Something to Talk About by Dakota Cassidy

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Something to Talk About by Dakota CassidySomething to Talk About
Author: Dakota Cassidy
Series: Plum Orchard #2
Published by: Harlequin MIRA
Publication Date: May 27, 2014
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher via NetGalley

Sexy is as sexy does. And in Plum Orchard, sugar, it does!

Emmeline Amos is sick of her ex saying she's boring and prissy. After all, she works for a phone-sex company! (As general manager, but still.) On a rare girls' night out, fueled by blender drinks and bravado, Em accepts a shocking dare—to handle a call herself. But it's tipsy Em who gets an earful from an irate single father on the other end of the line. Awkward.

But not as awkward as discovering that same mad dad is Call Girls' gorgeous new programmer. Jax Hawthorne is still upset that his daughter called the "girlfriend store" on his behalf, but he can't deny he'd choose a hot-librarian type like Em if he were looking for love. Which he's not.

Em wants to do more than just talk the talk. So she makes a bawdy bargain with Jax. They've both been burned before—this time, they'll keep it strictly physical. Except as soon as they settle on no strings attached, things start to get tangled.

I am loving the Plum Orchard series! I read Talk Dirty to Me not too long ago and loved it, so I was eager to read the next book, Something to Talk About. I’m happy to say that it was also a wonderful read.

Something to Talk About is told in alternating POVs and picks up about three months later. This time when we visit the fine folks (and jerk faces) of Plum Orchard, we get Emmelines story. I loved her friendship with Dixie in the first book and thought she was a great character. After the events that occurred, I was more than happy to delve into her life. There is a lot to love about this book.

Em – I liked her a lot in the first book, but loved her in this one. Where Dixie is fiery and doesn’t back down from anything, Em tries to avoid gossip and conflict at all cost. After her divorce and now working as the general manager of Call Girls, she becomes … curious. She feels like she doesn’t really know who she is anymore, and is starting to wonder if everything her crazy mama drilled into head is wrong. It was so much fun watching her discover herself and become her own person.

Jax – What a great man. He’s raising his five year old daughter with the help of his two brothers, but feels bad that she doesn’t have a female influence in her life. When he begins working at Call Girls as a programmer, sparks fly between him and Em. I really liked how good he was with her and was willing to let her take control in their … situation.

Brothers – Jax ‘s brothers live with him while fixing up their aunt’s old house. Their relationships with Maisy, Jax’s daughter, is adorable.

Call Girls – I love their little group. They tease and give each other a hard time, but it’s in the way only friends can. Marybell obviously has something going on, and I can’t wait to get her story.

Dixie – Whew! The woman is on fire in this book. She has Em’s back no matter what and isn’t afraid to call people out on their bull crap. I love how loyal and protective she is when it comes to the people she loves. And the relationship she has with Em’s sons is so sweet. She is definitely the kind of friend Em needs in her life.

Romance – Em and Jax were so much fun! They come to an agreement to keep it completely physical, to allow Em to experiment in ways she never has before. It made for some not only steamy moments, but funny ones too. All I’m going to say is: The Annihilator! Haha. It wasn’t only about that though, it was nice how comfortable they grew with each other.

Setting – I love the small town setting of this series. Sure, the people of Plume Orchard can be a major pain, but it’s very entertaining as an outsider.

Secrets – Oh boy, there are some doozies. Prepare to have some lives rocked. Not all are necessarily bad, but they do offer an interesting twist on things.

See! There’s some good stuff in Something to Talk About! It was an excellent installment in the Plum Orchard series, and makes me even more excited for the third book, Talking After Midnight.

Dixie gave her a pointed look – one you’d give a willful preschooler. “You know what they say about idle hands and the devil.”

“As Satan’s closest confidante, I’m sure you’ve heard all the gossip,” Em shot back, squeezing her friend’s arm with a giggle.
“… Dixie, this isn’t like me. To give in to impulse. But I did. I gave in to it right there in his driveway. I offered to drive because Jax doesn’t know Johnsonville like I do. Now, I wonder if it wasn’t some sort of subliminal premeditation on my part.”

Dixie kept her face blank. “That sounds just like you, Em. Premeditated almost sex.”

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38 responses to “Something to Talk About by Dakota Cassidy

  1. This sounds like an awesome read, and I love the emphasis of parental figures in a child especially to a kid so young. Isn’t that really the truth? I find that in most books in this genre, they leave out the kids even though they’re universally a huge part of life. This sounds like a really heart-warming series!

    Faye D'Social Potato ( recently posted: ARC Review: #Scandal by Sarah Ockler
    • Christy

      I hadn’t even heard of her (not that I recall, anyway) until this series. Now I want to check out her paranormal work.

  2. I had to reschedule my review for the first book because my blog was down again on Monday, I loved it though and I hurried and grabbed the next two books of NG and will be reading them very soon. Loving this series as well.

    Heidi recently posted: Friday Forecast May 25th-31st
  3. This series does sound like fun! I think this is what I need, something light, funny and romantic to cleanse my reading palette! the characters sound fun and likable too! I will definitely be checking this, and the first book out. Great review, Christy! 🙂

  4. Killing me Christy. Killing me. I have the first one on my tbr pile because of you but haven’t had the chance yet. It just sounds so good and the Call Girls have me curious. I love that teasing friendship and when it really comes off the page nicely. Great to hear the follow up book was as good as the first!

  5. I havent read any books by this author yet but now i’m reconsidering! Plus the covers totally gave me the impression this series was contemporary! WHAT?? lol super glad you liked this book and i really want to read them now too!

    lily recently posted: Rush(The Game#1):Review
  6. I got the first book after your review, but I still have to find some time to read it. Real life has been killing me these days, no time reading x'(. Glad that the story continues to be awesome. Annihilator you say? LOL, I definitely have to read this.

    PurpleBook recently posted: High and Tight by Vanessa North

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