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I went up to San Jose this week, so I wasn’t around much. I did get some reading in, though.

My goal was to read 95 books this year, but I already passed that. Believe me, I’m completely shocked by this.

I did participate in the Wicked Wildfire Read-a-thon and reached my goal of six books.

On the Blog

  • Red by Kate SeRine – Review.

Books Read

How to Handle a Heartbreaker by Marie Harte

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James – I reviewed it on Goodreads

Just Like Fate by Cat Patrick & Suzanne Young

Servants of the Storm by Delilah S. Dawson

Books Acquired

Books link to Goodreads/Amazon

For review:


Review Consideration:

the house of the four winds


Top four were/are free. The rest (except If I Stay) were on sale at one time during the week. The entire Kate Daniels series was, but I only grabbed the first three.



Hope you have a great week!


46 responses to “Sunday Post #89 (7/27/14)

    • Christy

      I only did a little quick review n GR. It wasn’t very good. I want to flog Ana myself just because she was so annoying. lol

  1. Congratulations on passing your reading goal mark! 🙂 I’m being reminded of the Kate Daniels a lot these past few days. It’s like the universe is really telling me to get the first book right now. I’ll check the book out the next time I’m at a bookstore, after I’ve replenished my book fund. LOL 🙂
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  2. Kim

    Beautiful Oblivion is one of those books that I waited for FOREVER and I wanted to love it, but I couldn’t. It was just too flawed for me. I’m not entirely sure I’ll ever actually review it, not because I am concerned about my opinion being unpopular, but because I don’t like to write ranty reviews. I loved Beautiful Disaster, liked Walking Disaster and pretty much loathed A Beautiful Wedding. I’m not sure I’ll continue on with the Maddox Brothers series.

    On a positive note, however, Searching for Someday was great! (I loved the sequel, Searching for Perfect, even more though!) I loved If I Stay (and, again, the sequel!) and The Hazards series is fun and sexy.

    Happy reading!
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    • Christy

      I haven’t read any of Travis or Abby’s books and don’t plan to. BO was good, but had major issues.

      Yay I can’t wait to read those books then!

  3. I think a lot of us grabbed Once Perfect! Maybe we should all do a group read, I know Heidi and Kim also grabbed it this week. 😉

    The Kate Daniels series is great but I have to warn you, I didn’t love it, really love it, until book three so be warned! In fact, *gasp* I thought the first book was pretty boring…sort of. It drags a little in the beginning and I didn’t like Curan very much. He had to grow on me.
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  4. I’m not going to say anything about FSOG except to say this: I have zero interest in any of it. lol Congrats on passing your goal already! I’m about on target for my goal of 250. I so want to read Graveyard Shift. I’ve heard it’s funny, so I need to bump it up. Have a wonderful week! 🙂
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    • Christy

      Haha – yeah, I never thought I’d read it, but it fell in my lap. It really wasn’t worth the time.

      250 … damn. I’m wondering if I can get close to 200 since I’ve already hit 100.

  5. Sam

    Get you passing your goal already. that’s awesome! I am still like 10 books behind on my challenge, and have been since christmas. 😉 I love the cover for House of the Four Winds. I need to check that book out. I also need to play catch-up with the Kate Daniels series one of these days!
    Sam recently posted…Review: Shimmer by Paula WestonMy Profile

  6. I hope you had loads of fun in San Jose! 😀 And it’s REALLY great that you passed your reading goal for the year *high fives*. I am almost done with mine too so I am pretty happy! 😀

    The House of Four Winds sounds FABULOUS and I do hope you’ll review it so I’ll know what to expect :DD

    I hope you’ll like Searching for Someday! I read it a while back and I cannot quite remember what I rated it but I thought it was a cutsey read so I hope you’ll enjoy it! 🙂

    AND THE KATE DANIELS SERIES! Okay so I am not the biggest fan of the series but they are quite enjoyable and I hope you’ll gobble the series up! 🙂

    Great haul, Christy! And I hope you have a FABULOUS week! 🙂
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  7. I was rocking my GR reading challenge and five books ahead of schedule until June rolled around and all the yuck happened now I am four books behind. Still hoping to reach my goal. I am curious about Servants of the Storm everyone wanted that one and it isn’t getting good reviews. I see you are going to read some Kate Daniels, I swear I am going to start it soon.
    Heidi recently posted…Review: Boomerang by Noelle AugustMy Profile

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