Tell Me Something Tuesday: Books That Frustrate Us

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This weeks question: What are some of the books that frustrated you so much after you completed reading them that you felt like hurling the book at the wall?


Okay, so I no longer set out to read books I know will get me worked up. I used to read a lot of non-fiction, especially political books. Now, I just want a nice, pleasant read.Β  But we all know that even a book we think is going to be a pleasant read can set us off. Everyone has those certain things that drive them crazy.


Honestly, I don’t mind cliffhangers, as long as it’s part of a series I plan on continuing. It does irritate me when I waste time on a book that I end up not liking and itΒ  ends with an open cliffhanger, because it was like there was no point in me reading it. I also don’t mind love-triangles. Well, usually I don’t. It depends on the characters and the situation.

Now, what does get my blood boiling? Abusive relationships that are romanticized. Manipulative, unhealthy relationships that are supposedly swoon-worthy, especially in YA. That enrages me like nothing else. A book that did this for me was A Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder. There was physical, mental, and emotional abuse that I couldn’t look past. You can read what I thought of it here. If I hadn’t read this as an eCopy, the book would not have survived.

13505645The other thing that gets under my skin is inconsistencies. They make me want to scream! I notice them in a lot of books, even well-known books I love. However, if they are very minor and it only happens once or maybe twice, then I can let it go. But there are books that I seriously have to wonder if the authors even re-read what they wrote. The most recent one that immediately pops in my head is Doomed by Tracy Deebs. There were so many. There are actually quite a few books, but I remember this one annoying me on a number of occasions.

You know what really irritates me, too, that falls under that category? Characters that lose their cars. Wtf is with that? Do you know how often this happens? Character A drives somewhere, then at some point gets in the car with character B or whatever, and then eventually Character A is being taken home without their car. Yet, the next day their car is in their driveway like nothing. It makes me want to punch the book.


There was another book I read not too long ago that I would have loved to hurl at the wall. The Weepers by Susanne Winnacker irritated me so bad. So many lame inconsistencies, stupid characters, and the first in a series. I was so mad that I wasted my time on this book, because no way was I going to read the next book. And if I saw someone refer to the creatures in the book as zombies one more time, I was going to flip. They were not zombie!

It’s probably a good thing I mostly read on my kindle. It saves the books from hitting the wall.


26 responses to “Tell Me Something Tuesday: Books That Frustrate Us

  1. I love this post for so many reasons, lol. Is it odd that I never even thought about Kerrick abusing her, but now that I do…it is a turn off. I didn’t enjoy that book as much as the second one though. I loath inconsistencies as well and I thought I was the only person who noticed when someone would leave their cars places…As for the Weepers I kept thinking of Morlocks from the Time Machine more than I thought of zombies.

  2. http://www.bookishrandomness.blogspot.comion, it’s a shame my laptop is still down or I would have posted about this, I have a few things in mind on what I don’t like in books- pointless and just love-triangles, cliffhangers, noticable plot holes and whiny heroines πŸ˜€
    I haven’t noticed any books with a character that looses its’ cars, but I have a feeling there were some πŸ˜€

    Maija recently posted:
  3. Hah! BOth cliffhangers and love triangles infuriate me to no end. I haven’t read any of Maria Snyder’s books, and for some reason, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t ike them. I HAVE tried reading The Other Life and I gave up pretty quickly.

    For me, the most infuriating thing in the world is when a character behaves one way at the beginning, and then completely changes course later in the series, turning into someone I barely recognize. A great example is the Paranormalcy series. I hated what Kiersten White did there. The first book was great, but the second and the third… I have no words.

    Maja (The Nocturnal Library) recently posted: Blog Tour Review: Why Can't I Be You by Allie Larkin
    • Christy

      Oh, you were much smarter than I was by giving up on The Other Life/Weeper/whatever the damn title is (even the title’s annoying). I don’t know why I didn’t give up.

      Hmm… I want to read the Paranormalcy series, and now I’ve even more curious!

