Partials by Dan Wells

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Partials by Dan WellsPartials
Author: Dan Wells
Series: Partials Sequence #1
Published by: Balzer + Bray
Publication Date: February 28, 2012
Format: eARC
Pages: 483
Source: Publisher

Humanity is all but extinguished after a war with Partials—engineered organic beings identical to humans—has decimated the population. Reduced to only tens of thousands by a weaponized virus to which only a fraction of humanity is immune, the survivors in North America have huddled together on Long Island. But sixteen-year-old Kira is determined to find a solution. As she tries desperately to save what is left of her race, she discovers that that the survival of both humans and Partials rests in her attempts to answer questions about the war's origin that she never knew to ask.

Playing on our curiosity of and fascination with the complete collapse of civilization, Partials is, at its heart, a story of survival, one that explores the individual narratives and complex relationships of those left behind, both humans and Partials alike—and of the way in which the concept of what is right and wrong in this world is greatly dependent on one's own point of view.

I love Dan Wells.  This is the second book by him that I’ve read, and now he has two books on my favorites list.  I knew Partials was going to be a good book, but I wasn’t expecting to love it so much.  Yes, dystopian type books are running rampant now, but they are not created equal.  This book is one of the best!  Wells has a writing style and humor that is so perfect. I love that man’s mind.  Okay, I’ll stop gushing over the author now.

The year is 2076, it has been eleven years since the Break, and no new children survive past 56 hours. Humans made organically engineered beings to fight wars.  They look and act like humans to an extent, but they are not treated as humans.  When these perfect fighting machines turn on the humans, and a disease called RM is released, humans top the extinction list.  With less than 40,000 people left who are immune to RM, they retreat to Long Island and barricaded themselves there.  With eleven years gone by, and not one child that is born survives, people get desperate.  The Senate enacts the Hope Act, which requires all girls at the age of 18 to get pregnant, over and over, in the hopes that eventually one or more will be born resistant to RM.  In addition to this crisis, a civil war is looming with a group of humans called The Voice who oppose the Hope Act and the governments control. Then something happens that sets big changes in motion.

The characters are my favorite part of this book.  If you don’t have well written characters, then the book isn’t going to be as good. The characters in Partials are great.  Kira is a sixteen-year-old medical intern.  She’s smart, tough, and will fight for what she believes in, even if she knows she may not survive.  Her boyfriend Marcus is my favorite character.  I’m seriously head-over-heel for him!  He could put a smile on my face during the most intense scenes, and made me laugh throughout the entire book.

Wells did a great job of weaving the characters’ relationships together, which made it so much more believable that they would risk their lives for their cause.  Madison becomes pregnant, and everyone knows the baby will die.  Kira can’t allow this to happen; Madison is her best friend and adoptive sister, so she’ll do whatever she can to save the baby, and ultimately the future of humanity. Even if it means going into Partial territory and doing the unthinkable.

I just can’t express enough how I loved everything about this book.  I got so into it, that I brought up Google maps to “follow” where they were and where they were going, by using the descriptions in the book.  Sad, but true.  I also loved the twists and secrets in this book.  I did have a inkling at certain points about what one big twist was, but Wells does a great job of keeping you on your toes.

Do I recommend this book?  Abso-freaking-lutely! I will be stalking the author, waiting for information on the next book in the series.  Read Partials!  All of you!


16 responses to “Partials by Dan Wells

  1. Excellent review Christy I just started this last night and I am hooked the whole topic on having to repeatedly get pregnant only to watch your baby die…how horrible. I can't wait to see what is in store. I liked your discussion on using google maps that is cool. I will have to do it. I didn't realize Mr. Wells had another book. Now I am going to go check it out! I also am writing myself a reminder to add your button to my blog roll!

    Heidi recently posted:
  2. rad review christy

    read raving reviews everywhere/ it souds cool but i don't wanna read it and did not request on netgalley/ am i crazy?

    rad review

  3. You are so right about that, not all dytopians are created equally, and it's becoming harder to find the ones that really stand out, so I love this review. I have yet to read anything by Dan Wells, yet. I may have to start with one.

  4. Sam

    Awesome review, Christy! I have this book waiting for me and I really can't wait to get round to it now after your review. I'm glad you enjoyed it! 😀 The characters are an important for me too and it sounds like you loved them. 🙂

  5. Wow, what a great review! You really did love this title, didn't you? Heck, you made me feel partial to it, even though I don't usually like dystopia! Thanks for the great review!

    Ron @ Stories of my life

  6. I absolutely love your review! I've started it and really like it already, but you just made me even more excited about reading it! Seriouslyyyy. And I love the fact you followed them with maps. Not sad! I think it's kinda fun. 😀 I probably would if I didn't suck so bad when it comes to them ;o Lol. Great review!

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