Fangtastic Friday Wk 2

Posted November 11, 2011 | 9 Comments

by The Bookish Brunette
It’s the second week of the Fangtastic Friday Read-along!  I seriously love Pretty When She Dies.  This week is chapters 7 – 12, hosted by On a Book Bender.  So here are the questions with my answers..

Discussion Questions for Chapters 7 – 12

1.  The end of chapter 6 gives us a sense that something bad is going to happen between Rob, the truck driver, and Amaliya.  What are your thoughts on what actually happened between Rob and Amaliya in Chapter 7?  Do you think it could have been avoided?  Why or why not?

Uh, not to be stereotypical or anything, but as soon as the truck stop was mentioned, I knew something like that was going to happen.  Yeah, my assumption about that all stems back to the crazy family question last week.  o.O  You have no idea.  lol.  But could it have been avoided it?  Of course.  She could have just stolen a car  😀

2.  Chapter 8 introduces us to some new characters, Cian and Roberto.  Ashley asked us earlier whether we thought the man who created Amaliya was friend or foe.  After listening to Cian and Roberto talk, has your opinion about the professor changed?  How?  Do you think Cian and Roberto would be Amaliya’s allies or enemies?

Nope, my opinion is the same.  The professor definitely has a reputation, and it just confirms that he’s a creepzilla.  Well, if they’re not allies of the professor, then I’d say they are more allies of Amaliya no matter what.

3. There seems to be a growing divide between Amaliya’s humanity and her actions as a vampire.  Do you think this would be “normal” for a new vampire, or do you think it is not a “clean transformation” as Cian stated in Chapter 8?

Hmm… well… I don’t know.  I guess it would be normal since she was turned without knowing it, dumped in a grave, and left to figure things out for herself.  It’s not like she was giving instructions and had guidance.  Cian just sees it as a new crazy vamp going on a killing spree.

4. Amaliya seems to be running primarily on vampire instinct.  After reading chapter 10, specifically the beginning, do you think vampires can overcome their instincts and be good — or at least, not deadly?

Sure, they can be “not deadly.”  I would want to be deadly towards Samantha at this point, though.  Blah.  But, I think it’s just more of controlling the instincts.  I mean, I think the instinct of hunting and killing is always there, but they just learned to control or modify their behavior.  Like Dexter.  lol

5. In Chapter 11, we finally learn more about the Summoner and Cian.  How do you think this information will impact the rest of the story?  What do you think will happen?

The odds are more in Amaliya’s favor knowing someone else hates professor creepzilla too.  And I’m smelling a hook-up coming…

6. The Summoner thinks that Amaliya has had good luck thus far. Amaliya thinks she has had lousy luck. With whom do you agree?

Oh, this was one of my favorite things in the book.  I think it’s just a matter of perspective.  There’s always a positive side to the negative.

On a side note, I liked Roberto when he was being rude to Sam, but it pissed me off when he was rude to my Amaliya.  She’s right, he is a little b*tch.


9 responses to “Fangtastic Friday Wk 2

  1. lol agreed. Summoner is a creepzilla and roberto is a little bitch…He kind of pisses me off…like he thinks he's better for Cian than the ladies…jerk

  2. lol. It's a sad day when stealing a car is your wisest decision. But you're right, that would have avoided the situation completely.

    I love your analogy to Dexter. I actually think it fits really well. It's not so much as suppressing the instinct as it is redirecting and modifying it.

    It is a matter of perspective (which is why it makes a good discussion question ;).

    Amanda recently posted:
  3. I totally love your first reaction to Samantha. I like the Austin thing…love it, but she seems a little too fake. Kill her, hook up with Cian. He gets so much better…yummy.

  4. LOL I thought Rob was bad from the beginning too and your right once she got in that truck—something was going to happen. The only chance it wasn't, was if she didn't get in that truck in the first place. Sam—I thought she was a snotty brat during this part of the story. She needed a good old fashioned kick in the *ss. That being said, Cian wasn't being the upstanding fiance either….

  5. LOL!

    Everyone's answers are giving me a little something to laugh at. I love that!

    A creepzilla is a perfect word for the professor. hehe

    And yes, the vampire having to control their instincts is very similar to what poor Dexter has to do.

  6. I read the “stolen a car” comment and giggled. Amaliya wouldn't even know where to start breaking into a car and stealing one. I don't think it would occur to her to beat someone up and take their keys either.


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