Hollowmen by Amanda Hocking

Posted November 13, 2011 | 11 Comments

Hollowmen by Amanda HockingHollowmen
Author: Amanda Hocking
Series: The Hollows #2
Publication Date: November 8. 2011
Format: eBook
Pages: 155
Source: Purchased

After six months in the quarantine, Remy finds out things are much worse than she feared. Her plans to escape come with a heavy cost, and she realizes that zombies aren't the worst of her problems.

I can’t even tell you how much I love this series!  I read Hollowland back in March, and ever since then, I stalked Amanda’s blog like crazy.  There are only a handful of author’s I keep major tabs on, and she is one of them.  I was beyond stoked when Hollowmen went up on Amazon!  I immediately started reading it, and now I’m so sad it’s over.  I have to warn some of you, this is more adult than Hollowland was.  But that is just another plus, in my opinion.  Also, if you read this review, keep in mind that this is BOOK TWO, so don’t email me all pissed off if you think I gave spoilers for book one.

Hollowmen picks up six months after Hollowland ended.  Remy has taken the place of her little brother, Max, to be experimented on, since they are the only two known to be immune to the lyssavirus.  What’s worse than being a human lab rat?  Being one without any pain medication or sedation.  Oh my word, I squirmed so much during chapter one, and loved every bit of it!

When the quarantine is overcome by zombies who seem to be getting more intelligent and able to communicate with each other, small bands of survivors split up and head to Canada.  What a journey!  My heart broke so many times, it’s not even funny.  And you know what, that’s one thing I appreciate about Amanda’s writing.  She keeps it real.  Think about it, during a zombie apocalypse, you are going to lose a lot, if not everyone close to you, and you just have to move on.  Plus, not only good, helpful people will survive.  There are plenty of creepy weirdoes to go around.

The characters… It really is hard not to get attached to them, even though you try not to, because there is no guarantee that anyone will survive.   And Remy, oh how I love her.  Even when she didn’t make the best decisions.   I have a soft spot for strong willed, ass kicking, emotionally scarred chicks.   I don’t really want to talk about any specifics of the other characters, new or old, because you seriously need to experience them for yourself.  Ah, except Riley – I love that damn lioness!  I’m not even joking, but all through both books, I found myself constantly wondering about her.  Where is she, what is she doing, don’t forget Riley!  Seriously obsessed.

I hope Amanda plans on continuing the series.  Even though it would deeply sadden me if she doesn’t, I can be satisfied with how Hollowmen ended.   I highly recommend reading Hollowland if you havent.


11 responses to “Hollowmen by Amanda Hocking

  1. Christy,

    Can you believe I haven't read anything by Amanda Hocking yet?! Which is like the craziest thing ever, right?!

    I share that same soft spot for characters like Remy! I can't wait to meet her.

    Thanks for the review. Gonna add this one to the TBR

  2. I just bought Hollowland but haven't started it… looks like I have plenty to look forwards to!
    And thanks for telling me about my button…I'll sort it out once my homework stops taking over my life.

    Nina recently posted:
  3. I picked up Hollowland a bit back, and added it my TBR pile, because I found a great deal for it…

    Boy, am I grateful! Okay, I might have been spoiled, but that doesn't really bother me in this instance – I still have to see how it happens, and the events you mention are ambiguos enough not to completely break my book one experience.

    Now, I only feel like I need to get to it soon! Thank you so much for the review!

    Ron @ Stories of my life

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  5. Uh, okay. Thanks. But what if my boyfriend DOES kiss better than yours? And how will I know who to have inspect by body when I'm drunk if they aren't wearing the proper FBI shirt? I do like your idea of more pictures of mythical creatures, though. Do you have any illustrations of unicorns having sex?

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