Seeker by Jolene Perry

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Seeker by Jolene PerrySeeker
Author: Jolene Perry
Series: Shadows #3
Publication Date: March 25, 2013
Format: eBook
Pages: 360
Source: Purchased

Eighteen-year-old Kara is the best as what she does: Finding people with talents.

This time her target is a group of powerful people sailing toward The Bahamas, and her timing isn’t just important, it’s life or death.

But Kara’s given a new partner, a guy named Ocean. He doesn't follow the rules on a video game, much less her black and white ideas of how people with talents should behave.

As the chase begins and she starts to warm up to him, everything changes. In formation about the Shadows come to light, and the more she learns about her mark, the less she knows who to trust.

Timing is still critical, but the misinformation fed to both Kara and the people on the sailboat could be devastating for everyone.

I was sucked into the Shadows trilogy earlier this year when I read Insight. Then I immediately read the second book Manipulation. I thought Seeker wasn’t going to be released until much later in the year, so I was extremely happy when I just happen to see it up on Amazon a few weeks ago. Seeker turned out to be a great ending to the trilogy.

Micah, Landon, Addison, and Dean are all on the run from the Middle Men and on their way to the Bahamas. The shadow people have lead them there, but they aren’t sure whether they are leading them to something good or to their demise. Kara and Ocean (yes, that’s his name) are assigned to stop the group from freeing the shadows, which could have dire consequences.

The first two books all led up to this point. Everyone discovering where their talents came from, what the shadow people really want, and why do the Middle Men want to stop them so bad. It was cool to get a look at the ‘bad guys’ from within. Up until this book, they were always chasing after Landon, Micah, Addie, and Dean, but we didn’t really know their objective. Only that they wanted to capture the four of them. So it was nice getting some insight to the good and the bad of the Middle Men.

Seeker is primarily told from Kara and Ocean’s POVs, but we do get at least one chapter from the POV of the other four. Kara grew up in the Middle Men organization believing the shadow people are bad, and she has the scars to prove it. I liked that Kara is stubborn and determined, not to mention she can throw a punch. She is such the opposite of Ocean. He is so laid back and calm, with an easygoing personality. They balance each other out so well, and I love that.

I love the power of insight that Micah has, and the power of manipulation that Addie and Dean have, but I wasn’t exactly excited about Kara and Ocean’s power to seek. It seemed kind of boring to just be able to find other people with talents. However, the author actually made it interesting, especially the power that was between Kara and Ocean.

I wouldn’t say that Seeker is perfect. I don’t usually mind a couple of editing mistakes and don’t usually comment on them, but there were random words missing and other similar issues that could be cleaned up. Also, I really do like how the book ended and thought it was a nice conclusion. However, the part leading up to it felt a little … empty and glossed over. I would have liked a bit more depth with the outcome of Kara and her parents, and the fallout of everything else. But I guess the story was meant to be more focused on Kara’s relationship with Ocean and the rest of the group.

Overall though, I really enjoyed the entire trilogy. All three books are quick reads and flow together seamlessly.


7 responses to “Seeker by Jolene Perry

  1. I enjoyed the first two books as well. Curious to see how it ends. Glad that it checks in with the other characters too and we get to see their POV at least once.

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