Cornerstone Read-Along: Week #2

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Well, it’s the 2nd week of the Cornerstone read-along, and it is so hard for me to stop reading each week.  This is a really good book!  You can still join if you want!  And the book is only $0.99 right now.  Joooooiiin us!





Chapters 6 – 10

1.   At the start of Chapter 6, Nalena follows Garrett in pursuit of the man who attacked her in the woods.  She has a semi-out-of-body-experience, running faster than she should be able to, with the ground passing beneath her in “a dirty blur”.  Her feeling of fear is what jerks her back into herself and trips her up.  What do you think of her new abilities and what limitations might they present?

Well, at this point I’m not even sure what her ability is.  I guess running and moving really fast?  Maybe she’s The Flash, or something.  lol

2.   After Nalena loses Garrett in the pursuit, Nalena and her mother end up at Garrett’s house to let his parents know what has happened.  We meet the rest of the Reese family, including Garrett’s oldest brother and carbon copy, Sean, and Garrett’s youngest sibling and only sister, Iris.   Sean and Iris remain at the house while the rest go to search for Garrett.  Why do you think they were the ones left behind?  Anything odd in their conversation that could give us clues as to what is going on?

I’m guessing Iris is a little too young to go off fighting strange masked men in the forest, and maybe Sean doesn’t have the same kind of ability as the rest of the family.

3.  Chapter 7- Um, WHY do you think he didn’t kiss her???  If you were in Nali’s shoes, would you have forced the kiss to happen?

Maybe because everyone is right upstairs, they don’t even know each other very well, he’s a gentlemen, or who knows.  I’m glad he didn’t.  Haha, would I have forced him?  Sure, I would’ve jumped on him and pinned him down.  No, actually I would’ve been pissed that he put his feet up right next to my arm while I have my food in my lap!  Seriously, I would’ve moved.  I don’t care how hot he is, don’t put your feet within inches of my food.  lol

4.  In Chapter 7, Evangeline drops it like it’s hot and explains her past, what the Ianua is and why she’s kept Nalena from it all.  At this point, if you could have a broader view of the world Nalena is entering into, what would you envision or assume it to be like?  Would you be frightened or intrigued?

Definitely intrigued, and a little annoyed at being kept in the dark.  As of now, I picture it as a community that is connected no matter where they are.

5.  Regina and Jen visit Nalena in the school bathroom with a whooping in mind.  Does it bother you that they are cheerleaders?  What if Jen had been a random, unpopular girl?  Would the scene have the same impact for you?

Um, no.  A bitch is a bitch.  The cheerleaders I’ve known have been really sweet, and there are bullies in any group.  To be honest, I’m over the whole bitchy cheerleading stereotype. When Jen and Regina are in a scene, the fact that they’re cheerleaders has no impact on my desire to punch them in the face.

6. Chapter 10, the Reese boys reveal that Nalena being a Contego means that there is a Cusp coming.  If you were to define the Cusp, what do you think it would be?  Would it be a singular event or a series of them? Why do you think Evangeline takes it so hard that her daughter is not Alo?

I guess it just means a big change.  It could be one event, but one event will always have an impact on lots of different things.  Evangeline probably would rather not have her daughter be a “warrior.”  I’m sure being a Contego is more dangerous than an Alo, and maybe she expected Nalena to continue the Alo role.


7 responses to “Cornerstone Read-Along: Week #2

  1. Boy I just barely got my post done tonight…long busy birthday day! A bitch is a bitch…yep so tired of the mean girl theme. The Flash loved it! Geez I will make sure not to come between you and your food might get my arm bitten off. I was too,damn lazy to do pics with my post…..

    Heidi recently posted: Cornerstone Read Along Week #2
    • Christy

      I did my post this evening. No birthday party, I was just lazy.

      Just don’t put your feet near my food, and we’ll be all good. lol

  2. ROFLMAO!!! ok, I had the same answers up until #3 where you left the room due to feet next to food – I totally forgot he did that!! How Rude!!! I would’ve moved, too!! UGH!! I can’t stand it when I do it to someone else on accident – you know feet up on the coffee table when they’re trying to eat off of it.

    And I’m kind of getting pissed at Evangeline for not telling Nali EVERYTHING!!! This is her life, too.

    I owe you for this awesome read… I have no clue how, but I owe you 🙂

    Kristin recently posted:
    • Christy

      *rubs hands together menacingly* oh, I’m sure I could think of some way for you to repay me. 😀

      Haha.. when she mentioned where his feet were, that’s all I could focus on.

  3. I forgot about the feet next to the food. I guess that didn’t register, but yeah, I would have probably glared and asked him to move his feet.
    At my school the cheerleaders were usually nice and they weren’t the ‘popular’ girls most of the time either. I do like the mean girl theme cause it gets my blood boiling though.
    Kind of hard questions this week. I had trouble coming up with answers. But I thought maybe it was because I already know everything that happens and I don’t want to spoil it.

    • Christy

      Honestly, I don’t remember there being “popular” kids, just different groups. And of course, there were certain people in a group that didn’t like other people, but had nothing to do with popularity.

      Well, I’m reading the book week to week, and these were kind of hard questions for me. I didn’t really know the answers..

  4. Oh Good Answers!!! And love the pictures!!

    I am so with you about the feet near my food! I don’t care who you are, especially after you’ve been running through the woods chasing bad guys. Are you wearing socks? BAREFOOT? GROSS! I would have moved or better yet told him to move. But then she’s not used to the attention so I guess anything, even feet, is acceptable to her. Not me! I’d rather be lonely!

    Heather recently posted: Cornerstone Read-Along Week 2 Ch 6-10

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