The Marsburg Diary by Chris White

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The Marsburg Diary by Chris WhiteThe Marsburg Diary
Author: Chris White
Series: The Airel Saga #0.5
Publication Date: September 16, 2011
Format: eBook
Pages: 70
Source: Author

Harvey Marsburg, son of the late William Marsburg, is reading through his deceased father's long-lost diary. At first, Harv is annoyed at the peculiarities of his father, irritated that he has to uncover old wounds by reading this old book. But he finds to his amazement that his father might not actually have been mad. In fact it appears that William may have been nearly 150 years old when he died in 1977. Now his body lies decomposing in a Yorkshire mausoleum, but his legacy lives on. Harvey reads cryptic notes from the executor: "May your father rest in peace. He deserves it." Something watches him from the darknesses of his house as he reads the diary with growing interest. Plus, there are two other books in that old trunk that the foundation sent. One of them, he could swear it, is calling to him...

First of all, have you read Airel?  If you have not, then please do so promptly.  If you have, then you will truly appreciate The Marsburg Diary.   This novella gives some back ground to the diary of Kreios through the telling of William Marsburg’s diary.

In May 2011, Harvey Marsburg – William’s son – is given a coded letter from the executor of his father’s estate.  His father died 4 decades prior, and Harvey always thought that he was completely insane; wanting nothing to do with him. When Harvey breaks the code, it leads him to his father’s diary, and something else completely unexpected…. and terrifying.

The Marsburg Diary alternates between Harvey’s present day and Williams 1897 diary entries.  While reading it, Harvey begins to understand that perhaps his father wasn’t crazy, and perhaps whatever was haunted his father, was now after him.   When William traveled to Germany to acquire an ancient book, unexplainable, horrifying things began to take place.  William’s life is changed forever, and ultimately, so is Harvey’s.

I love how White wrote this, with the alternating POVs of past and present, and how they came together at the end.  I’m definitely looking forward to The Wagner Diary, which will tell even more of the history of Kreios’ diary.


5 responses to “The Marsburg Diary by Chris White

  1. Whoa! I kid you not! I just won a copy of Airel not too long ago. The cover for it is gorgeous!

    I'm a huge fan of alternating POVs, and from the way you've described it, it seems easy enough to follow along even thought it goes from past to present.

  2. Haven't read Airel yet, so I'm going to hold off on reading this because if it gives us background, it might spoil the first book for me!

    Still, I like the shifting time in the POV. I'm reading an indie book that also moves back and forth, but that's where all the similarities end.

    The Wagner diary… does it refer to THAT Wagner?

    Thanks a lot for the review!

    Ron @ Stories of my life

  3. @Missie – Right after you read Airel, read this. It's a novella, so it's a super quick read. The POVs are very easy to follow.

    @Ron – Wagner.. no, it's the German guy who William got the book from. I'm assuming, since he was in this story briefly, and is connected to Kerios.

    You know, I was just thinking… reading this right before reading Airel, might actually be a good idea. You'll already have some insight while reading it.

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