Tempting Tuesday Wk 1: Some Girls Bite

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Below is the schedule for the event so you can follow along. The second five discussion questions will be posted on Tina’s blog on the 3rd so you’ll have plenty of time to answer the questions before we all post again on the 10th.



1. Let’s say tomorrow a “vampire manifesto” as Merit calls it runs in newspapers across the country announcing their existence. How do you think you would react? If you were hesitant to believe initially, what would it take to convince you they were real?
Of course I’d be skeptical, I’m skeptical about everything.  At the same time I try not to be surprised about much anymore.  Sad, I know.  Let’s see, though, what would it take to convince me… if they sparkle in the sun, then I’d be a total believer! 

2. Since being turned into a vampire means complete removal from your former life and a new job serving your House in some capacity, what do you think you would miss most about the life you live now?

Hmm… well, I would have a hard time “serving” anyone, so definitely the freedom.  I completely understand Merit’s hard-headedness about it, especially given the circumstances.  Also, I’m such a sun worshiper, that I seriously would probably go crazy from not having it anymore.  Just getting through the darker days of winter as a human is hard enough for me.
3. What are your first impressions of Merit and how she’s handling all the changes in her life?
I like her.  I think she’s handling it pretty well, but I think it helps that she has the support of Mallory, and now her grandpa.  I love that she wears jeans and a t-shirt, and that it annoys Ethan.  I’m hoping Merit becomes a total badass.

4. When you first read the description of Ethan, what actor/model/person you know pops into your head as the perfect embodiment of him? Feel free to include pictures 😉

Well, it’s a little harder for me to fully picture male characters, than it is female characters for some reason.  Honestly, I like keeping the face vague in my mind.  I don’t know why.  But, after Googling “hot male models” I decided I’m keeping him <—- as my Ethan.  I don’t care what the description of him says in the book, I want this one!  In fact, I’m going to picture every man like this from now on.
5. Do you think Merit’s anger at Ethan himself, not the situation, is justified?
I think it’s natural to need to blame something or someone after an incident like that.  I mean, what a shocking violation.  She had no control over the situation, so she’s using her anger at Ethan as a way to feel she has some control, even if it may not be directed at the right person, or vamp in this case.  I think she’ll work through it.


14 responses to “Tempting Tuesday Wk 1: Some Girls Bite

  1. LMAO! If they sparkled in the sun I think I would be a total believer too haha.
    LOVE Theodoridis. He would make a totally awesome Ethan.

    prangon recently posted:
  2. NO SPARKLING VAMPS! But I must say, your choice in Ethans is SUPERB! I'm a bit more harsh towards Mer in her treatment of Ethan, but yeah, what a shock! Everybody agrees the sun would be a hard loss, tho 🙂

  3. Yeah, that's my caveat about vamps too. Are they fun and sweet kind or the vicious ones? :p I agree with you that her anger is justified and there's a part of me that thinks her life was maybe the not the only motive when Ethan changed her.

  4. Oh gulp and swoon…I love your pick for Ethan!!!

    And Im so with you, if I see a man sparkling in the sun, Ill be a total believer…:D

    PS- Iheart your blog, so cute!

  5. Oh my gosh look at your Ethan! Can I keep him too? We could share right? I'm sure Ethan wouldn't mind 😉 I love that Merit wears clothes that annoy Ethan's more fashionable sensibilities, it's fun to see how he deals with someone that doesn't call him “Liege” and follow his every order:)

  6. Haha, sparkle in the sun. I'm gonna disagree and say that I hope my vampires are beautifully pale…like porcelain. The sparkle has always bothered me a bit, lol.

    And let me say that your model Ethan has amazing eyes. They aren't green but we'll forgive that model that. Cause he's a hottie! Nice choice.

    Finally I like the way you phrase “shocking violation” that is totally what Merit feels her change is. Nicely worded.

  7. I totally agree with you on the sun thing and it being hard enough to get through winter without much sun. I guess as a vamp though your desires would change on that. I'd be skeptical too. Love your choice for Ethan.


  8. Ha! Christy, I just want to huggle your face for making me laugh! And for finding the perfect Ethan. Yeah, I don't care about the description either. THEO is so freaking HAWT! He's often the man I have in mind when I pick any of the guys from the BDB. LOL

    P.S. I sparkle in the sun…Does this mean I'm a vamp?

  9. lol googling “hot male models” … what hardship in order to pick your perfect Ethan. 😉

    Yes I totally agree with you about Q5! I think it makes sense that she has a sense of anger, whether it's directed at the right person or not. He's totally a placeholder to direct all her emotions at, and it makes sense.

    Ashley recently posted:
  10. I like Catcher and Jeff both more than Ethan at the moment. But we will see what happens later on. I do like your Ethan though! Can we share? lol

    Michelle recently posted:

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