Cornerstone Read-Along: Week #1

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Woo hoo… it’s the first week of the Cornerstone read-along, and it is REALLY good so far.  You can still join if you want!  And the book is only $0.99 right now.  Joooooiiin us!



Chapters 1-5

1.)  Right away we learn a bit about the fact that Nalena has to buy massive amounts of paper for her mom and that her mother is a bit of a paper hoarder.  What was your initial reaction to this?  Do you think there might be more to her mother’s paper obsession?  What do you think it is that she’s writing down, is she really just a crazy lady that has a compulsion to create characters and plot details?

My initial reaction was “I would so not buy her anymore paper.”  I’m kind of a hardass when it comes to enabling.  But then as I got more insight to Nali and her mom’s relationship, I understood more why she did.  I really like their relationship so far.  It’s not exactly healthy living conditions, but the way they communicate is nice.  I wasn’t sure what to think at first, because I didn’t know what exactly she was writing.  Once Nali read some of what she wrote, then it made me wonder.  I have my suspicions of why she’s writing that, but not a 100% yet.


2.)  We meet Garrett.  Okay, breathe for a moment… Now we meet him and we see him through Nali’s eyes and she’s very wary at first, despite his good looks (or because of it).  But he seems so genuine, and he says he understands her mother’s paper hoarding.  And then he saves her from the crazy person in the woods.  And then makes her hand and arm feel better. What are your thoughts about Garrett so far?

I would be extremely wary of him and his motives at first too, if I were her.   Then again, I’m like that towards most people. lol.  I actually really like how she thinks about the different angles he could be working at, because I do that.  Obviously something more is going on with Garrett though, so we’ll see.  He seems like he’s genuine.


3.) We meet Cora and Nali describes her as a bit of a fair-weather friend.  Only showing up when it’s convenient and never really being a true friend.  Have you ever had a fair-weather friend?  How did it make you feel?

Hmm… I’ve had friends that turned out to be crappy people, but can’t think of any that would be considered fair-weathered.


4.) Nali is teased and called The Waste at school because of her mother’s paper hoarding.  She’s constantly made fun of and put down.  Do you think you would be brave enough to stand up for yourself?  And if you were to see someone being teased would you jump in and stand up for them?

Yes, absolutely.  I have always done that since I was young.  I remember having a neighbor who was just a couple years younger than me – I was maybe 11 or 12.  Some people down the road called her the “N word,” and I was livid when she came back crying and told me!  I stomped down there and confronted about 4 – 5 adults who were all sitting around drinking, telling them they were disgusting people and they should be ashamed of themselves.  I’ve always been a protector, and have had many confrontations because of it.  I even felt protective of Nali and wanted to punch Regina in the face.


5.)  When Regina is picking on Nali in class she suddenly feels these rings go around her body and then seems to step outside of it.  Later when she’s attacked she seems to have a sort of super speed that helps her dodge blows.  Do you have any idea what might be going on?  If you could have any ability what ability what you choose?

I don’t know what exactly it going on, but certain things that have been said kind of point in one direction.  As for me having an ability…. time travel!

I’m really liking the writing so far, and had to forcibly stop myself from reading on.




4 responses to “Cornerstone Read-Along: Week #1

  1. I totally had to stop myself from reading on, too!!! Thanks for telling me about this read-along – you’re right! It’s not that hard to juggle 2 books. Any more and I may have issues 🙂

    I admire you so much for what you did for your neighbor when you were young!! Your parents must have raised you right, or you just ended up brilliant on your own!! I wish more kids knew what to do in that situation and had the cajones to stand up to grown-ups. Although it might not have been the smartest moment of your life… 😀

    My answers are going up at 3am – they’re scheduled. So don’t go looking for them yet 😉

  2. Good for you for standing up for your neighbor! I do think it’s easier for me to stand up for others before myself, but even then I’m kind of a chicken. Once I’m furious enough though I’ll totally blow up!
    I remember being SO curious about the paper hoarding thing. It was really weird cause I felt like there had to be more to it, but I just wasn’t sure what that could be.
    I’m SO glad you are participating in the read-along and that you got Kristin to join in too!

    Candace recently posted: Cornerstone Read-Along Week One
  3. Yeah the paper hoarding was startling at first and I was like you, i thought she should quit enabling her before the damn house burned down. Oh friends who were crappy people, that is a new one. Crappy People…like the sound of that, Girl I would have paid money to see you stomp down the street and tell of some drunk adults. Big props to you! Time Travel, just don’t be messing up the space continum!

    Heidi recently posted: Back to Bataan by Jerome Charyn
  4. I don’t know if I could tell my mom no on the paper if she’d been doing it all my life. I know Nali is 17 but her mom seems to have a purpose. I couldn’t tell my mom no today and she’s 87!

    I’m not sure I stuck up for people the way you did at that age. When I was little I stuck up for myself more than I do now. But too many punches tend to wear you down. I couldn’t believe what Nali called Regina! That was really funny and deserved.


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