Seers by Heather Frost

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Seers by Heather FrostSeers
Author: Heather Frost
Publication Date: October 8, 2011
Format: eARC
Pages: 330
Source: Publisher

For Kate Bennet, surviving the car wreck that killed her parents means big changes and even bigger problems. As she begins to see auras and invisible people, Kate must learn to trust Patrick O'Donnell, a handsome Guardian, or risk her life being overrun with Demons. She soon realizes that both she and her heart are in big-time trouble.

I’ve read a couple of books about guardian angels vs. demons, but I always enjoy when authors add their own twists and take on them, like Frost did with Seers. Oops, not angels, just Guardians – they hate when you call them that. Kate Bennet hasn’t been the same since her near death experience in a car accident – a car accident that claimed the lives of both her parents. Everyone thinks she’s just seeing things due to trauma when she describes the colors surrounding people. No one believes her except her best friend Lee, so they keep it their secret that Kate is psychic and can read auras.

After a hellish summer of adjusting to her new life without her parents and her new ability, she has to return to high school to start her senior year. Kate has a great boyfriend, Aaron, but things just aren’t the same since the accident. And when a new guy, Patrick, from Ireland shows up, things really start changing. There is something off about Patrick that makes Kate very leery – she can see the difference between him and everyone else, but no one else can. He has a silver aura. Not only that, but he seems to be everywhere she goes. While dealing with trying to find out who or what Patrick is, she needs to determine what to do about Aaron.

Kate has been through a lot, and even though she’s hurting, she is strong for those around her. She helps her grandparents with her younger twin sisters, and does well in school. She’s an all around good person and doesn’t want to hurt others, especially Aaron. Lee, her best friend is a little different – she’s constantly changing her look (the most recent being goth), but she’s an outgoing, happy person, so her latest look is a funny one for her. Lee is the only one who knows about Kate’s abilities, but Kate doesn’t want Lee to know anything about what’s going on when things really start getting weird. I kind of wish Lee did know about what Patrick was and why demons were coming for Kate, but maybe she’ll find out in the next book.

I think the reason why the guardians and the demons want Kate is interesting. She can see auras, but there is a little something more to it that makes her an asset to both sides, giving one an advantage over the other.
My favorite character was Toni. I don’t want to say who or what he is, but his cockiness made me laugh. And I loved Kate’s grandpa. He’s funny and kind to Kate, and then he’s a total badass.

The book was told from Kate’s perspective most of the time, and then about half way through it switched to Patrick. That kind of threw me off for a second, because I was so used to Kate’s perspective. It wasn’t bad though, and it switches back to Kate, but it just seemed so far into the book before getting Patrick’s side (with the exception of the prologue).

Overall, this was a pretty good book. I think Frost has quite a writing career ahead of her, and I’m anxious to see what happens next in Kate’s life. I get the feeling that it won’t be anything good.


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  1. I won this in a giveaway recently, but I'm still waiting on it! I'm excited to read it, it sounds awesome. Great review, really peaked my interest 🙂

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