Cornerstone by Misty Provencher

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Cornerstone by Misty ProvencherCornerstone
Author: Misty Provencher
Series: The Cornerstone #1
Publication Date: November 7, 2011
Format: eBook
Pages: 230
Source: Purchased

Nalena Maxwell has been branded ‘The Waste’ at her new school, due to her mom's obsessive paper hoarding. Nalena desperately wants something to change in her life, but when she receives a sign (and it's the wrong dang one) inviting her into a mysterious, ancient community, too much changes. What she knew of her family, what she thought of her life and what she believed about her future, is no longer applicable. Seventeen years worth of family skeletons come crashing into Nalena's life and it is the boy...the one that smiles at her like he wants to hear everything she'll ever say...that already knows her powerful secrets. But it is only Nalena that can choose between protecting the life that is already crumbling beneath her feet and the one that might sacrifice everything she could ever have. (less)

Okay, I’m going to be completely honest…. I would have totally passed on Cornerstone had it not been the invite to join the read-along.  I read a couple of great reviews, but I just couldn’t get completely excited about it.  I figured the read-along would be a good way to get through it, since I would only need to read a few chapters per week.  The thing is, it turned out to be extremely hard to stop reading only the weekly chapters.  I wasn’t expecting Cornerstone to be so good!

When I started Cornerstone, I really didn’t know where it was going to take me.  It starts out with Nalena carrying home a ream of paper for her mom, Evangeline, who has a serious hoarding problem.  While reading Nalena explain their situation, I was starting to not like her mom all that much.  However, as the story went on, and there was more interaction between them, I ended up really liking their relationship.  I didn’t always agree with how Nalena’s mom did or didn’t do things, but it was nice to see the kind of bond they had in a YA book.  And turns out, there’s a lot more to all the paper than just hoarding.  Evangeline constantly starts a story, but never finishes them, not even when Nalena begs her to.

Things take a dramatic turn when Nalena is attacked one night in the woods by a super creep.  Her world is completely flipped after that, some for the better, and some not so good.  The story that unfolds is pretty interesting.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the direction it started to go in, but it was actually a lot better than I thought was going to happen.  There were some twists and surprises, which made it even better.

As for Nalena, I really liked her, especially after all the crap she had to put up with. The only thing that kind of bothered me was how she’d be so quick to jump to conclusions when Garrett would say something that she took the wrong way.  But, she is a teenager, so I guess it could be fitting.  Speaking of Mr. Hottie of All Hotties, Garrett, his character was so cool and calm, yet intense and sweet.  A lot of times I don’t much care for the male roles in YA books, because they’re too brooding and intense, and I’m fairly picky when it comes to stuff like that.  Garrett, though, was a great guy all around, and I loved the way he handled things, especially with Nalena.

Cornerstone was very easy to get into, and the author has that writing style that makes the book seem to go by super quick, yet it doesn’t feel rushed.   In fact, she did a great job at actually making me feel the different emotions Nalena went through.  There were, however, a few things I would’ve liked clarified a little better, and certain things answered.  They are somewhat minor, that will hopefully be explored in the next book.

Overall, Cornerstone was a pleasant surprise that I’m glad to have read.  I definitely recommend this book, especially if you want a quick YA paranormal romance.  The second book, Keystone, is already available, so I hope to read it soon.


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  1. The read-a-long was driving me crazy! I saw it everywhere and that people were loving the book but I was too busy to join in or pick it up on my own. I’m going to have to make time this winter, I think.

    Great review, I’m so glad it turned out well for you. These things don’t always. lol

    Barbara recently posted: Ironskin (Ironskin #1)
    • Christy

      LOL – you should’ve joined, because the book is a very quick read. Seriously, you really should try this book.

  2. I am SO SO SO glad you gave this one a shot! I think a lot of people have felt the same way you did, just not too excited about it. But slowly more are picking it up and finding out that it is AMAZING! And I agree, Garrett is perfect because he’s not brooding and dark. I like that he just kind of takes things in stride, especially in the beginning with Nali. He really was a fabulous character. I’m just so excited you finally read this!!! Now let’s go convince MORE people to read it!

  3. Oh no and oh yay! Christy, can you give me more feedback of what turned you off to it initially? It would help me incredibly to know! But I’m so glad you decided to give it a try after all and that it was a pleasant surprise! So many people have come back to say that they enjoyed Keystone even more, so I certainly hope you have the same reaction! Thank you for the wonderful review- I appreciate your honesty more than you know!

    Misty Provencher recently posted: Review of SLAMMED by Colleen Hoover
    • Christy

      I’m looking forward to Keystone.

      I don’t think it was anything big, and it wasn’t that I was put off by it… I just couldn’t get excited for it at the time. I read Heidi and Candace’s reviews and thought it sounded really good – I trust their opinions, but I didn’t feel compelled to take the next step. But this is definitely one of those books that deserves MUCH more attention and hype.

  4. Thank you so much, Christy. I wish you could help me put a finger on what didn’t motivate you so I could fix it! If it was just one of those things, well then, I suppose reviews like yours will help others to take a look. I hope they do and I deeply appreciate the help you’ve given in letting them know. Thank you so very much again for your help and support!

    Misty Provencher recently posted: Review of SLAMMED by Colleen Hoover
  5. I love that this book took you by surprise and it was so easy to get into. I have heard great things about this one and I am going to have to move it up my list. I can’t wait to get started! What an awesome review!

    Jessica recently posted: A Skeleton at the Ball?
    • Christy

      I think it really does take you by surprise. I’m glad you’ll try it, because this book deserves more attention.

  6. I’m the exact same! I have seen this book all over the place lately but I have just not gotten into it. I have no idea why, but I was still hesitant even though I saw so many great reviews. But you know what, your review has officially made want to read it.

    To see you felt the same way about it before and you enjoyed it is good enough for me. Officially added to my TBR

    Thanks Christy 🙂

  7. I admit I am the same. The books sounds totally weird! Like not sure if I will like it but I have read a ton of good reviews so I will give it a try sometime. The paper thing makes it sound like a story about a dysfunctional family but then it takes some kind of paranormal twist. Not sure how that will work out but I guess I’ll just have to try it one of these days.

    Jennifer Messerschmidt recently posted:
    • Christy

      I bet this book would totally surprise you, Jennifer. The paper thing turns out to be something much more than just hoarding. And I guarantee that you will love Garrett. 😉 Try it, it’s a super quick read that I’m 99.9% sure you’ll enjoy it.

  8. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday, Dear one-of-my-favorite-book-buddies-who-loves-post-apocalyptic-books-as-much-as-I-doooooooo. Happy Birthday to YOU! <3

    Awesome review, love! I have passed on this one a few times, but the read-along piqued my interest, and your review convinced me. So happy you enjoyed this one!

    Cheles Bells recently posted: Shadows (Lux #0.5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout
  9. Becky

    This premise sounds really interesting. Hoarding and a secret society is never a combo I’d think of together. Your review and the cool cover made me add this to my tbr list, though.

    Becky recently posted:

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