Better off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg

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Better off Friends by Elizabeth EulbergBetter off Friends
Author: Elizabeth Eulberg
Published by: Point
Publication Date: February 25, 2014
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased

For Macallan and Levi, it was friends at first sight. Everyone says guys and girls can’t be just friends, but these two are. They hang out after school, share tons of inside jokes, their families are super close, and Levi even starts dating one of Macallan’s friends. They are platonic and happy that way.

Eventually they realize they’re best friends — which wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t keep getting in each other’s way. Guys won’t ask Macallan out because they think she’s with Levi, and Levi spends too much time joking around with Macallan, and maybe not enough time with his date. They can’t help but wonder . . . are they more than friends or are they better off without making it even more complicated?

From romantic comedy superstar Elizabeth Eulberg comes a fresh, fun examination of a question for the ages: Can guys and girls ever really be just friends? Or are they always one fight away from not speaking again — and one kiss away from true love?

Better Off Friends was so stinking cute! I knew I had to read it as soon as I saw it, and it did not disappoint.

This book takes us on a journey of friendship. The friendship between a boy and a girl. Levi and Macallan aren’t just friends though, they are best friends. I love the way the story is told. At the end of each chapter there is dialogue between an older Levi and Macallan where they briefly discuss what we just read. These two are so cute and funny together; their banter and quick-wit was a delight.

I absolutely adore Macallan! She’s funny and doesn’t put up with crap, especially when it comes to bullies. I really like how she sticks up for people and isn’t some wallflower. As much as Levi loved having Macallen as a best friend, he also wants to have guy friends and be popular. While there were a lot of fun times, there were also issues that had them questioning their friendship in both good and bad ways. I really like how they also grow as individuals, discovering what it is they want for themselves.

The book starts off when Levi and Macallan meet on the first day of 7th grade, so we get to experience how they became friends. I started to get a little worried after a couple of chapters because I didn’t know how long we were going to stay in the junior high years. As entertaining as it was, I didn’t want it to be a middle grade read. Thankfully the story spans years taking us through high school. There were a couple of parts in the beginning that felt a little drawn out, but that was the only time I felt any boredom. The rest of the book totally makes up for it though.

So all in all, I enjoyed Better Off Friends quite a bit. It’s adorable, I tell you!



42 responses to “Better off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg

  1. Mimi Lovell

    Awesome review….. I love this setting. BF’s are the best couples!! Thanks for the heads up on a new book. Will be checking it out ASAP!

  2. Oh! This does look good! I love that the characters get to look back and weigh in on the story. That is a very clever angle.
    My true best friend in school was a guy. I think at one point he had feelings for me, but it was so not happening on my end. Would’ve made a good story, though…

    • Christy

      Aw, yeah, one of my closest friends in jr and high school was a boy. Things … went south our senior year and I regret it tremendously.

  3. LOVED this book! It was written just for me. Usually any best friends turned lovers book is a guaranteed hit. I loved the way they talked about it between chapters. Very cute and very When Harry Met Sally.

    Jennifer recently posted: WOW #97
  4. MUST READ THIS CHRISTY!!! I haven’t seen a negative review for it yet, and I’ve really enjoyed her previous books. A relationship that moves from best-friend status into something more is one of my very favorite types of romances, so I can’t wait to watch their progression. And I’m super glad they don’t stay in junior high very long, I know I’ll be itching for them to be older!

    Jenny recently posted: Interview: Rinda Elliot + Foretold
    • Christy

      I haven’t read anything else by her, so this was my first. I know Candace, Ali, and Heidi enjoyed this too, so you need to read it! 🙂

    • Christy

      Dang it, I was in such a hurry to throw the review together that I forgot I was going to mention it was your review that introduced me to the book.

  5. Cute books are kind of my thing at the moment. I just love for a book to put a smile on my face. I love that the MC doesn’t put up with anything. She seems spunky.

    This one is on my wishlist.

    Great review Christy!

    Michelle recently posted: Waiting on Wednesday (7)
    • Christy

      O pish posh, the ending tied up fine. lol. I’ve never watched When Harry Meets Sally – I’m not much of a Meg Ryan fan.

  6. See, I do want to read it because it seems like a cute one, and I am a sucker for best friends/ romance thing but I don’t know, I’ve been so disappointed with some cute ones this year, so I’m worried I’ll be disappointed with this one too. 🙁

    Kirsty-Marie recently posted: Review: The Fearless

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