Charade Read-Along: Week #3

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It’s the 3nd week of the Charade read-along!

Don’t read this post if you haven’t read Masquerade or Charade yet.
It contains spoilers!

You really should read them, though.

Charade Read Along Schedule

November 5thhosted by Jennifer @ Some like it Paranormal – Ch. 1-6

November 12th hosted by Christy @ Love of Books – Ch. 7-13

November 19th hosted by Heidi @ Rainy Day Ramblings – Ch. 14-20

November 26th hosted by Veronica @ Mostly Reviews – Ch. 21-24

November 30th – hosted by Cambria Hebert. Final post, Giveaway winners announced and Tirade Release celebration!!!


Chapters 14-20

1. In these chapters the characters go to Italy. Where is one place you would like to travel that you haven’t been?

Pfft… anywhere and everywhere I haven’t already been.  I can’t pick just one.  Okay, if I had to pick a place to go right now it would be Norway.  I want to go see where my great grandparents were born and the family that are there now.  Actually, I’d want to go during the warmest part of the year.  I may have Scandinavian blood, but I hate the cold.

2. Where is your favorite place that you have traveled to?

I used to go with my grandparents up to the Washington State Trap Shoot every summer, and I would spend the entire week riding horses all through the forest trails. There was a beautiful waterfall surrounded by all the green trees.  It was beyond gorgeous!  I just loved it there.  Man, wish I had pictures from those days.

3. Kimber betrays Heven in these chapters. Do you think that Heven should get even or just write Kimber off? What would you do?

Okay, I’m still holding out hope for Kimber.  I know she’s jealous, hurt, and confused… plus insecure, but I’m hoping she’ll pull out of it eventually and show a lot of growth.  She’s just one of those characters that I like to root for.  And Heven shouldn’t completely write her off just yet… Kimber could be a source of help to getting the scroll back. I’m not saying to totally forgive and trust her, but I’d keep her just close enough.

4. Gemma and Cole seem to be attracted to each other but don’t really want to admit it. Have you ever had a crush you never told anyone about?

I’m sure I did when I was a lot younger, but don’t really remember anyone specific.  If they were someone I had a big crush on, then  I usually let it be known.  But my close friends always knew who my crushes were.

5. Who is your favorite character in this series so far and why?

I’m liking Gemma right now…. and Cole.  I like Gemma and Cole together, but how old is Gemma supposed to be?



5 responses to “Charade Read-Along: Week #3

  1. I want to travel everywhere as well! My mom is dying to go to Norway because she does family tree and found out a lot about our family history in Norway. I hate the cold as well. Horse back riding in such great scenery is always fun! I like to go on the beach. I’d probably write Kimber off but she should maybe keep her around until they get the scroll back. I let my crushes be known a lot more now than when I was younger. But still I like to play sly and get them to come to me! I love Cole!

    Jennifer recently posted: Charade Read~Along Week 3
  2. I love all the love Gemma and Cole are getting. Noted. More will be revealed about Gemma in her novella, Beneath. 🙂
    Norway would be an awesome place to visit! You don’t like the cold?! I can understand that. I actually prefer the cold over the heat, the heat it intolerable to me. I lived in the AC when we lived in the south, lol.
    Loved your answers this week! thanks for participating!

    cambria recently posted: Charade Read Along Week Three!

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