Cursed by Destiny by Cecy Robson

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Cursed by Destiny by Cecy RobsonCursed by Destiny
Author: Cecy Robson
Series: Weird Girls #3
Published by: Signet
Publication Date: January 7, 2014
Format: ARC
Pages: 368
Source: Publisher

Celia’s a girl in trouble. Her heart is bound to Aric, but he is a pureblood were who must deny her or risk condemning his species to extinction. And that’s just her love life. She’s also been called to take down a group of demon terrorists looking to overthrow the paranormal world. (No pressure.)

In order to bring them down, Celia must ally herself to Misha, the master vampire who has made no secret of his desire for her. And if that weren’t enough misfortune for one girl, a clairvoyant’s prediction could destroy Celia and Aric’s love for good. The only way to protect the world from unbridled supernatural terrorism is for Celia to bind herself to her destined mate. And that doesn’t appear to be Aric….

Ooooh boy! Cursed by Destiny is yet another kick-ass installment of the Weird Girls series. So much happens! After I finished the book, I was relieved that I took notes. Looking at my notes now, though, there is a ton of stuff flying at me that I want to discuss! I’m so overwhelmed by the awesomeness! However, I’m going to try and keep it short and simple since this is the third book in the series.

Cursed by Destiny picks up a couple months after A Cursed Embraced left off. The Tribe is trying their damnedest to bring hell on Earth, but the Alliance is doing everything they can to stop them. This makes for some exciting and … well, some disgustingly funny moments. The fact that the tribe master is hell bent on getting ahold of Celia doesn’t make things any easier. Thankfully she has been training and experimenting with her powers, so she has become a force to be reckoned with.

While Celia is busy being a badass, her heart still aches for Aric. I’ll be honest, I’m still not at all hot for Aric, but he’s Celia’s mate, not mine. Therefore, I love him for Celia. Make sense? Good. Anyway, they’re thrown for a loop when they discover she is destine to be with someone else. Yeah, that doesn’t go over so well. Celia is a fighter, though, not only of evil, but for love as well.

As I’ve mentioned numerous times, I need good characters in order to truly enjoy a book/series. NEED them! This has been my main attraction to this series from the beginning; it has such a great set of them. I really like how Celia is living with Misha and his family of vampires, especially the Catholic school girls. The dynamic between Celia and them cracks me up, and the predicaments she finds herself in with Misha are hilarious. I’m glad we’re able to get to know the vampire family better, because they are the best kind of dysfunction.

Of course, I still love Celia’s sisters and their wolves. Especially Bren and Danny. I’m so glad these secondary characters are very prominent throughout the story. They are a huge part of Celia, so it’s nice that their relationships play a part in everything too. All of the different dynamics between everyone is great! Mostly when Bren is being his smartass self. Speaking of Bren, it would be a good idea to read his novella, A Cursed Moon, prior to reading this since something important occurs, and explains what happened to a certain character. So vague, right? Just trust me, you’ll understand when you read it.

Cecy continues to keep the Weird Girls series fun and exciting. There were so many twists and turns in Cursed by Destiny, and then it ended with a “oh, holy snap!” reaction. I was kind of expecting it, but once I actually saw it in black and white, it was … whoa! Cecy has a habit of leaving me feeling like that at the end of her books, but this one is the best doozy yet!

So obviously I loved Cursed by Destiny, and I’m undoubtedly eager to read the next book. If you haven’t started reading this series, you don’t know what you’re missing out on!


29 responses to “Cursed by Destiny by Cecy Robson

  1. Oh, Christy, thank you so much for agreeing to be part of my tour. I didn’t realize you don’t often do them so I’m quite honored. I’m so happy you enjoyed Cursed by Destiny! And yes, the good ol’ Catholic schoolgirls are all sorts of fun dysfunction. The way they drive Celia nuts crack me up. Yeah, yeah, I know I’m the one writing them, but still! They’re lots of fun to write. Many thanks to everyone who stopped by and for all your wonderful comments. <3

    • Christy

      I had to stop doing them in order to save my sanity, but I actually look forward to doing them for you and a couple other authors. Keep ’em coming! 😀

  2. Jennifer P

    I absolutely adore the Weird Girls books, and I’m so excited for the next one to come out! I just hope the wait for book 4 isn’t too long-it sounds like this one has a cliffhanger, and I HATE those!

  3. I still need to catch up on this series, but I’m loving reading all the amazing reviews of this in the meantime. I can see I have a lot of kickass reading ahead of me. I know what you mean about loving a romantic interest on behalf of the heroine, even if they don’t do it for you. I do that sometimes too. 🙂 Awesome review!

  4. Stephanie F.

    I am a huge fan of this series. I love the interactions between the sisters and their mates and their snarky natures. It is one of the best UF series out there today. The romance drives me crazy but in a good way. I have no idea who I want Celia to end up with. Can’t wait to read it.

  5. sarah c.

    I have read the first book and loved it…It was so fascinating to read about their unique-like powers and cant wait to read how the next one goes!!! thanks for the giveaway!!!

  6. wanda

    I haven’t read this series yet but I plan to it sounds great I am a paranormal lover and these sound so new and different from others Ihav e read before.

  7. FINALLY!! I could come back and read your review!!! OKAY – huge question… do you think this book was a closure book for Misha and Celia’s relationship? After I finished, I kind of saw that arc in book w/the closure at the end. I need to speak to Cecy about this, ya know, get her on the bat phone and all (bwahahahahaha)!

    You took better notes than I did that’s for sure!!! I didn’t even write the word “the tribe” anywhere… grrrrr! Great review!!!!

    • Christy

      I don’t know. Aren’t they ‘engaged’ or ‘married’ now? lol! That was funny as hell. Maybe feeding on Misha will affect you-know-what too. It’ll be interesting, that’s for sure.

  8. Kamla L.

    Yes. I have and I love everything about the series. I especially love how individually unique each sister’s personality shines through yet together they make an awesome team.

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