    • Christy

      Seriously! It makes me wonder if the authors even notice, or if they don’t care and just think the reader won’t notice. Either way, it’s annoying. lol- Don’t worry, I love my kindle too much to hurt her. πŸ˜€

  4. Love this post. I haven’t read any of these. I have Doomed though. I know most people don’t like them, but I don’t mind them. As for abusive relationships, I myself was in for for a few years so reading them just make my blood boil so I normally try to avoid them. Cliffhangers make me want to throw the book. I think that is why I sometimes wait to when the next book is going to be out just in case.:D

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever

    • Christy

      Yeah, and I’m surprised at how often there are abusive relationships in YA books. Abuse isn’t always physical. It’s sad, really. And I think having a back ground with it, helps people like me and you recognize it for what it is.

  5. Great post! Without a doubt, my biggest pet peeve is when the “I Love Yous” come way too fast. I’m reading Shatter Me by T. Mafi right now, and it’s like, the childhood acquaintances reunited for a few days, then they’ve all of a sudden “been in love forever.” Grr.

    Mrs. ReaderPants recently posted: Review: Dare You To (McGarry)
    • Christy

      Yeah, that seems to be a big annoyance for a lot of people. I understand immediately being really attracted to someone and having chemistry, but it is annoying with they are so I’d-die-for-you kind of love after 2 days.. Blah.

      • they only reason I think they called them zombies because they became infected and ALMOST died. But it seemed like a biological weapon. The only thing I liked about it was the red pepper sauce idea. It was to, ya inconsistencies! UGH!~ They were called weepers because of the stuff that came out of their eyes.

        Kriss recently posted: Darkness … #Blogflash2013
  6. I love you Christy!

    I agree with a lot of the things that you mentioned. I know we were just talking about this the other day but now I can’t remember what else there was that I said always bothered me as well.
    I do hate a wishy washy character in love triangles. I hate it when they go from one person to the other and lead them both on. That is starting to grate on me a little. Other than that I can’t think of anything else!

    • Christy

      Ha! Oh yeah… it was suddenly releasing a breath they didn’t realize they were holding, and suddenly being hungry. I groan every time I read the breath thing, which is in pretty much every book!

  7. quimbayai

    I was just talking about this last week with my brother… The one series that makes me want to throw the book at the nearest wall hands down has to be The House of Night series by PC Cast… Thank god I stop buying the book around book three because that’s when everything goes down hill. The characters talk mostly in abbrev. like “OMG” or calls any soda “brown pop” and it gets worst with every book coming out. The fact that the series is all the way up to book 13 (I think?) and still haven’t killed or defeated the same crazy evil bad guy is driving me crazy!

    • Christy

      Okay, 13 books and still hasn’t done away with the bad guy? Can’t the author make more bad guys? Sheesh. Yeah, that would bug me, too.

  8. Dude! this post made me laugh my ass off. I never paid attention to the car losing thing in books, or I probably have and just don’t remember but I am like you I get annoyed at the small details being screwed up. At first I thought you were saying that you didn’t think it was possible to lose a car and I was going to tell you yes it is because this girl I worked with back in AZ got really drunk and she wasn’t sure how she got home or where she left her car and it took her all morning to track it down. I would like to see you punch a book. THanks for making me snicker today!

    Heidi recently posted: Tell Me Something Tuesday #6
    • Christy

      lol – yeah, it’s one of those things that I always notice and it makes me grit my teeth. It happened in First Grave on the Right and it bugged me. She drove her jeep to the crime scene, then from the crime scene she got a ride with that cop guy to the home of the sister, then from there she got a ride home from that cop with the ghost girl. So how did the jeep get home? Also in The Murmuring the chick drives to the guys house, then they take his car on a little day trip, when they are done he drives her home and leaves. The next morning her car is in the driveway when she goes to school. So… it found its own way home? Seriously, I could go on and on.

    • Christy

      Yeah, I decided not to even post a review for it, because all it would’ve been is a long rant about everything I hated about the book. It was just bad. There’s no way I could bring myself to read it again. lol

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