Masquerade Read-Along: Week 3

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During the month of April, a bunch of us will be reading Masquerade by Cambria Hebert.  There will be about five questions each week to correlate with the chapters we read.  Everyone is welcome to join in at any time.
Read Along Schedule
April 5th – Chapters 1-8 – hosted by Stephanie at Five Alarm book Reviews
April 12th – Chapters 8-16 – hosted by Candace at Candace’s Book Blog
April 19th– Chapters 16-24 –hosted by Heidi at Rainy Day Ramblings
April 26th Chapters 24-31 – hosted by Veronica at Mostly Reviews
May 3rd – Announcement of Giveaway Winners – hosted by the author – Cambria Hebert

Chapters 16-24 Discussion Questions
1. Heven’s mother has definite ideas about Heven and her scars – what they mean – and their relationship is strained. Do you think their relationship can be saved?
Her mom is a beeotch.  Seriously, she disgusts me at this point.  Her personality would have to do a whole lot of changing for me to even like her in the slightest.
2. Sam tells Heven about how he came to be living on his own, how his parents kicked him out after he became what he is. He doesn’t seem angry though, he seems to accept it. Would you be angry? Do you think he should be?
I’m sure it hurts him, but he doesn’t whine and do the poor-pitiful-me thing.  I actually like that. I would be angry to a point, but not to where the anger impacted my life.  And yes, I speak from personal experience.
3. During these chapters, Heven and Sam visit the Inbetween and meet Airis (aka The Hope). Were you surprised by this series of events? Do you think a place like the InBetween really exists?
No, not surprised.  I mean, Hope was obviously something/someone like that, so I kind of expected something.  I figured something was up with Heven too.
4. When Heven’s scars are no longer a part of her and she says “she no longer recognizes herself” – do you think that the absence of her scar will change her once more?
Hopefully she’ll become more confident as an individual.
5. Gran is very accepting of Heven and of Sam. Do you think that she understands more – knows more than she lets on about Heven’s life or do you think her love is just unconditional?
Well, I read to chapter 24, and as of now, I didn’t see much of a reaction.  The story abruptly jumped from the hospital to Heven’s room, so there wasn’t much of Gran’s thoughts on it.  Did she even say anything about Heven’s face besides noticing it?  Maybe I’ll get more on Gram’s position in chapter 24.
Also, Sam could have flat-out refused treatment (blood test).  That nurse couldn’t make him do anything unless it’s ordered by the law. Besides, I’m sure Sam doesn’t have insurance, so they would rather not do anything they don’t have to.  Haha – sorry, details like that get me


6 responses to “Masquerade Read-Along: Week 3

  1. Why does your blog consistently eat my comments! How long until WP! Ok Heven's mom is nuts she has read a few too many bible verses. She needs a few shots of whiskey to mellow the hell out. I don't remember the thing with blood teste will have to look. Oh and that is Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Another certifable nut! Don't forget to link up 🙂

    Heidi recently posted:
  2. LOL. your answers made me laugh! They were great…! Oh my…. I think I am in major trouble because even I the lady who wrote the nurse can't remember what they call her. LOL!!! I do remember faking her upset stomach though! 😉
    I agree Sam could have refused but what fun would that be. Watching Heven pretend to barf was funner. LOL. (Well for me anyway)
    I agree with your thoughts on Sam and I totally see why you think what you do about Heven's mom!
    thanks for participating!

  3. I think Gram knows more then shes letting on. I don't think I could forgive Heavens mom unless she flat out begs forgiveness and says she was SO wrong.

  4. Great answers. Bahaha. Nurse Ratchet. That is hysterical. Didn't that same actress play the part of that crazy wicked grandmother in Flowers in the Attic. Ooh, she plays crazy mean really well.
    I wasn't on the ball like you. I did not see that initial big Hope seen coming in the way that it did.
    Great answers.

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