Sadie Walker is Stranded by Madeleine Roux

February 8, 2012 Review 32

Sadie Walker is Stranded by Madeleine RouxSadie Walker is Stranded
Author: Madeleine Roux
Series: Zombie #2
Published by: St. Martin's Press
Publication Date: Janurary 31, 2012
Format: ARC
Pages: 352
Source: Publisher for Review


…when an unknown virus spread throughout North America and then the world, killing millions of people. However, that is where the horror only started. The dead began to rise and when they rose they had an insatiable appetite for the living. A new hell had been unleashed on earth and the fight for survival had just begun.

Sadie Walker is one of the survivors in this new world. Living in north Seattle behind barrier that keep the living in and the dead out, she trying to get back to a normal life, while raising her eight-year-old nephew, if anyone even knows what "normal" is anymore. Then everything goes sideways when Shane is kidnapped by a group of black market thieves and they bring down a crucial barrier in the city while trying to escape, and flood the city with the walking dead. After rescuing her nephew, Sadie and Shane escape Seattle on the last remaining boat, along with other survivors. However, now they must face the complete chaos of a world filled with flesh eating zombies and humans who are playing with a whole new rule book when it comes to survival in their journey to find a new place that they can call home.

This book was such a great surprise.  I will hang my head in shame and admit that I had never heard of this author until I received this book for review, but she is definitely on my radar now.  Sadie Walker is Stranded is the second book in the Zombie series. I haven’t read the first book, Allison Hewitt is Trapped, so I was very reluctant to jump into book two.  Thankfully, someone told me they are stand-alone.  Turns out, they are.  In fact, I love that I started with SWIS.  Allison is mentioned in this book, but the story doesn’t really have anything to do with her, this is Sadie’s story during the same zombie apocalypse.  Sadie does sometimes uses the mantra “what would Allison do” to get her through the toughest times.  She’s never met Allison, only knows of her, but she’s still a source of strength for Sadie.

The story takes place about six months after The Outbreak, Seattle has begun to restore some kind of normalcy, and the only family Sadie has left is her eight-year-old nephew Shane. Sadie is the first to admit that she’s not the best parental figure, but she’ll do whatever she can to keep Shane safe.  Unfortunately, you just can’t trust anyone, especially after society has gone to hell in a handbasket.  Children are extremely valuable to some people, and they’ll pay any price to get one… or make them. Sadie is betrayed and Shane is stolen, but the day only gets worse.  Re-populationist, also known as Rabbits, break down the barrier of the city, letting the zombies in.  Sadie has to fight to get out of there and get Shane back.  That’s just the beginning of her troubles.

Roux had me laughing throughout this book. Between Sadie and Andrea, it was a total snarkfest.  I loved Sadie more and more as the story went on, even though she made some serious blunders.  No one is perfect, especially given the situations she was in.  Trying to juggle suddenly being a parent while not becoming a zombie’s next meal isn’t an easy task.   Then there is the lovely Andrea, Sadie’s best friend.  She’s a bit crass, and I love it.  Andrea’s in the… shall we say, pharmaceutical business.  Which makes her hot commodity in a world where there’s no longer a Walgreens on every corner.  And the girl isn’t going to let something like a zombie apocalypse get in the way of her libido.  Andrea is tough, smart, and unapologetic about her lifestyle.  There are other fun characters in the book too, like the yummy Whelan and the sweet burlesque dancer named Banana.

The thing about Sadie Walker is Stranded, there is an added creep factor to the whole zombie thing.  As you can probably gather from the cover, zombies can go in the water.  Since they’re already dead, there’s no need for air, which means they can travel far distances down there.  So those people who say they would just go find an island to live on, you’re out of luck.  Stranded.

This book is like a disturbing Gilligan’s Island, meets Survivor, meets 28 Days Later.  Something really odd is going on after they reach land, and it’s more than zombies.  No one is safe, no one can be trusted, and there’s nowhere to go.  I loved the added mystery to the story and trying to figure out what was going on.

If you’re a fan of zombies, then you must read this.  I’m so excited to go back and read Allison Hewitt is Trapped and meet Allison.  I have a feeling I’m going to love her.  Like I said, these books are stand-alone, so you can easily pick up this book without reading AHIT.  However, once you read one of them, you’ll be eager to read the other.

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