Hounded Read-Along: Week 3

Posted March 16, 2012 | 21 Comments


Week three!  We’re a little more than halfway through, and I’m dying to know what happens!  

Chapters 11-15
1. I love Leif Helgarson, Viking Vampire, Esq. I have to say that combo makes a pretty cool attorney. If you could have a paranormal/mythical beastie (or combo) covering your tuckus in court, what would you choose and why?
I don’t care what it is, as long as they hate to lose and can twist anything in my favor – I’ll take them.  Buuuut… having a hot vampire in a suit would be a total bonus!
2. The police show up to question Atticus about his Irish Wolfhound, Oberon. If you could own any dog breed, what would it be and why? (P.S. Oberon is going on my list of favorite sidekicks!)
First of all, Atticus handled the detectives like a pro, it was kinda hot.  There are a lot of breeds I love, but my number one has always been Weimaraners.  I also love Corgis a lot – I had one when I was a teenager that followed me on trail rides.  I miss him.  And since I’ve had my mini dachshund, I’ve fallen in love with them too.  I just like telling people to “look at my wiener.”
3. Malina Sokolowski and the other Sisters of the Three Auroras coven have my antennae up. What is your opinion of them?
Honestly, I can’t pin them, and I like that.  I enjoy the challenge of trying to figure them out.  I think Atticus is smart to not trust them, no matter what his relationship is with Radomila is.
Okay, I just read the next chapters where he figures out the witches are helping Aeghus.  Dammit.. The book isn’t over yet, so maybe there is more to it.
4. Brighid, goddess of poetry, fire and the forge, gave Atticus the power of Cold Iron, which can be used to fight off that nasty little hellspawn. If you could wield one magical power, what would it be and why?
Ugh… I’m going to debate this with myself for way longer than I should.  Ah!  I’ve got it!  It would be the ability to turn anything I wanted to gold.
5. The cops show up at Atticus’ shop to search for poor Oberon, who remains magically hidden throughout the ordeal. What is the one thing you would do if you could remain hidden from sight? I want to hear some good answers for this one!
Well, keeping in theme with my magical power answer… I would steal a bunch of gold. That’s right, I be stealin’ ye gold!



21 responses to “Hounded Read-Along: Week 3

  1. *snort* A Dachshund would be worth having just so you can say, “Look at my wiener. For sure. Corgis are also super adorable. And rather royal.

    Are you going to steal gold and…share it with your friends, or keep it for yourself?

    Amanda recently posted:
  2. You're going the Midas route, huh? Well, as long as you lend me some, that'd be cool. And yay for wiener dogs! They're so cute and little. Plus…wiener!

    Mary recently posted:
  3. Is gold even still valuable? LOL

    And LMAO “Look at my wiener!” Oh, Christy, you slay me…in a good way. That really must be a fun thing to say. And you're right, the most important thing about having a lawyer is that they look HOT in a suit.

    *runs off to look at that pic of ASkars again and drools*

  4. Look at my wiener too funny! You those sneaky, drity underhanded b'yotch witches! I think you should be careful with that goldfinger someone might hunt you down and try and cut off your finger. Also better be careful scrathing your nose.

    Heidi recently posted:
  5. Turning thins to gold!!!! Bah bam. Talk about a FAB power!! And apparently you will have the power of sticky fingers as well that way if your magical powers falls and you can't turn things to gold you can steal it!!! LOL. Are you secretly a leprachaun??? LOL!!
    Oh and who doesn't want to look like a weiner??? he he he he

  6. *drools* HOT SEXY VIKING VAMPIRE! Christy, Alexander Skarsgård is my kryptonite. That fine man is yum and yum.

    “I just like telling people to “look at my wiener.”” You're sick! I LOVE IT! LOL! That was the best answer ever and seriously sounds like something I would have said. Great minds think alike!

    Gold? Where on earth would ye find the gold! Argh? *puts on eye patch* There be no treasure yonder. Gold? BWAHAHAHA! You know what happens in all those stories with turning things to gold? That can only end in tears! 😉 LOL!

  7. I hope your turining things to gold has an on/off switch or that could get really uncomfortable!

    Apart from the amusing name weiners are real cute, I love watching dogs with little legs waddle along at super-speed to keep up with people 🙂

  8. Okay, I looked away for a bit… Duuude – Midas?!?! It doesn't end well so you need to make sure you get an on and off switch installed.

    *scrolls back to top again and drools*

  9. Oooo Alexander Skarsgaard. What's not to love there?

    I had two dachshunds and never thought of saying “Look at my weiner.” Granted, since I'm a guy, that might not go over too well with most people. Haha

  10. But being a guy is perfect! You can say it and THEY would be the perverted ones for assuming you meant your “junk”. lol. I'd do it way more if I were a guy… 🙂

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