Hounded Read-Along: Week 5

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This is the last week of the read-along.  It’s over.  Done.  But oh, was it ever good!  Hounded even made my favorites list.

Questions for Chapters 21-25 + epilogue
1. In a moment of anger, Atticus reveals something about himself that he usually keeps very secret, for his own benefit. Has something similar ever happened to you? Have you ever spilled a closely guarded secret in a moment of excitement or anger or absent-mindedness?

Unfortunately, yes.  I’m actually excellent at keeping secrets, partly because I’m pretty private myself.  And that’s probably why the incident that happened about 15 years ago still bothers me.  I told a friend’s secret out of anger, and I still feel guilty about it.  We made up, but I feel like I disappointed myself by doing something that I detest (tell someone’s secret).
2. Atticus tells Mrs. MacDonagh, “the universe is exactly the size that your soul can encompass. Some people live in extremely small worlds, and some live in a world of infinite possibility.” Then he asks her what she is going to do with the new information she has discovered. What would you do if you found out that other beings were among us? Would you deny it or embrace it?
Here’s the thing… I don’t  deny anything; there are endless possibilities.  However, I need some type of proof to fully embrace something like that… you know, like a werewolf on my front lawn.  Then yes, I’d embrace it.

3. So far, Atticus has revealed a few of his powers and has even shared some power by putting bindings on Granuaile. What do you think has been his coolest or most helpful power so far?

Heal himself.  He’d be dead by now if he didn’t have those healing powers. And I hope he gets his ear fixed!

4. Atticus gets pretty pissed when he finds out that Aenghus Óg is drawing power from the Earth and, in turn, killing it. That’s when Atticus decides he must fight the old Fae for committing such a heinous offense. What is something you would fight for, even if it meant you might die trying?

There are a lot of things I fight for, but the one thing I can say without a doubt is – I’d fight to the death for my son.  When I was younger and didn’t have a child, I was more willing to physically throw down over different stuff. Now I use my wits more.

5. What did you think of the final showdown between Atticus and Aenghus Óg? Did it go down the way you expected? Was there anything about their battle that surprised you?

Man, everyone played Atticus –  using him to ultimately get what they wanted.  Most of them played him to win though, so I thought that was great.  Aenghus Og is… was a chump.  haha
6. What was your favorite/least favorite part of Hounded? Who was your favorite/least favorite character?
I loved this whole book!  Seriously, it’s was exactly the kind of thing I love.  There were a lot of great characters, but of course Atticus is #1.  I don’t care what anyone thinks, but I love the Morrgian too.  What can I say, I like scary powerful women.  lol.  And I’m glad Oberon got his French poodles, even if it was only 5.

7. What do you think is coming up next for Atticus? Will you continue reading this series, and if so, what do you hope to see happen in the next book?

I’m sure Atticus won’t be left alone, and I will absolutely continue this series!


13 responses to “Hounded Read-Along: Week 5

  1. I'm sorry your anger got the best of you but it's b/c of your beliefs and true sincerity that what's private should stay private that your friend forgave you and probably thinks nothing of it at this point in their life. You're a good person b/c it bothered you. Think of all the people who don't care!!

    “Testify!” on the going to war for our kids!!! (can you tell I'm a quote geek?)

    I think you'll love the rest of the series! I've already read it so I look forward to your reviews!
    -Kristin @myparahangover

  2. Amy

    I loved the Morrigan too. You knew exactly where she would be on the whole AO thing. Plus any woman that can pick out an awesomeness that is Atticus & quasi-protect him, that is a self-assured woman I want to be on the side of.

    Amy recently posted:
  3. The Morrgain was kind of a bad ass, wasn't she?! And I'm with you on needing proof that other beings exist. Like in order for me to believe vampires exist, I would need one to bite me and turn me into his vampire lover. LOL

  4. (Hey! I'm actually commenting today, LOL!)

    I love The Morrigan. I mean, she's a freaky chick, but I think her eccentric type of character is perfect for the book. I mean, what fun would the book be without totally jacked up characters. It's just more fun that way. You just wait until the next book. I seriously almost peed my pants. She was awesome!

    I hope you love the rest of the series! It was so fun for me to read. I'm also so HAPPY that you could join us for the read-a-long! It was such a blast and it was SO fun getting to know everyone. Plus, pervs….parks….this wouldn't have been as fun without you. LOL! *huggles*

  5. I totally forgot about his power to heal himself. That would be amazing! I really enjoyed this book too and I can't wait to see what will happen to Atticus!

  6. I nearly put the Morrigan down as my top character too, then again I could have argued for all of them 🙂

    I'm the same as you with keeping secrets, some people are so rubbish at it I never tell anyone anything just in case! I've nearly spilled a secret in anger but I held back, in hindsight I almost wish I had done it (beyatch deserved it;))but I think I would have felt as guilty as you!

  7. OMG – I've just read your answers and it looks as though I totally ripped you off – lol. With you on most of these answers. I'm also very private, sometimes it's a burden and I can understand if you let that one secret out, particularly in anger, I'm sure your friend has forgiven you long before you forgave yourself but at least you regretted it!
    Doubting Thomas is my middle name – I want proof sucker! and I would be all for protecting my children.
    I love your answers.
    Lynn 😀

  8. I completely agree that his healing powers are incredibly awesome! I don't necessarily hate the Morrigan- she just completely scares the crap out of me, which come to think of it she'd highly regard my statement as a compliment. LOL!

  9. I don't know how I missed your blog this rnorning. Agree about fighting for our kids. Yes he was a chump at least his butt got hauled to hell. What did you think when The Morrigan got all frisky at the end? Oh yes, I hope he gets a new ear. At least Oberon got some poodles right?

    Heidi recently posted:
  10. Hey Christy, I know this is all over now but had a tough week and not been able to check out everyones answers from last week so doing it now. I loved doing this read-along, it was great was't it. Hounded is a fantastic book and its completely the sort of thing I love too. It was great to meet you and all the other fab bloggers doing this. Not sure how I'm gonna have time to keep up with all the fab blogs I've signed up to (including yours) LOL!

    Kate x

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