Silent Song by Ron C. Nieto (Guest Post)

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Happy Monday! Hope everyone’s week is starting of on a good note. Today I have a post to share with you by Ron C. Nieto, author of Silent Song. I ♥ this lady! So I hope you enjoy this post. And her book!


Title: Silent Song
Author: Ron C. Nieto
Published: June 22, 2012
Publisher: CreateSpace
Series: Ghostly Rhapsody #1


The princess of the school, Alice, is keeping a secret that could strip her of her high school fame. She is obsessed with the school’s outcast, Keith, but not just him – his music.

Since the inspiration for the song hit, Keith can’t get it out of his mind. The song must be played; it demands to be played. He knows the music is changing him, but he is unable to stop it.

Music has the ability to move you, enlighten you, and take you to places you have never dreamed of. And this particular piece? It has a life of its own and makes you forget who you really are.

As Keith and Alice learn of one another to the notes of that one perfect tune, they can overlook their roles and discover who they could be together. But they also discover someone else is listening and intends on keeping Keith to herself, possibly for an eternity.

Romance in Writing

If you’ve read some of my previous articles, you might know that my “early works” (the unpublished and unpublishable stuff that hides in a deep, dark drawer forever but that prepares us writer folks to produce something that can, in fact, be read) were epic fantasy. That’s a long, long shot from my genre of choice today: Ghostly Rhapsody is a YA paranormal romance with ghost stories thrown in and my future projects are also YA paranormal romance with “something”. It would seem I’ve done a 180, right?

Well… Not really. When you look at everything I’ve ever done, you find a thread that strings it together. That’d be romance, be it sweet or passionate or broken. Relationships are a big part of what I want to tell the world, I’ve realized. So, what’s the love story behind Silent Song?

There are great books of sweeping true love and impossible odds and fated souls out there. I read them, I enjoy them, I didn’t write them. What I wrote was (and here’s to hoping I succeeded and you agree) a story of simple love. A story of a normal boy who’s not shining and popular, who’d not deserve a second glance: you might have known the likes of him. It’s also the story of a normal girl, someone who has it easy in life but still struggles to do what is expected, to achieve a mirage of happiness that just seems proper: she might be familiar, right? They are not superheroes; they are just kids trying to find their way.

I feel there’s something extremely powerful in that situation. It’s strong enough that it pulled me away from swords and overarching sagas and made me sit down, write something entirely different, and publish it. Yep: not another straight-to-the-drawer tale, but something that needed to be shared. If I come across as sugarcoated… find forgiveness in your Valentine-infected hearts, please! But allow me to wax poetic about this—

Books shape us. You love reading; you know what I’m talking about. And, if I didn’t think I could touch someone with what I write, I’d not bother to share it. The fact is that reality becomes a mirror where we expect to see a reflection of our novels. Okay, perhaps we don’t expect our favorite hero to suddenly turn up in our doorstep, but we dream we’ll one day find a facsimile. And with so many larger-than-life characters out there… what happens to the small, beautiful details that can turn a moment into something magic? I wanted to claim that back. Hopefully, you’ll now allow yourself to look at your particular Keith and find that perfect soul in there, just like Alice did.

That said… Love is larger-than-life, you know. It is all-consuming, and breath-taking and marvelous. And the best thing? It is real, and you only have to allow yourself to look to find it. So, what are you waiting for?



Ron C. Nieto is a fantasy and romance author who has been writing in her secluded fortress for the longest time. Recently, she had a talk with her cat and decided that she should share her creations, because it was selfish to hoard them all for herself.

If you would like to know more about her, please visit her website.

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  1. Meghan Stith

    I like any. Contempory, historical, paranormal, fantasy, YA, NA… any!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    mestith at gmail dot com

  2. Josette Schaber

    Sounds like a great story. I enjoy reading all kinds of stories, so don’t really have one favorite. I tend to like paranormal romances, but read any genre really.

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