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Word of advice: Don’t close your laptop while you have a pen laying on it. My screen is useless now. It’s not covered under warranty because it’s damage I caused, so I ordered a new one. I will attempt to replace it myself, but if I suck, I’ll let someone charge me $65 to do it. 😐 It looks easy to do, so we’ll see. I just wish it would hurry and get here.

This happened on Sunday, so I haven’t been able to do much blogwise. I have an old computer that should’ve been tossed years ago, but thankfully I didn’t. I can get on it sporadically and only for short periods of time, so just putting this post together has been a pain. All of my reviews that I wrote are still on the other computer because I hadn’t transferred them to the blog yet. So I had to rewrite a couple of them. Blah!

My son started school on Thursday. His senior year is pathetically easy because he always took summer school and extra credits. Seriously, he’s an aide for a special needs class, an aide at the elementary school next door, a peer counselor for the freshmen, only has English and economics, and then no last period. I told him enjoy it while you can, because next year it isn’t going to be so easy.

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  • Game by Barry Lyga – Review. Really enjoyed the I Hunt Killers sequel.

Books Read

Our Broken Sky by Sarah Harian

Fall of Night by Jonathan Maberry

Claudine by Barbara Palmer

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23 responses to “Sunday Post #92 (8/17/14)

    • Christy

      It’s an LED screen so when there was the pressure from the pen, it leftm a black internal “crack”. That caused the screen to act screwy so I can’t see anything.

  1. You can fix the computer, I know you can. 🙂 You couldn’t be more right, my daughter’s senior year was an easy one and now she wants to go back to high school when school was easy. She just started her junior years at ETSU. Enjoy all your new books.

    Jenea recently posted: The Sunday Post #115
  2. Ohh no, I feel you pain! I hate computer trouble so much 🙁 Hope your new screen arrives really soon, and you’ll definitely be able to fix it 🙂 There must be something weird in the air, I spilt water on my laptop at the beginning of the week… so not fun! And it was the one time I didn’t back up everything to Dropbox, because “nothing could possibly go wrong”… *arrgghh* I’ve learned my lesson!
    Hope you love your new books, and get your computer back to normal ASAP!

  3. Ahh!!! You got Beyond Shame! I love this series, and honestly, each book gets better/stronger. So glad you received the books you won.
    Sorry to hear about your laptop, and will keep the pen thing in mind. My screen went out once just from (gently) setting it down. Luckily they considered it covered. And congrats to your son for being so ahead of the game! I hope his senior year rocks!

  4. I am so freakin’ sorry about your computer screen! That totally sounds like something I would do so I’ve heeded your advice and will watch when I close the lid! I had a crappy computer week, too, if it makes you feel a wee bit better – my entire new computer has to go back HP for repair. It bluescreens whenever we try to fix the wifi card the computer has seemed to have forgotten it has. I do think you have it worse, though. My old computer is in decent shape.

    Good luck – I know you can fix it!!!

  5. That’s crazy about the pen! I never would have thought it could cause so much damage. At least the price to fix it isn’t impossible but what a pain. I have a senior as well and her schedule is laughable. She decided to go full time the first semester because she wanted to do theater and her favorite English teacher is teaching a Novels to Film class. Next semester she doesn’t have to be at school until noon. Next year is definitely going to be a rude awakening! Of course I’ll be 5 hours away so I won’t be there to see it. I’ve heard good things about Avenge Me. Hope you enjoy it! Have a great week!

    Katherine recently posted: This Week in Reading - August 17
  6. My husband said look up the instructions to replace the screen on YouTube. YouTube has everything. We watched a video to replace our Honda Accord power window motor. Piece of cake. lol

    Wow. You son is very busy even if it isn’t with schoolwork. My daughter has AP classes again this year. She is not looking forward to them. I told her to hang in there. College may be a bit tougher (she wants to be a veterinarian) but I enjoyed it a whole lot more than HS. 🙂

    A Voracious Reader recently posted: The Sunday Post ~ 54th Edition

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