As the World Dies: Untold Tales – Exclusive Excerpt

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Hello all of you people in Bloggyland, I am excited to share something kick-ass with you!  I’m hosting a stop for the Untold Tales blog tour, and Rhiannon Frater is sharing an EXCLUSIVE excerpt with you from Volume 2!  Why?  Because TODAY is the release day!  So you can download it as soon as you’re finished here. 

Are you ready for it?  Here you go…

A Terrible Moment
Rhiannon Frater
She wanted it to be over.
The constant moaning of the dead outside the warehouse was wearing away at her last nerve. Her hands trembled at her sides as she clenched them into tight fists. The cool air reeked of rotting citrus, but at least it kept the stench of the dead at bay.
Nearby, she could see her soon to be ex-husband, his trollop secretary, and the plant manager engaged in a heated discussion. They had invited her to join their planning session, but she had declined. She wanted nothing to do with them.
She was only here because of her children. The kids were with their lousy father when the dead had risen. In a panic, she had sped across town to this godforsaken orange juice factory, just to end up trapped with the man she loathed and his slut.
Looking over her shoulder, she saw the kids playing with toys the whore had given them. The two boys happily chatted as they played, oblivious to everything around them.  They had no idea that their father was a cheating bastard and that the woman they called Aunt Julie was a fucking bitch. They didn’t understand how much pain she was in and maybe they wouldn’t even care. They worshipped their father.  That thought only fed her rage.
She looked at the glass venetian blinds covering the window next to her. She could barely make out the outline of the dead creatures gathered outside her hellish prison. Fortunately, the iron burglar bars over the windows kept the zombies out, but they also trapped her inside.
The stench of slowly decomposing citrus was so terrible she pulled the collar of her gray sweatshirt over her nose. It was stained and worn. But then again, so was she. After marrying, she had hacked off her long tawny tresses, tossed out the makeup, and settled into a comfortable life of being a mother and wife. She had done everything she could for the good-for-nothing and now he was divorcing her.
Scowling, she observed her husband as he spoke passionately to the other two adults. Some stupid plan about climbing onto the roof and lowering everyone down onto a truck with a rope was taking form. They were all idiots.
“We can break the windshield, crawl in, and get it started. Yeah, that will be a little dangerous, but the truck is high enough off the ground that they won’t be able to reach us. They don’t climb. We’ve seen that,” her husband said.
She scoffed at his words. He always had to be in charge.  What made him think he was the big hero now?
Annoyed, she took a step closer to the window. The blinds were stuck and not completely closed. A chewed-up face with one eye missing growled at her as it pressed against the bars.
The laughter of the kids as they played angered her. They believed their father would save them. They weren’t even paying attention to her. They didn’t care about her and her pain.
Rage burned in her soul.
They all thought they were so safe behind these bars. What was worse was that they all believed her stupid husband could actually save them from the hungry mouths of the walking dead.  It disgusted her how her kids believed their daddy was so wonderful. She was the one who always took care of them.  She was the one who gave them life.
Discreetly, she slipped her fingers over the edge of the blind slat, wagging them in the face of the zombie.
It snapped its jaws at her.
A dark and evil, yet wonderful idea unfurled in her mind.  It pushed through her red hot anger and spread through her like cold water.
Glancing over her shoulder, she glowered at the happy little scene of her children playing in the shadow of their father. How easily they ignored her.  How easily they pretended she didn’t matter.  That she didn’t exist.
How dare they ignore her.
She returned her gaze to the snapping teeth, her fingers scant inches from their broken edges.
Yes, it could be over. A little bite and her troubles would be done. Just a little nip on the end of a finger. No one would notice until it was too late.
And then they would not be able to ignore her.  They would all see that her stupid husband’s plan would fail.
They would all die.
She pushed her fingertips closer to the desperate mouth of the zombie.
Wow!  Thanks Rhiannon for sharing that AMAZING excerpt!



14 responses to “As the World Dies: Untold Tales – Exclusive Excerpt

  1. This is a series I keep hearing so much about and have yet to try. I am not a big zombie freak but I definitely want to dive into this one. Thanks for sharing the excerpt. I will probably leave another comment when I enter your giveaway 🙂 Thanks for putting my button on your blog.

    Heidi recently posted:
  2. Sam

    I've been really getting into zombie books in the last couple of months and this sounds like another one to check out. Awesome excerpt! I definitely want to find out what happens next. 🙂

  3. LOL it's so awesome that you're posting this now because I just saw a fun-tastic review for Untold Tales last week that intrigued me — and now this post makes me even more interested! 🙂 I'm starting to love zombie books more and more every day, so this series sounds like a blast to read, along with the fact that it has Rhiannon Frater's legendary zombies! 😉

    Thanks so much for sharing this, Christy! It sounds absolutely EPIC! 🙂 <3

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