Tell Me Something Tuesday: Ebook vs. Paperback

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This weeks question: Ebook vs. Paperback.Β  What are you more likely to buy and what is the deciding factor in purchasing a book?Β  What price point are you comfortable with when purchasing your ebooks?



I am totally an eBook girl. I love my Kindle Fire. I used to be strictly paperback though. When the Kindle made its debut, I couldn’t imagine making the jump. It just didn’t seem right. I loved the feel and smell of a real book, I still do. But then I tried a friend’s Kindle and was hooked.

6777694048_bcb5fb4462_zI’m not a very fast reader, but I read eBooks a lot quicker than paper books. Now I don’t even mess with paper books unless I have to. The probability of me actually reading them is pretty low, or it takes me forever to get even start one. When I do have a paperback and finish it, it’s given to a friend or donated. Besides, the Kindle helps hide my book hoarding.

There are a number of factors that go into my decision to purchase a book. Pricing is a major one. I will download a book on a whim if it’s $3 or less. If it sounds interesting, then I don’t mind spending a couple of bucks on it. If it’s between $3 & coollogo_com-237442301$6, then it needs to be something that I’m a lot more confident I’ll enjoy. If it’s over $6, then I have to be really excited for it. It’ll most likely be from a series or author I’m already into. However, I will not pay over $10 for an eBook. Will. Not. Happen.

When Ever After by Kim Harrison was released, the eBook was $15. Now it’s down to almost $13. This is the first time I haven’t bought a book from that series on release day. I’ll wait a little while longer. Yes, I could buy it, but I just don’t feel good about spending that much for a digital copy.

So, yeah. That’s my thinking.


28 responses to “Tell Me Something Tuesday: Ebook vs. Paperback

  1. Anna Memphis

    Typically, if I’m buying a book, I want paper. However, if the book is $45 (the huge voluminous academic history ones I like to devour), and the eBook is only $10 at release — I’m no fool! I’m slooooowly growing my digital collection, but it will take a long time to catch up to 4.5 bookcases.

  2. While I do use a Kindle for a lot of my reading, especially ARCs, I still don’t find myself getting as lost in the story. I do feel this will change but as I have over 2000 print books on my TBR shelves it may be awhile. I also pass on all of the books as soon as I read them to PaperBackSwap or BookMooch. I too have a limit as to what I’ll pay for an ebook–nothing over $3. No way will I pay for an ebook what the print copy costs. Not gonna happen in this lifetime.

  3. Well to be honest I haven’t actually bought a kindle book in around a year? Maybe more…Almost everything on there is something I got for free, won, was gifted, or a review book. So on that point I’m more likely to buy a paper copy, I usually buy a book or two every two or three months.
    It’s actually a bit surprising how when you have no money you can still bring in way too many books, lol. What I prefer to read depends soley on my mood, some days I need the feel of real paper and other days I crave the speed and ease of my Kindle. If I had money to spend I’d follow the same spending guidelines you do…there is no way I’m putting out more than $6 on an electronic copy unless it’s something I have to have.

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  4. I will always love reading a print copy. Always. I love the smell of the paper, the feel of it in my hands, everything.

    But… I adore my Kindle paperwhite. It lets me get all those luscious e-ARCs from Netgalley, fabulous 99cents reads, as well as other ebooks that fit my budget. I’ve heard horror stories though of how can just retract your ability to read the books and suspend your account and that makes me sad. Smashwords is best if you want to make sure you can keep your books!

    Kindles take up a lot less room than paperbacks or hardcovers for traveling and are so much lighter, too! (I just moved. I know what I’m talking about with my 15 bins of books…and this is just the MOVEABLE storage. :O)

    I’d get hard copies of my favorite books along with my ebooks at this point!

  5. Well, I do prefer paperbacks to digital even though I own a kindle and have a number of ebooks loaded onto it. A large chunk of them have come to me via giveaways. None of them I’ve gotten around to reading due to the large amount of paperback I own.
    And I get most of my paper books through the hunting method cruising various secondhand shops for $1-3.

    Aldrea Alien recently posted: One, two, three ... four books?
  6. I’m the same, I read ebooks a lot faster than print books. I’ve been reading ebooks for about two years and it’s very comfortable for me, since I can read in dark too.
    I usually buy print copies that I know must be good or they’re from my favorite authors.
    My limit to ebooks usually is 6-7 USD, if it’s more then I consider better buying a print copy.

  7. Erica Pillera

    I still prefer print, I love knowing how much I have left to read by looking at the side and I love the feel in my hands and the covers in colour and I love being able to flip back to a page in the book if I have to go back.

    I also find that having been on a screen all day for work I really dont want to be reading on a screen for enjoyment in the off hours.

    Dont get me wrong I like my Kobo (but want a Kindle) and some books are a lot cheaper there is more room to store them and you do feel as if you have read them quicker. But I do get annoyed about pressing the screen to turn the page (which cracks me up when Im reading a paperback and pressingt he page to turn it) and there are no cool bookmarks to mark my spot and if I drop it, it can break and etc

  8. I used to be the same as you, although I still prefer actual books. I do love my Kindle, though, and I read a bit faster when it comes to ebooks too. πŸ™‚

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  9. Sam

    It always surprises me when ebooks are around the same price as paper copies. Or more expensive! That’s where I usually draw the line, though I do have to admit that I love ebooks now. Of course, if it’s a favourite book, I want a physical copy too, but I’m happy to carry my kindle around everywhere. And you’re right, it does hide the book hoarding pretty well. πŸ˜‰

  10. Amanda D

    I like my Nook but I prefer paper books. I enjoy going to the library and browsing for books. I never browse for ebooks. I am always searching for a particular book either to buy or at the library. I will only buy and ebook if it’s $1 or $2 and I like bargain bookstores for paper copies where I like to pay no more than $5. If I plan on adding the book to my personal library, I’ll pay a little more than that but I never buy brand new books.

