Excerpt & Giveaway: In the Shadow of the Moonlight

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Hello book lovers!  Here on the blog, I have J.J. Bidell with an excerpt of her book In the Shadow of the Moonlight: The Awakening.  She is also offering an e-copy of her book to 2 winners!

First, a little about the book

Naomi Roberts finally receives a scholarship for a semester abroad in Maine. When Naomi’s grandmother suddenly claims that Naomi will soon be transformed into a panther, like her great grandmother Romina, Naomi believes it is a final and desperate attempt to keep her from departing to the USA.

Having arrived in Maine, Naomi enjoys her student life with new friends and her first love, Roman. Even though she feels magically drawn to a mysterious clearing in the woods, believes she is being watched and begins to sleepwalk, she does not remember the prophecy of her grandmother. Until her very first transformation. And – Naomi is not alone, which not only exposes her to mortal danger, but also Roman.

Excerpt from Chapter 1

“My ma told me she was a shapeshifter. A cat person. She told me that she would morph into a panther during the full moon.” She shook her head. “This all was very exciting. I was still a little girl. It was clear to me that if ma was a cat person, then pa and I also had to be. Mama denied this and said that papa was a normal person, but she did not know about me yet.”

“And are you one?” Naomi laughed and looked at Leandra in amusement. Her voice had a derisive tone. “Grrr, meow.” She slid her finger nails over the wooden table as if she were a scratching cat.

“You don’t believe a word I say, do you?” Leandra closed her eyes. “No, of course not. Anyway, how could you? And no, I’m not a shapeshifter, even if I’ve been waiting for years to transform myself.”

Naomi stood up. “Grandma, how can I believe you telling me such a story? Werewolves, vampires and all this nonsense! You only find these in creepy films. You were a little girl and your imagination ran away with you, and your mother played your game. Other children are frightened of monsters in the closet.”

“Naomi, cat people are not monsters, but rather very gentle creatures that wouldn’t hurt a soul. They do actually exist. Just because you’ve never seen any, doesn’t mean that they are not around.”

“Yes, like Nessi from Loch Ness!” Naomi walked back and forth in the kitchen.

Leandra noticed Naomi looking straight at her. She firmly looked into her granddaughter’s eyes. “My mother wanted to protect me. She was afraid for me. And now I am afraid for you.”

About the Author
 J. J. Bidell grew up in the country-bred of Southern Germany with an older sister and a younger brother. Since she was 18 years old she travelled every year like a backpacker thru the North and South America as she never felt comfortable in her native country. She considers herself like a cosmopolitan with German roots. After living in Venezuela and in the Dominican Republic she moved to Spain. Since 2005 she lives on Mallorca with her older sister and her fifteen year old black cat, which is more than happy that she never has to set paw in another airplane again.

Under the name Elke Becker she published several short stories with Amnesty International, in anthologies and a novel with Schenk Publishing House. Her script of a short movie “Marie´s voice” has been running in several international film festivals like in the UK and Colombia.

— TWO people will win an e-copy of In the Shadow of the Moonlight
—  epub, pdf, & mobi files available
—  Open internationally
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  1. I consider myself a bit of a cat person, but not quite like this! This sounds like a super interesting read, thanks for sharing the excerpt!

    Ron @ Stories of my life

  2. Sounds really cute! I too like shapeshifters. The cover is lovely and Panthers are the best type of cats, in my humble opinion! thanks for the giveaway!

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