my heart pounding in anticipation one minute, and then sinking the next. Yes, this is a “zombie book”, but it’s more of a look at humanity than anything. A scary look.

Honestly, this might be my favorite book of Maberry’s. Why? Because not only is it the sequel to Dead of Night, and are their own series and can be read as such, but it also connects two of his other series. You’re all familiar with his Benny Imura series (Rot & Ruin), right? Well this is a direct prequel to it. Not just to the first book, either. It prequels the entire series. Holy crap, I was practically bouncing out of my seat from excitement the entire time, especially towards the end. Now, since those are connected, then that means the Joe Ledger series is connected, as well. Fans will recognize characters, mentions, and … the source of the outbreak. Exciting stuff!

Seriously, Dead of Night and Fall of Night are must reads! If you haven’t read anything by Jonathan Maberry yet, then you are sorely missing out.

Disclaimer: Even though Fall of Night is also a prequel to Rot & Ruin, a YA series, this series is adult. It has a more complex feel to it, with adult situations, language, etc.


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37 responses to “Fall of Night by Jonathan Maberry

  1. Jonathan Maberry is one of those authors that I haven’t read yet but as I’m a big fan of zombies and I enjoy reading zombie books, I really don’t know why I haven’t picked up any of his books yet. Boo, I suck. I’ve heard of Rot and Ruin but not this one tbh, I might try this out first since it’s adult and the prequel. Plus, you obviously love it and the sequal didn’t dissapoint! Awesome review Christy! 🙂

    • Christy

      You should REALLY read Rot & Ruin. It’s YA, but it is excellent! Honestly, reading that series first made this one even better.

  2. I added a Zombie book to my TBR the other day, a real zombie, not like The White Trash Zombie (you know, not horror) and it looks like I’ll be adding another one today. It’s time to mix things up!!
    Thanks 🙂

    • Christy

      Maberry writes some of the best there is. And it’s not just fighting and gore, it’s more about the living than anything.

  3. My god, Christy, you have no idea how happy I am to see this review. I’ve read Dead of Night years ago and have been waiting for a sequel only for it to never arrive SO I WAS SO SURPRISED THAT THERE WAS ACTUALLY A BLOODY SEQUEL FOR THIS AND NOW IT’S HERE AND I AM LIKE WHAT WHAT WHAT I NEED TO READ THIS NOW! I loved the first book. I absolutely, ABSOLUTELY adored it. Now my zombie love is being reignited, this review made me excited, and I’m about to get my dose of zombie!

    • Christy

      He waited for this one to come out so it was after the Rot & Ruin series ended, and certain books in the Joe Ledger series were out, because they’re all connected. Have you read the R&R series? If not, doooo it!

  4. I’ve stayed away from his books mostly because I am NOT a zombie fan, they freak me out to an impressive degree and make me want to curl into a fetal ball. I just can’t handle them, but I love how you said this one was less about zombies and more about the darker side of humanity. That makes me want to give it a try:):)

    • Christy

      Honestly, Jenny, I think you’d like Rot & Ruin. Maberry’s stories are about the people and humanity, not just gore and scary stuff. There’s actually something to them.

  5. I haven’t read anything but Maberry, but have heard good things. I love what you wrote about liking Des bc she reminded you of yourself. We likely all feel that way.
    Great review, Christy. I’m glad the book was even better than anticipated!

  6. Thanks so much for that wonderful review. I’m delighted that you enjoyed these two books. It was fun –and part of a long-range plan– to use these novels as a bridge between my ongoing Joe Ledger series and the ROT & RUIN books.

    By the way…Ledger is on his way to TV and the producers expect to launch it in Fall 2016 as ‘Extinction Machine’; and ROT & RUIN is in development for film. A DEAD OF NIGHT movie is also likely.

    • Christy

      I can’t even tell you how much I love how you laid out the three series. Genius!

      How exciting! We will definitely be watching everything put out. 🙂

    • Christy

      I already answered you on FB, but I don’t want to skip your comment. So I’m just replying with nonsense. See. Nonsense. 😉

    • Christy

      You should try Rot & Ruin, Lily. Don’t think about it as a ‘zombie book’, because it’s way more than that. I know a lot of people who don’t like zombies or zombie books, yet LOVED that series.

  7. Haven’t heard of these ones but heard of Rot & Ruin (haven’t read the series yet though- don’t know if I will since I’m not really into Zombies as such)but love how the series’ are connected, love being able to be back in a similar place (and it’s always fun noticing characters and pieces of things.) 🙂

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