Cornerstone Read-Along: Week #4 Final

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This was the 4th and final week of the Cornerstone read-along, and it was a really good book!  The book is only $0.99 right now, so you should get it!

DON’T read this post if you’re planning on reading this book.  There are major SPOILERS!




1.  At the party Jen’s true colors seem to re-emerge. Did you buy Jen’s earlier apology and feel that she was genuinely sorry for the way she treated Nali or did you suspect all along that she was being false? Do you think Jen had an ulterior motive for inviting Nali (and Garrett) to her party? Was it a good idea for Nali to attend the party in the end?

Pfft… of course I didn’t buy it.  I’m sure she wanted to get her claws into Garrett and humiliate Nali.  Maybe she’s part of the Fury’s community and was part of the set-up to get them away from the house and family. Well, no, it didn’t end up being a good idea to attend, but it could have been.  I was really hoping Nali would go all Contego on Jen’s ass.

2.  When Nali discovers her father holding her mother at gunpoint he tells her that he only wants to be a family again. He also tells Nali that her mind has been poisoned against him by her mother.  Did you believe there was any truth to his words or that his feelings towards Nali were sincere at all? Do you think there is any truth to Roger’s claims of the Ianua being controlling?

I don’t think her mind was poisoned.  Her mom never said anything bad about him while Nali grew up, she even kept a portrait of him.  Her mom didn’t say anything negative about the psycho until he attacked Nali in the woods, made threats, etc.  I think his feelings were out of pure selfishness.  I’m sure he sincerely wanted to kill her.  Seems like he’s the controlling one.

 3.  When Nali drops the Cornerstone in exchange for the release of her mother, it distracts Roger and Nali’s mom attempts to escape. After a struggle Evangeline is shot and killed by Roger. Do you think Evangeline intentionally sacrificed herself? Were you surprised when Roger took his own life afterwards instead of returning to the Fury with Nali? What does Roger’s suicide say about his character?

Yeah, that was one part I wasn’t sure about.

4.  After Nali’s mom is killed, she returns as Nali’s new connection replacing Grace. Did this surprise you? Do you think it “was meant to be” as Nali’s mother says?

My first thought was that it might get awkward.  Won’t her mom be able to see everything Nali does? I don’t know, seems a little weird, yet really nice.  Annnnd… Her mom said Grace was going to save them all. If that was meant to be while she was Nali’s guardian, it didn’t seem like she did much.. at least not to say that she “saved them all.”  OR, since she is supposed to be born soon, does it mean she’s going to save them all in the future?

5.  When Nali regains consciousness she learns from the Addo that in addition to losing her own parents, all the other Addo’s have been killed as well as Garrett’s father. Were you surprised that all these characters were killed off by the end of the book?

I was expecting something big with the Addo’s, but I didn’t see Evangeline and Basil coming.  That was sad

6.  Nali must decide whether to pick the Cornerstone back up and start the imprinting process again (which will be extremely painful and possibly life threatening) or she can choose to walk away and have a Simple life. Nali decides to pick the stone back up and become Contego. Why do you think she made this decision? Was it for vengenace? Was it for Garrett? Or do you think there is another reason? Would you have made the same decision if you had been in Nali’s place?

I think it was for a lot of different reasons.  Vengeance, Garrett, for herself, to keep the connection with her mom.. she doesn’t have anyone else.  Yes, I would’ve made the same decision.  What does she have to lose?  Might as well fight and protect the others.


6 responses to “Cornerstone Read-Along: Week #4 Final

  1. Go all Contego on her ass…now that is food for thought right? So I had a hard time answering the question about Roger because I have new insight after reading Keystone and it totally influenced my answer. Geez did you have to hurt me head with all that Grace stuff? Too many questions! I am glad you were on board for this one. How is your arm can you flip me off using obscene arm gestures?

    • Christy

      I still have MORE questions about Grace! If Nali’s mom writes down people who died, and she wrote that “Grace, one, saves us all”… does that mean she died at age one? But when Nali met Grace, they were saying how they age backwards or something to be reborn, so was Grace really older when she died? It’s these types of questions that haunt me! lol

      Guess what gesture I’m making now. 😀

  2. Yeah, that party scene was a little too short for my taste! I wanted a smack down of epic proportions to go down, too!! “contego on Jen’s ass”… nice!!!

    I never caught that Roger killed himself, either. I kind of wrote that off with someone else coming in and gunning him down. And I forgot about Grace saving them all – what’s up with that??? Did you read Keystone yet?? I did… Hmmmmm….

    Yep, Misty better write pretty darn fast!!! She’s got some cleaning up to do!!!!

    I thanked you, rather nastily I might add, on my blog post so I won’t do it again. You rock, though!!!

    Kristin recently posted: Cornerstone Read-Along Week 4
  3. Yeah exactly, what does she have to lose? If she chose not to then she’d just feel more alone.
    I somehow missed that bit with Grace being suppose to save them all. Hmm…
    And I didn’t understand that Roger killed himself either, that must have been cleared up later. It’s hard since I’ve read both books.

    Candace recently posted: Cornerstone Read-Along- Final Week

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