He’s Come Undone by Theresa Weir

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He’s Come Undone by Theresa WeirHe's Come Undone
Author: Theresa Weir
Published by: Belfry Press
Publication Date: February 27, 2014
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher via NetGalley

Penniless and behind on rent, college student and once famous child actress Ellie Barlow takes on the role of a lifetime when she's hired by a group of young women to break the heart of the campus player who cruelly dumped them.

Transformed from slob slacker to jaw-dropping beauty, Ellie is dressed, styled, bleached and waxed, her chunky glasses exchanged for violet contacts. Along with physical prepping, she's coached on Julian's obsessions, which include long-distance running, Doctor Who, and J.D. Salinger.

In no time, Julian is in pursuit of his custom-made next victim, but when Ellie goes off script and begins to fall for her target the newest broken heart in this risky game could be her own.

When I read what He’s Come Undone was about, the movie John Tucker Must Die immediately came to mind. Not going to lie, I’ll stop and watch the movie if I come across it on TV. So yes, I like the premise and thought I’d get something simple and a little corny (I like corny sometimes). He’s Come Undone turned out to be different than I expected, which I ended up really liking. It was fun, but it was also more serious.

Ellie is a former child star who is down on her luck and needs to make some money quick so she can get back into college, so she answers an ad in Craigslist. No, not that kind of ad, pervs. It’s an acting job with a twist. A group of girls want to hire her to get revenge on Julian, a guy who slept with them and left them. What a jerk, right? Well, hold your horses, because there is more to it than just their take on it. Anyway, they want Ellie to become Julian’s ideal woman and then break his heart. Nothing can go wrong with that plan, right? Right?

What made this book even better was the fact that it was told form both Ellie and Julian’s point of view, but mostly Ellie. When we first get into the story, it’s easy to assume things when we only know one side. Once we get to see situations from Julian’s side, it puts things more in perspective and gives a lot more understanding to what was going on. I don’t want to say specifically what was going on when it came to his side of things, but I think the author handled it really well. Julian isn’t some mysterious bad boy that has angst coming out his pores. No, he actually has a great personality. I mean, c’mon, the guy runs cross country, loves Doctor Who and J.D. Salinger.

Ellie and Julian are cute together. Even though she is set-up in situations that may not fully be the real her to catch his interest, her true personality eventually comes out with him. That is when things get really complicated, because the feelings that develop are very much real. This leads them into dicey territory that could have a bigger impact than Ellie could ever imagine.

I did have an issue with one aspect. I didn’t understand why he needed to run the marathon so badly when he was in the midst of cross country season. I understand how running made him feel, but he didn’t give a reason exactly why the marathon was so important, and I think what happened at the race was a bit overdone.

Overall, though, I enjoyed He’s Come Undone.  It’s a quick read that left me with a smile.



51 responses to “He’s Come Undone by Theresa Weir

    • Christy

      Yeah, it has a serious drama side to it. As soon as you get the first of his POV you’ll see where it’s heading.

    • Christy

      Joy … you’ve never watched John Tucker? That’s unfortunate. It’s one of those cult movies that is irresistible. lol.

  1. I can’t tell you how many times I have put John Tucker Must Die I have put it on tv even when I was watching something else. I love that movie. I am putting this book on my TBR just based on that alone! I also really like the dual narrative. This is quickly becoming one my favorite setups.

    Great review. Thanks for sharing this book with me Christy.

    Michelle @ Book Briefs

    • Christy

      lol! It’s one of those movies you can’t NOT watch. The dual narrative definitely makes it better.

  2. Sam

    A cross-country-running, Doctor-Who-loving J.D. Salinger fan? Well now I’m curious. 😀 You’re not the only one who will stop and watch John Tucker Must Die. I have a strange weakness for that movie. Normally, I don’t like that stuff in my books though, but I think this sounds like something worth stepping out of the comfort zone for. Thanks for sharing, Christy! And lovely review. 🙂

  3. Mhm… didn’t see John Tucker Must Die. I know, iFail moment, lol.
    I’d like to give this a try, I mean you said the magic word “drama”, lol. No romance is good romance unless people suffer miserably at some point during the story. I’m an evil reader, lol, I know 😀 But unless they suffer, it doesn’t seem authentic to me. A shrink would have a field day with that last statement right there, right?

    Loved the review, and I so just realized it’s been AGES since I trolled around your blog! iSuck, but I’m on the right track now 😀

    • Christy

      Livia! Long time no see. 🙂 Oh, you have to watch John Tucker. It’s not like it’s an Oscar winner or anything, but it’s one you can’t NOT watch. Exactly, there needs to be some drama to make it interesting. 😉

  4. I have this on my kindle, just waiting to get in the mood for NA but I liked the author’s Cool Cats series. I’m not a big NA reader but I’ll give this a shot because of the author. Nowadays I’ll only read NA if I liked the author before or have been recommended by reviewers I trust. I’m glad you enjoyed this one Christy! Makes me excited to read it 🙂 I liked John Tucker Must Die too hehe

    • Christy

      I haven’t read anything else by this author yet, but this experience was good enough to have me wanting to read more. 😉

  5. it sounds ok. I don’t think I ever read a book about this topic so it could be interesting to do so. I’m glad you enjoyed it despite some little things but it’s almost nothing. Thanks for the nice review, I didn’t know this one.

    following you on bloglovin

    Melliane recently posted: Crimson Veil by Yasmine Galenorn
  6. Do we get reasons for why he slept with all these girls originally? He’s not high on my list of favorite people after reading that, but then it wouldn’t be much of a story if there was something redeemable about him for Ellie to fall in love with, so I guess I just need to read and fine out:) Thanks for the lovely review Christy!

    • Christy

      Yes, and it’s actually a very interesting, the author did a really good job with his issues. He’s a really good guy. And he saw the situations differently as the girls did, so he didn’t even know they were so pissed. But there’s more to it.

  7. Not gunna lie i’m a fan of John Tucker Must Due, too and whenever it’s on TV i will go and watch it LOL so i like the premise of this one. Although i’m having a hard time believing that a formal child actress isn’t all hot from the get go! I mena C’MON! She was on sets all the time, why didn’t she know about makeup and hair and stuff?
    Either way i’m probably adding this too my kindle!
    Lily @ Lilysbookblog

  8. Great Review Christy! This sounds like such a good story! I love the fact that this story turned out different then you were expecting! Its always fun when a story surprises me. It’s great when you can get the dual perspectives of both main characters, and especially in this type of story, I would be curious about Julian’s viewpoint! Thanks so much for sharing Christy 🙂

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