  11. I love this subject!!! It is such a personal, quirky thing!!! I really am going to hate the day actual books are gone. My hubs and I argue about this almost constantly in the house. All his pbs are in tubs in the basement; mine are on shelves. I still buy mine in paper form b/c I’ll either find them cheaper than digital or the same price and I read paper faster than digital. Although working at the library now, I may re-think my buying. Like right now I’m waiting on Frost Burned by Briggs.

    Speaking of hardbacks, for those major series that I love, I’ll get them cheap pre-order b/c I feel like I collect them (I’ll go buy Frost Burned eventually) but with Ever After, I paid big bucks b/c I went to the signing so I supported the independent bookstore and the author πŸ™‚

    Oh, and talking to my co-workers, this is a whole other issue…

    jeez, I think I just wrote a post on your comments…. sorry!!!

    Kristin recently posted:
  12. Zino

    That was so me, I never ever thought I’d buy an ebook, I was so against the notion of kindles, nooks, iBookstore lol. But then all the novellas I wanted to buy were all digital and I was kinda jealous that ebooks were Then I bought my iPad and started to download books from the iBookstore and kindle app and I haven’t looked back. I still read paperbacks but my love for ebooks has definitely grown πŸ™‚

  13. I like both. ebooks can be so much more convenient, but I love physical books too! Sometimes I will buy the ebook when it’s on sale, or read it as an earc. then I’ll go out and buy it because I loved it so much, generally I’ll wait for it to go on sale though because I dislike paying full price for any books, regardless of format. When you buy the quantities of books that I do, it’s too expensive to buy everything full price!

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  14. I got a Kindle II when they first came out and have been hooked ever since. I too will only read a paperback if the book I want isn’t released in e-book form (and then sometimes I will just wait and see if it is later released this way) or if I get an ARC or review copy that way. I very seldom buy then and then when I do, once it is read I too either give it away or donate it. I just don’t have the room anymore for a ton of books on my shelf. I do have the H.P series and a few author signed books but for the most part that is about it (except for my children’s collection of books).

    I don’t think I have paid over $10.99 for a book, well, maybe I have but it is rare when I do for the most part. I never do for a new debut or author I am not familiar with just because that is a lot to spend on an unknown.

    kindlemom1 recently posted: Book Blast: Hunted by Ednah Walters
  15. Bea

    I use a similar monetary guideline with one exception; if an ebook is for work, I’ll buy over $10 if I can’t find a better price. I still enjoy reading print books but like you I find I read faster on my kindle. If I’ve started a series in print, then I continue with it in print. I have a few favorite authors where I try to acquire both the kindle and print versions. For review, I do prefer ebooks because it’s easy to take notes and highlight passages. I can’t bring myself to mark up print books. πŸ˜€

  16. Rita Wray

    I buy only print books. I like to hold a book in my hand and I like to put it in my bookcase when I’m finished reading it. I donate the books I know I’ll never read again. I don’t even own an e-reader.
    I guess I’m old-fashioned and a paper version is a real book.
    When they decide that there will be no more print books more people will be out of jobs.

  17. I knew we were soul sistas! I agree wholeheartedly. My husband looked at me the other night funny because I was actually reading a paperback and that is just because I didnt’ have the digital copy. I so prefer the ebooks these days. I like highlighting my quotes and all that. I won’t spend over 10.00 ever either. Heck I havent’ gotten the Kim Harrison either because I still haven’t read book 9. I am that behind. I am at least ahead of you on KH and started Trapped. Anyway thanks for weighing in!

  18. I’m the opposite of you, I have a REALLY hard time reading my books on my kindle. It takes me FOREVER to get through them. I have a kindle fire and I think looking at another screen is kind of hard for me. I have a lot of headaches too. But I just don’t enjoy the story near as much.
    I don’t hesitate much to buy anything under $3 if I’ve heard good things about the book. For that reason my kindle is overflowing with books I never get to. I will only spend over $3 if it’s a series I already love and the book isn’t in print. I won’t spend over $5 I don’t think. If I’m spending even $8 I’d much rather get it in paperback. I do share my books with about 30 other people though so they get read LOTS of times! That makes spending the money more worth it.

    Candace recently posted: Cassandra Clare Event Recap.
  19. I agree I would not buy an ebook over 10 backs. I have a hard time with buying one thats over $6 but if its a well known author, I will take the jump. My kindle fire also has me hooked because now I can enjoy the color of the beautiful covers that I love in the first place. Any book under $3 I’ll probably end up clicking for myself, but lately I been stopping myself because I have a lot of books now on my Kindle that I need to get through.

  20. I love my PB’s but since having my Fire, since last year, I’m getting more and more used to it and love it, also. Sometimes it seems the books I read on Kindle are read faster than on PB.

    Lisa recently posted:
  21. My first love will always be a physical copy but I adore my kindle too! I can take it anywhere and no one will know if I’m reading a steamy romance or a grotesque horror novel!
    I will never pay more than 6 dollars for an ebook unless I just have to have the book right then. It just doesn’t seem right to pay so much for something I can’t hold.
    If I love a series, I usually go ahead and buy the physical copy too. I want them on my bookshelf.

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