Review: The Hourglass Door

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I’m going to start off by giving a brief description of The Hourglass Door and then I’ll go into my thoughts on it.  Abby Edmunds is a senior in high school who has everything going right in her life.  She has a boyfriend who knows everything about her and is completely reliable, great friends, and plans for college.  However, Abby feels like she may be just settling, and not really extending herself to live more.  That is, until Dante walks into her life and changes everything.

Let me say that I  love time travel stories.  A lot.  I had very high expectations for this book, but it just didn’t engage me like I had hoped.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a good book, but the story didn’t grab me and pull me in enough.  I didn’t feel a strong emotional connection to any of the characters or situations.  The concept of the story is interesting, but there was a lack of certain details that bugged me.  This book is part of a trilogy, and since I already have all three, I’ll continue reading them.

I feel like all I’ve done is criticize the book, and I feel kind of bad because it wasn’t bad.  Overall, it actually is a good book.

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