Doomed by Tracy Deebs

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Doomed by Tracy DeebsDoomed
Author: Tracy Deebs
Published by: Walker Children
Publication Date: January 8, 2013
Format: eARC
Pages: 480
Source: Publisher

Beat the game. Save the world.

Pandora's an average teen, glued to her cell phone and laptop, until the day her long-lost father sends her a link to a mysterious site featuring photos of her as a child. Curious, Pandora enters the site, unwittingly unleashing a global computer virus that plunges the whole world into panic: suddenly, there's no Internet. No cell phones. No traffic lights, hospitals or law enforcement. Only Pandora's Box, a virtual-reality game created by Pandora's father, remains up and running. Together with her neighbors, gorgeous stepbrothers Eli and Theo, Pandora must follow the photographs from her childhood in an attempt to beat the game and track down her father—and rescue the world. Part The Matrix, part retelling of the Pandora myth, Doomed has something for gaming fans, dystopian fans, and romance fans alike.

We are all Doomed!  I was excited to sign-up for the blog tour for this, because I was looking forward to reading Doomed anyway.  I mean, c’mon, who isn’t down for some good ol’ cybergeddon?  Admittedly, the relationship I had with this book wasn’t always smooth sailing, but I did ultimately like it.

Pandora’s dad has been out of her life since she was seven, and her corporate lawyer mother is cold and basically non-existent.  So when her dad sends her an e-mail on her 17th birthday, she can’t resist opening it despite the fact that her mom drilled it into her that he’s a bad man and not to communicate with him.  Should have listened to mommy, because daddy is all kinds of crazy.  Crazy pops manipulates Pandora into releasing a worm that attacks every technological feature and modern convenience known to man, causing humanity to completely breakdown.  She’s forced to play a game before time runs out… before there’s nothing left to save.

It isn’t only a virtual game she has to play – Pandora has to find the clues in the real world in order to level-up in the game.   Kind of like a really screwed up scavenger hunt.  At least she has two hottie stepbrothers to help her out.  At first it was a little weird how it felt like the reader was transported into the game when they played, but the shifts started to feel natural after awhile.  It’s hard to explain, but it’s pretty creative.

Pandora is a character I really liked, but still bothered me at times.  How could I not like a chick who is almost 6ft, smart, strong, voices her opinions, and loves Supernatural?  Like attracts like, right?  However, there were times when she wasn’t exactly my favorite person, and I had to wonder where that great girl went.   And the boys… oh boy.  Wish I would have had these two around when I was in high school.  Theo and Eli are stepbrothers and new in town, but they really don’t like each other.  They’re both tall, strong, and hot!  Theo is a genius hacker, who manages to be both preppy and brooding.  Eli is a swoony playboy, but comes across as a little immature at times  The three of them together make for some funny and intense moments.  Is it a love triangle?  Eh, I wouldn’t totally label it as that, so I think it would be okay for those who despise them.

Doomed also had a lot of action.  I love when a book keeps it exciting, but it wore on me at times with this one.  It sort of took  away some of the excitement, because it got to where one thing after another kept happening.  Actually, I could have really done without the whole biker gang scene for a lot of reasons.  Also, I know why the story needed to have Pandora and the boys out on their own, but it rubbed me the wrong way how the government officials were portrayed right from the start.

Despite those issues and some minor inconsistencies, the book was fun, overall.


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  1. Doomed sounds fun!! I like the “gaming” aspect b/c it seems like I’m living in games right now with my son’s Skylanders and my hub’s Borderlands. It’s all about leveling up and such (I’m so not coordinated enough to play but I can talk it). I’m partial to hackers, too 🙂

    I wouldn’t have heard of this one if not for you – thanks for hosting and sharing!!!

    Kristin recently posted:
  2. I am back did you miss me?? PPandoraa must be a pretty messed up chaaracter if liike attractss like….ddnag it your blog is aall jacked annd my commnet is ccoming outt weird.. It is like llocking up and superr slow and thhen it is repeating lettters. WWell iit figures Anyway this sounds llike a coool bbook! II am doine ttyeping beecause this is ttoo messed up

  3. Great review Christy. Despite the few flaws you found with this, it still sounds like something I think I’d be interested in.

    Suzanne recently posted:
  4. Gee, thanks Dad, a postcard would have been just as good, right? I know it shows how old I am, but it also sounds a little WarGames with Matthew Broderick who I’m sure has a hotness factor of 0 against Pandora’s stepbrothers. 😀

    ^^ My goodness, what happened to Heidi? lol ^^

    Barbara recently posted: Cover Reveal: Raksha by Frankie Rose
  5. pc

    I’ve been hearing reviews about your book and it sounds awesome! Congrats and thanks for the giveaway chance!
    have a super 2013!

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