Fangtastic Friday #3

Posted November 18, 2011 | 4 Comments

by The Bookish Brunette

This is the THIRD week of Fangtastic Friday!  Only one more left. 🙁  This week is chapters 13-18 of Pretty When She Dies, it’s hosted by Felicia @ Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog.

Discussion Questions for Chapters 13 – 18
  1. (Chapter 13) Samantha and Amaliya meet in less than “ideal” circumstances for either one of them.  What would your reaction have been if you were Sam? Amal? Cian?
Wow, okay.. I don’t care for Sam at this point, but I will put myself in her place, even if I wouldn’t want her to do this.  I would have staked Cian.  Haha, no, not really.  At least not immediately.  I think they all played it cool, which was a good idea since Sam is no match for Amaliya or Cian.  Of course that is really hard to do when you find another woman in your man’s bed.
  1. (Chapter 14) Cian takes Amaliya on a training feed run—What did you think?  Did it go the way thought it would?
I’m sure they were the talk of the club.  Too bad they didn’t run into what’s-his-face… the guy she first met when she met Cian.  The fake vampire.  I was hoping they’d play with him a little. But it was funny when she took the chick in the bathroom.
  1. (Chapter 15) When Amaliya is recounting her dream of  her awakening did you feel differently about it than you did at the beginning?  Has it changed your opinion of the professor’s/summoner’s actions?
He’s just a d*ck, plain and simple.  I don’t think there has been one thing he’s done or said that makes me like him.  I was glad he didn’t kill Amaliya’s grandma and cousin, but he still didn’t score any points with me.
  1. (Chapter 16) Samantha meets Jeff in this chapter.  What did you think of Jeff and his job as it relates to Cian?
I was kind of surprised Sam went to him.  I know she’s a little naive about the whole vampire thing, but she could have put Cian at real risk.  When I pictured Jeff, I was picturing a more nerdy Bobby from Supernatural…. minus one leg.
  1. (Chapter 17) Roberto “removes” Amaliya from Cian’s place.  What was your reaction to his choice of places and his decision to do this in the first place?
Oh, I was so pissed.  I kept thinking “no, way… he is not really doing that!”  That’s when any amount of respect I had for Roberto went out the window.  I don’t think it was done just because he thought it was best for Cian, he was definitely jealous.
  1. (Chapter 18) OMG!  Don’t want to give anything away before you read this chapter!  So I will simply say—what the heck was your reaction to what happened in San Antonio?  (I really did think this was a turning point chapter)
That was great!  It was pissing me off how Santos was treating Amaliya.  So when she raised the dead and they started going after him, haha, that was the best.  I think this chapter showed that Amaliya is for sure someone to fear. Summoner better watch it.


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  1. I feel like the lack of violence in Sam's reaction to finding Amal in Cian's bed meant that Sam and Cian weren't really in a lasting relationship. Sam's reaction just didn't seem right to me.

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