First Grave on the Right Read-Along: Week #3

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This is the 3rd week of the First Grave on the Right read-along, and I’m still loving it.  Don’t forget that Darynda will be joining us for a Q&A at the end of the RAL, and there are prizes!  And if you (read-along participant or not) have any questions you would like Darynda to answer for the Q&A, then ask away.  Heidi will put them together for Darynda, so here’s your chance to have your questions answered.

This weeks link -up is over at In the Closet with a Bibliophile.  And questions for week three will be over at Rainy Day Ramblings.

  1st Wk – 8/2 Love of Books ~ Ch 1-5
2nd Wk – 8/9  Babbling About Books and Stuff ~ Ch 6-10
3rd Wk – 8/16  In the Closet With a Bibliophile ~ Ch 11- 15
4th Wk – 8/23  Rainy Day Ramblings ~ Ch 16-21
5th Wk – 8/30 Darynda Jones Q&A + winners announcement


1. I do have a soft spot for Charley’s Aunt Lilian. She is sweet and soft while somehow also being a little dirty and I find that hilarious in an aunt. Do you have any relatives dead or alive that remind you of Aunt Lillian? If not, tell me about your favorite deceased relative. 

Hmm…. The relative that is probably most like Lillian would be one of my aunts.  She’s only ten years older than me, but she’s a crack-up.  My favorite deceased relative is my grandma.  She was full of awesome, no doubt about it.  She always did stuff she didn’t want to just to make me happy.  Like when she’d go horseback riding with me on the beach when I was younger, even though she was not into riding at all.  Or sit out by the pool and watch me dive a million times and continuously time how long I could hold my breath.  Oh!  Also listen to my New Kids on the Block tape literally nonstop all the way from central CA to northern WA.  It wasn’t until I had my own child that I truly understood how freaking annoying I was.  lol

2.  In these chapters, we get a little closer to Reyes and his secrets. Neil, the warden at the prison where Reyes is currently incarcerated – and a high school mate of Charley’s – tells a story about how Reyes ended up in the Coma and something he witnessed. What do you think of the story? What does this lead you to think about Reyes?

Well it makes sense now, I didn’t even consider that Reyes could be in a coma.  I think it shows that Reyes The Big Bad IS bad, but definitely good in a way too.

3.  One of the things I love most about Ubie and Charley’s relationship is that Ubie aka Uncle Bob has absolute faith in our Charley. Maybe it’s because Charley’s been solving murder cases for ages and Ubie knows that Charley knows things. If you could pick a super power, which one would you choose? Seeing the dead? Invisibility?

 Time travel or teleporting for sure.  I’d be cool with either one.  Oh all the shenanigans I would cause….

4.  Okay, in my opinion, there is nothing better than walking into your living room and seeing the god-like creature  of your dreams standing there waiting for you. If you were in Charley’s shoes, who would be standing in your living room??

 Seth MacFarlane. *swoon* I think he is beyond cute.  He has certain facial features that make me feel all melty.  Not to mention he’s smart and funny as hell.  People usually think I’m weird when I pick him for stuff like this, but he’s what I like.

5.  We get a surprise visit from Rosie’s husband and we find out some information about Reyes…that he and The Big Bad are the same guy. What are your thoughts? Were you surprised about Rosie’s husband or did you feel that one coming? What about Bad Reyes, had you already made the connection?

I saw something bad with Rosie’s husband coming. Though it’s interesting that Reyes doesn’t actually kill the people that are harming Charley.  Yeah, it was obvious that Reyes and Bad were the same, but I’m still not sure exactly what he is and why he freaks Rocket, Angel, and everyone else out.  I want Charley to ask aunt Lillian about him.



9 responses to “First Grave on the Right Read-Along: Week #3

  1. I think actually think I like Seth, too, but it’s more the voice coming out him and his wit ~ he’s pretty damn intelligent, huh??? Like, genius! Unfortunately, I keep seeing Bobby Brady when I see him ~ stupid growing up with the Brady Bunch on tv did it to me!!!

    I was just coasting thru and thought I’d comment!! 🙂 Great read-a-long!! Wish I didn’t have so much due for reviews so I could have joined in!!!

  2. Oh oh ah oh The Right Stuff…Your polr Grandma! I never got the whole NKOTB but they came out when I was fifteen and I was too mature for them 🙂 Someday you will have a grandchild and you will have to do all that stuff with them. You people think you are weird cause maybe you are! Ha ha ! I love ya!

  3. Chelsea

    Love the answers, I hope i am that fun Aunt some day when my nephew is a bit older, he is only 3. I used to have a NKOTB pillow *sigh* 🙂

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